Friday, September 17, 2010

Keith Crowley exhibit opens in Center City on September 28

Keith Crowley
Nocturne Tailrace, 2009
Oil on canvas, 28 1/2 x 28 1/2

Tenth member and artist Keith Crowley will be exhibiting at the Bridgette Mayer Gallery at 709 Walnut Street in Center City, September 28–October 30, with the opening reception on Friday, October 1, 6-8:30 pm. For gallery hours and other information, see the Bridgette Mayer Gallery website.

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Power down addendum

The phone system will also be down (see Marion's note below). We anticipate the hours during which it will be down are 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Center City opportunity for children and those who love them

Did you know there's a TOYBRARY in Center City. It is a nonprofit toy lending library that operates like a library but loans toys (kept sanitized). They are located on Rittenhouse Square in the Church of the Holy Trinity's Parish House (on Walnut at Walnut and Rittenhouse). For more information, pick up a flyer from Tenth's bulletin board or go to their website.

Vos Piano Dedication

Okay, you are waiting around for the webcast of Phil's inauguration, which doesn't start until 4:00 our time. What can you do to fill in the time? Why, you can listen to Sam Hsu perform at a Wheaton College Concert last Friday. He was there to dedicate the piano donated by Howard and Emmagene Vos to the school. Emmagene was a music student at Wheaton. There are two portions of the concert, and Sam is the first performer in each. In the first portion, Phil gives a tribute to the Vos'.

Seeing America through different eyes

In preparation for the Global Outreach Conference (November 6-14), several of us are reading books on Asian immigrant experiences in the U.S. Right now, I'm devouring Stubborn Twig by Lauren Kessler, which tells the story of three generation of a Japanese American family (1903-2005).

Right now I'm reading about the patriarch Masuo Yasui--his hard work, determination, ingenuity, and thrift--and his young family. And I'm struggling with all the racism they encountered. It's not that I disbelieve the accounts; in fact, I'm sure that living with such hatred was much worse than the factual presentation in the book. But I'm saddened, disturbed, and convicted, as I wonder how different other immigrants' experiences are today (if at all).

And I haven't yet read about the Yasuis' internment during World War II...


Driver with Mini-Van Needed on Oct 7, 19, and 27

Our short-term team heading to the Lausanne Congress in South Africa is looking for a driver, preferably with a mini van to drop them off at JFK airport on October 7 and pick them up on October 27. There will be four teammates, plus luggage.

Our short-term team heading to the Middle East needs someone to pick them up from the airport on October 19. There will be five teammates, plus luggage.

Drivers will be reimbursed for gas and tolls and given money for a meal on the way up or back. If you're interested, please email me (Liz). Thanks!

Funeral Information

The viewing for Barbara Toner will be Thursday evening, September 23, from 7:00-9:00. The funeral service will be Friday morning at 11:00. Both events will be held at the Mt. Laurel Funeral Home, 212 Ark Rd, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 (a couple of blocks off Rte 38).

Check the earlier posting from yesterday for comments about Barbara as a school teacher.

FBS Need

A regular attendee at Fellowship Bible Study is in need of linens of all types, especially sheets for his single bed.  He also could use a microwave oven.  If anyone has these items and would like to give them away, please call Donald at (267) 694-6562.

THF Opportunities Fall 2010

Outreach/Health Fair

The South Philadelphia HOPE 2010 Outreach will take place Saturday September 25 from 10am until 4pm at South Philadelphia High School, Broad St. and Snyder Ave. Tenth Healthcare Fellowship will again be providing blood pressure and spiritual health screenings to our South Philly neighbors. Come join us for a day of fellowship and service! Event will be held outdoors. THF will provide BP cuffs, stethoscopes, and screening forms. The event includes free food, live worship, children's activities, and vendors from a number of Philly's (Christian) social service agencies. To volunteer for all or part of the day, please contact Susanna Linton.

Additional outreach opportunities (SMI-style) may arise this fall. Please email Susanna Linton if you are interested in participating. Thanks!

Half Marathon Sunday

The Philadelphia Half Marathon is this Sunday, beginning at 8:00. This link takes you to the course map.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hymn Schedule

I see that this Sunday's Tenth Press article is by Missy Strong about teaching hymns to children. The kids in Schola Cantorum will be memoring monthly hymns. Here is the schedule of the hymns. The last column gives the date they will be sung in worship. Will you join me in memorizing the hymns as well and singing without the hymnbooks on that Sunday as an encouragement to the children? I have the first four verses down for the first hymn in October. You can find the lyrics in the link for "Trinity Hymnal" on the right-hand column, or, better yet, purchase a copy of the hymnal in the bookstore.

Month - Hymnal # - Date Singing - Hymn Title
Sept -   4 -   10/3 - All Praise to God, Who Reigns Above
Oct  -  2 - 11/21 - How Marvelous (Hymns for a Modern Reformation)
Nov - 32 -   11/28 - Great is Thy Faithfulness
Dec - 203 -  12/19 - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Jan -     2 -   2/6 - O Worship the King
Feb - 100 -  3/6 - Holy, Holy, Holy
Mar - 247 -  4/10 - O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
Apr - 267 -  4/24 - The Day of Resurrection!
May - 644 -  6/5 - May the Mind of Christ My Savior

Temporary housing needed the weekend of September 26

Andrew Fincke is a scholar of the Dead Sea scrolls (see book The Samuel Scroll from Qumran at, who needs to come to Philly from upstate New York to renew his University of Pennsylvania library privileges as volunteer with the Septuagint (Greek Bible) variants project. He would like to come down on a weekend to renew his connection with Tenth Church, which dates back to the days when he accompanied his father, Luther Fincke, pastor of United Presbyterian Church of Manoa, to meetings of PUBCA (Presbyterian United for Biblical Confession) in the late 60's. He is a regular attendee of First Presbyterian Schenectady.

If you can help, please email him, using "Host in Philadelphia" as the subject line.

Power Down

There will be no electrical power in the Delancey building on Saturday, as an electric box is replaced. There will be power in the rest of the facilities. But no power in Delancey means the internet server of the church is also shut down. Power will be restored on Saturday, but pray that when the power goes back on, we will be able to boot back up the internet server without complications.

Barbara Toner

Yesterday morning, Wednesday, September 15, Tenth member Barbara Toner died after a battle with cancer. Be in prayer for her husband Bob and their family. I will post particulars about viewing and funeral when known.

About Phil Ryken

Tomorrow is the inauguration of Phil Ryken as president of Wheaton College. The school website has an interesting page on his experience and qualifications, written back in February while Phil was still here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GO Global Young Man (or Woman)

When I heard of MTW's new website ("GO Global") geared at reaching the next generation of global church leaders and partners, I immediately flashed back to Michael W. Smith's "Go West Young Man." My coworkers are (or should be) very thankful that my MWS cassette tape (remember those?) is at home!

In any case, GO Global features graphics and information for young men and women who are investigating short-term, internship, or career options in global outreach. Take a few minutes to check it out today!

Meet the Hess

Next Thursday, September 23rd, the Havertown Bible study will hold a potluck dinner at the Reimolds. This is also a very special opportunity to meet Karen Hess, the new Executive Director of Alpha Pregnancy Services. For more information or to RSVP, email the Reimolds  or call 610-446-0146. Dinner begins at 6:30; the main course will be provided. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.

Christian cyclists connect

I am currently a member at Tenth Presbyterian and there is a small handful of us (at all levels of athleticism and walks with Christ) who take casual rides around and outside Philadelphia. We are just a small group, but we would like to welcome any other cyclists to join! The idea is to have a group of Christian cyclists riding together in casual fellowship, and, as the Lord wills, to use cycling as a tool for Jesus Christ. I wanted to extend the invitation to other congregations and welcome any new cyclists to the area. We usually meet at Lloyd Hall (along Kelly Drive) for weekend and occasional weeknight rides depending on schedules. Contact Frances to get connected to this group.

Cora, Phil, and an Elevator

September 26, the Sunday after next, we will be honoring Cora Hogue Koop for her nearly 30 years of service at Tenth. To do that, we are bringing in Phil Ryken, president of...hmm, what is that school? Well, anyway, on that Sunday you get Cora and Phil in the morning. If all goes well (I can't make promises), we will also have the new elevator in operation and will celebrate that as well.

Small group hosts wanted

Each year during the Global Outreach Conference, we have the joy of hosting our partners in small group studies. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of God's work and to develop or deepen relationships with our friends.

This year, we are hoping to place workers in small groups--women's groups, prayer groups, home fellowship groups, or an ad-hoc group of friends. We'll begin on Wednesday, November 3 and end on Wednesday, November 17.

Each study has the freedom to organize the morning or evening as it sees fit. Some studies have a relaxed dessert night. Others receive a 20 minute report before diving into their Bible passage for that evening. Some partners will bring slides or video clips to view. Others offer small tastes of their "home" countries.

If you have not already surveyed your group and emailed Liz, please register online today via this quick and easy Google form. Visiting partners' schedules will fill up rapidly, so please respond soon!


Ryken Inauguration Friday

The pilgrimage has begun. The Wynnes have left for Wheaton; I think the McDowells leave today too. From what I've added up, there should be at least 30 Tenth members attending Phil's inauguration on Friday. Just got this info from a "pilgrim."

"I just learned that there will be shuttle service between the Hilton Lisle, where special arrangements were made for those of us attending the inauguration.  If you are still here in Philly, and think others attending would like to know, perhaps this could be placed on your blog.  I was about to make rental car arrangements and called Wheaton's inauguration number i-888-720-7120  and learned about this. There is also a reserved shuttle service, Windy City Limosine (shuttle or limo service) to Lisle from O'Hare is $40.00 for 2 people, one way.  It is reservation only service.  Windy City Limo phone is 866-949-4639."

For the rest of us remaining here, there is the live webcast, which will be recorded. Here is info about that: 
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A piece of cake--moon cake, that is!

While working on details for our 2010 Global Outreach Conference (November 6-14), I am munching on a piece of moon cake, courtesy of Jessie. A moon cake neither tastes like the moon (at least according to Cookie Monster's report) nor looks exactly like the moon.

The cakes are part of a traditional Chinese autumn festival--the Moon Festival on September 22. I just wikied "Moon Festival" and found a wealth of information on this religious celebration. It's a good reminder of the multifaceted religious and cultural history of Asia, especially as we anticipate an Asian-theme conference.


Holy Ground

I am reading an excellent book - Holy Ground:Walking with Jesus as a Former Catholic. It is by Chris Castaldo. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to understanding their Catholic friends, but especially for former Catholics who may still be struggling somewhat with their departure from their church. Along with being informative, Castaldo shows deep respect for his former church. This is not an attack on the Catholic faith, but rather a sensitive treatment of the prilgrimage that many Catholics have made to the Evangelical faith.

Childcare Calamity

Parents, you are saying to yourself, "That parenting seminar with Paul Tripp looks helpful. We should go. We'll have to register for that." So this week goes by, then next week. It's the end of September, but you know the seminar is not till late October. You've got time, you think. So the first week of October comes and you finally go online to register. "Oh good, they have childcare. I'll sign my children up for that. How covenient!"

It is then that the bitter truth hits. October 3, the first Sunday of the month, was the deadline to get childcare. "No! It can't be!" you cry. You call your friend for commiseration who is also going. She will want to know too about this calamity. But, she responds, "I signed my children up two weeks ago. I didn't want to miss the deadline."

Aghh! That makes it even worse.

Avoid such heart-wrenching trauma. Go online today and register.

The Truth in Love

The manuscript for Sunday's sermon, "The Truth in Love," is now available on DMC Resources. At the site you can also access the full manuscript for "Speaking the Truth in Love."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Car for Sale

2009 Nissan Versa SL hatchback, automatic, 1.8L engine, 27,500 miles. 33 highway MPG, metallic gray (dark silver), keyless entry and engine start, ABS, front and side airbags, power steering, power windows, A/C, cruise control, 6-stack CD player, bluetooth/wireless cell phone link, alloy wheels. Excellent condition.
Asking $12,000 (neg). Contact Andrew ( 215-327-9957).

We also have some homewares that we are giving away.

Grace and Peace Charter Members

Grace and Peace, our latest daughter church in S. Philly, received its first 39 charter communicant members and 36 noncommunicant (children) yesterday. May they be but the beginning of many more entering the church from the neighborhood, whom the church seeks to bless with the gospel.

Philadelphia to Cape Town Express

Five (I think it's five) of our young people are headed to South Africa soon to assist in the Lausanne Conference. They are starting a blog to keep us updated. Check it out here.

Five Little Kittens

So you've been thinking of getting a kitten. Georgina Kocher has five little kittens who (no, I'm not going to say it). She is looking for good homes for each of them. If you have one, contact her at 717.917.0511.

Coats and Curriculum Needed

Our good friends Matt and Tara could use winter coats for their children--girl, size 5; boy, size 3T. They are also collecting homeschooling materials (Pre-K through early elementary) to ship to their service region. If you have suitable items to donate, please email Liz.

Matt and Tara are also eagerly anticipating the arrival of the newest member of their family. Please pray for a safe delivery for Tara and their baby. Lord-willing, we will get to hang out with all of them in November.

Ministry Preparation

There's still time to register for Dr. Tim Keller’s original 12-part Diaconal and Mercy Training series, Saturday mornings October 2 and 9, November 20 and 27, and December 4 and 11 at Tenth Pres. Church, Philadelphia. In addition to the video training, we will address frustrations, barriers, and problems participants face in diaconal and mercy ministry. Leaders for the six sessions are David Apple (Tenth Pres.) and Manny Hackman (New Life Philly). Registration is $90. For the registration form go to and click on "Training." Contact David Apple at or 215-735-76588.

Setting the stage for November

The cool breeze this morning reminds us that November is just around the corner, and with November comes the Global Outreach Conference!

Our focus region this year will be East (and Southeast) Asia, a region with a great concentration of unreached people. Yet in the midst of this region, the church is growing!

Check out this video produced by OMF to see creative ways that partners are sharing the good news with Japanese youth. And pray for many more workers for the harvest, from all around the world to all around the world.