Friday, April 17, 2009

Young and Old and Uncomfortable

So, is Phil trying to tell us something in his sermon title, Young and Old? His text includes: Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say, "I have no pleasure in them"; before the sun and the light and the moon and the stars are darkened and the clouds return after the rain..." where would a preacher who just passed forty fit in the scale of young and old?

Thinking of older preachers, I was looking forward to Paul's message in 1 Peter that includes the wonderful verse about being "born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead." But his sermon title is "An Uncomfortable Grace" and the verse that is in bold is the one that reads "you have been tested by various trials." Hhmm...maybe its the trial of growing old!

I Dreamed a Dream

This will take 7 minutes to watch and (more importantly) hear, but believe me - you will be smiling the rest of the day: Susan Boyle.

One True Religion?

Christianity the one true religion? Such a position is not very helpful for dialogue with other religions, and dialogue is a "moral imperative"...more

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Walking to City Hall

They have begun their march! It looks about 200 Korean celebrants have gathered to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the First Korean Congress, an event held at Plays and Players Theater. That congress of about 70-80 participants met to advocate the independence of the Korean people and other Asian nations.

The group opened with prayer and have not begun their walk up 18th Street. They will stop at City Hall where they will present a plaque to the mayor. Presenting the plaque will be the Honorable Kyung K. Kim, Consul General in New York.

Tenth members will be interested to know that Michael Oh's father is among the participants. Phil, Cora, and I met him a few moments ago.

Maranatha on Wheels

Four of them...under each foot. Sunday. 1:30 - 3:30 pm. Meet in Reception Hall at 1:30 after lunch. $3.50 for skating and those fabulous eight wheeled skates! Invite Christan Street friends!

Going Up

Postal rates are going up two cents per piece for 1st class mail on May 11. Buy now.

Korean Congress

On April 14-16, 1919, a delegation of Korean nationalists and supporters met as the First Korean Congress in support of Korean independence. In a statement, they noted: "Our cause is a just one before the laws of God and man. Our aim is freedom from militaristic autocracy; our object is democracy for Asia; our hope is universal Christianity." The delegation met in the theater across the street from Tenth on Delancey. There is a plaque commemorating the occasion. I have been told that a Korean delegation will meet in front of the theater today at 5:00 and then proceed along 18th Street to Market and then to City Hall.

I got the above quote at this site, page 202.

Welcome, Rossen!

Congratulations to Dut and Delia read who have adopted a son, Rossen Mathias Read, age 6.

Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimura
Opening Reception Invitation
Cocktail Reception

Friday, April 17, 2009

7:00 - 9:00 PM

White Stone Gallery
4219 Main Street (Manayunk)
Philadelphia, PA 19127

MORE: Makoto Fujimura will read a selection from his latest book.

For more information, visit

Piano Teacher Sought

We are looking for a piano teacher in or near the Media/Brookhaven area. If you know of anyone you would recommend, please forward that information to Lesley at .

Spring Fling

The Kimmel Center is having a "Spring Fling," through May 8. Click here to check it out.


What a beautiful day! The sun has returned, the temperature is climbing...

WE STOP THIS MESSAGE FOR A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - This posting is number 4,000 since the blog's inception sometime in March 2005. I don't have the exact date because on May 22 of that year I managed to delete the blog. I've managed to go four years without the same mishap and more than 250,000 visitors have visited the site.

Saturday Help Needed

Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission has a need for volunteers at their new thrift store this Saturday… for ladies, helping to put clothes on racks and for men to help build the wooden handicap ramp. For the guys, bring gloves and eye protection and tools.

Directions are simple: 95 North to Exit 44. Go left on East Lincoln Highway/LeGrande Avenue and follow it until it ends at Bellevue Avenue in Penndel. Look for the “Cooperative Furniture Store” on the right – the new location of the thrift store.

Start time is 9:00. If you need a ride, RSVP to Bob Lang at The expected completion time is noon.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Northeast Church Plant

This Sunday, April 19, Tenth will be presenting a gift to the church planters of the Northeast Church Plant. This will be the first donation made to ethnic church planting from the funds supplied by our Capital Campaign. This particular church plant represents a model that we are very much interested in for future projects. At the core is an “Anglo” congregation (led by Vinny Tauriello) that includes immigrant congregations. This model provides a more solid financial footing for the immigrant communities, as well as provides a ready-made congregation for the second-generation family members who prefer to be part of an English-speaking congregation. Presently, the immigrant communities connected are Chinese (led by Maranatha Chung) and Albanian (led by Jason Stryd). All three men will be at Tenth Sunday morning, and you will have opportunity to meet them after the services.

The Northeast Church Plant community, however, is gathering for fellowship and worship that afternoon from 4-5:30 in their building on 3300 Tyson Ave, 19149, if you would like to attend.

Student Art

Click here to check out the artistic talent of students from CCA and Spruce Hill.

(Not) Raising Children

For the majority of the world's inhabitants, children are becoming an "avoidable liability" and raising them are sacrifices not worth making...more

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giving Access

So, I go to Access ACS, the church database that all Tenth members can now access, and I look up my giving history for the year. There is a discepancy in the church records with mine. So, I email the church financial record keeper, Carol Kennedy ( She investigates and corrects the mistake. This is a lot better system than finding out in January of next year!

You have the same access as I do. Take advantage of it. Go to Click Access ACS under Quick Links to log in. It is pretty simple, but if you want instructions, go the giving page or click here.

What If...

What if Jesus had not risen bodily? Everything about Christianity would fall apart if the tomb had not been empty...more

Monday, April 13, 2009

Resurrection Joy

What a glorious day yesterday! There is no more joyous day than to celebrate the resurrection! Thanks to everyone for your participation in the services - the musicians and singers, the preachers, the sextons and ushers who handled all the behind-the-scenes work, the Maranatha youth group and their leaders, and all the worshippers who lifted up glad songs of praise to our Redeemer and who delighted in the worship of their Lord.

Delaware County Christian School Open House

COME at 2pm on Sunday, April 19, to our upper campus at 462 Malin Road, Newtown Square, PA, for a formal presentation with a Q&A session. EXPLORE our campuses through parent- and student- led tours of our upper campus (grades 6-12) and our elementary campus (pre-K - grade 5). DISCOVER how a DC education can make a difference in your child's life. For more information, call the admissions office at 610-353-6522 x2285.