Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Esperanza Is Moving

Are you free Saturday morning (11/24)at 9AM?? Pre-move help is needed at Esperanza. Volunteers will be dis-assembling office cubicles. If you would like to help, please contact Bob Lang at langrw@mindspring.com or 610-876-8554.

The Christmas Story

To benefit the Rafiki Village in Liberia, The Christmas Story will be presented on Sunday, December 2, at 4PM, in the Tenth Presbyterian Church sanctuary by the children of Tenth, under the direction of Vivian Dow.

Monday, November 19, 2007


I see that Troy Woolley has posted a "Why Now?" essay I wrote before leaving for vacation. Here is some background on how it got to be written. I was in a meeting with Vince and Signe Spragins about the campaign. They had been doing what they do so well - striking up conversations with people, and were asking, "What do you think of the capital campaign?" They were hearing a common question, "Why now?" There was little opposition to the projects themselves, just not a lot of enthusiasm, which seemed to be extending from concern about the present condition of the church's finances and attendance. With us so far behind in our giving, and worship attendance flattening out, is this really the time to be undertaking such a large campaign?

That got me thinking, and the essay is the result. I hope you will see my own excitement unfolding as I wrote it. Elmer Snethen had mentioned that the size of the Tenth mother church when it started West Spruce Street Church was 450 and that it was during a huge depression. So I did some research and learned about the big financial depression of the 1850's. But what fascinated me more was reading from Boardman's own report that only 36 persons had committed to attending. And see what they built! And it is now too small! And so the excitement grew in me.

Now, back to my vacation...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why Now?

Posted on behalf of Marion Clark:

Many of you may have seen the bulletin insert this Sunday about the Capital Campaign. For the full version of this story, please see my posting on the Campaign Blog. I answer the question, “Why now?” and offer some interesting historical facts about Tenth Presbyterian Church.