Friday, November 04, 2005

School Drivers Needed

We are seeking drivers for CCA students. Carroll Wynne is finding out what students may need rides to and from school. If you can help out, let him know ( We have drivers for Wednesday and Thursday.

Conference Speakers

CE&P (Christian Education & Publications for the PCA) is sponsoring three conferences next year, two of which feature Tenth speakers: the WIC Leadership Training Conference (March 9-11) features Phil Ryken; The Children's Ministry Conference (January 17-19) features Tenth member Paul Tripp. Click here to go to the site.

Kay Miller


One of our former deaconnesses and faithful member, Kay Miller, died this morning. She transfered out to Crossroads soon after moving into Upper Darby and was very active until her illness limited her. Details will be given to me for announcement on Sunday morning.

Carroll Wynne

Septa Strike Info

For information on parking, commuting, etc. during the Septa strike, click here.

CCA Students

At the CCA (City Center Academy) board meeting last night, Norman Campbell gave a report on behalf of the faculty. Norm is the Latin teacher. He reported what I had heard other teachers say, that this student body is exhibiting the best attitude that they can remember towards academics and spiritual maturity. Norm printed some quotes:

Linda Boice - The seniors vy to take on this or that role in reading aloud portions of "Hamlet." They are totally "into it" - no confusion about what is going on and what is being said.

Kate Apple - More seniors acted out almost the whole of "Macbeth." There was much acting - moving around, getting into the action. And this was the class of which supposed so little was expected! Her freshmen, too, have a perceptible desire to excel and distinguish themselves.

Danya Kelberg - The calculus class asked for an extra review session. They seem to enjoy calculus! I'm so proud of my class.

Norman Campbell - Never have I had a class like the 12A's - students who requested a fourth year of Latin. We have gotten into Roman literature, culture, history on a scale that, in other years, I could only dream of!


That is the time to come to Tenth this Sunday afternoon to join your parish in praying for missions. Come to the Delancey Lobby to find where your parish is meeting (somewhere in the Delancey building). An elder from your parish will be leading the time and at least one missionary will be joining you.

From the 1974 Annual Report

Fred Garibotti, Clerk of Session in 1974, wrote this report:

1974 was the year of the first Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. What a highlight that was! The list of speakers was headed by Dr. Roger Nicole of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Dr. Ralph Keiper of Conservative Baptist Seminary. We were indeed led into deeper dimensions of our faith and look forward to the second such conference to be held in 1975.

Missions Week 1974 gave us opportunity to renew friendships with Maria Bolet and Elizabeth Lathrop, both long-time missionaries from Tenth. We were also challenged by the messages of Os Guinness, author of The Dust of Death, and Paul Little, Director of Missions for IVCF.


Tomorrow night is the Missions Rally. It starts at 6:30 and is followed by a Reception. See you then!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Tenth member Luella Tripp is the curator of Gallery Siano, an art gallery in Olde City. The website is A new showing, Metallurgy, begins tomorrow and runs through November 26. Four artists are featured, including Tenth member/CCEF counselor/author/husband Paul Tripp. Check it out.


A reminder that Tenth member Danny Bombaro will be performing tomorrow night, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, at Cool Beans Café, 615 Station Ave., Haddon Heights, NJ. He will be accompanied by
Andrew Lengel and Dave Hirschblonde. Acoustic, Christian music, original compositions.

We Want You!

Flags of the world are flying outside the church. Tables are going up in Fellowship Hall. It's beginning to look a lot like Missions around here.

Remember 15, 20, and 30.

On the wall in Fellowship Hall is a poster with three sign-up sheets. One is to sign up to attend at least monthly the 12:15-12:45 Evangelistic Prayer Meeting that meets on Fridays in Phil's study. Another sign-up is for attending at least monthly from 5:30-6:15 the Missions Prayer Meeting that meets on Sundays in Bruce McDowell's study. The third sign-up is for small groups to adopt missionaries to pray for and communicate with.

We want:
15 - the average number of people attending the Friday prayer meetings
20 - the average number attending the Sunday prayer meetings
30 - small groups adopting missionaries.

Actually, we want a lot more, but this is a beginning.

Michael Cassidy Connected

The call to Michael Cassidy in Capetown, South Africa passed the test this morning, though he had to try several phones on his end to get a clear connection. He will be speaking to us and leading us in prayer at the Missions Rally. You have got to come to this rally. Get the word out for me. The missionary call-ins, a dynamic speaker, a Korean choir that Phil Ryken raves about, all our visiting missionaries on the's going to be a great time.

The rally starts at 6:30 pm Saturday.

And don't forget the international dessert reception sponsored by Tenth International Fellowship.

And wear your international clothes!


It happened! It really happened! The streets are paved! At least 17th Street and Spruce are paved. I haven't looked elsewhere. I almost want to kneel down and kiss the street. Well, no, I don't think I want to do that.

Where's David?

David Apple is teaching a class at Westminster Seminary this afternoon and attending a MercyNet meeting this evening. What is MercyNet you ask? Check it out here.

Narnia Poster

You've got to see the cool poster produced by Ruth Hoover for the "Reading Narnia with C. S. Lewis" event coming up November 17, 7:00 pm. Leland Ryken is speaking and Bryan Glass is performing a dramatic reading. Go to the church website (see the right column link). You will see on the front page a paragraph about it under "News Items." Click where it says "Click here." Help get the word out. We should have more of the black and white bulletin inserts if you can use them.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hospital Bed Available

I have a friend no longer needs a hospital bed for home use - If anyone has
need of this please let me know. They also have a new mattress that has
never been used. Thanks!

In Christ, Julia Ulrich
Phone: 267 738-9067

Turkeys Needed

I just saw the sign-up sheet for providing Thanksgiving turkeys for the Nov 13 community dinner. It looks like two more cooked turkeys are needed. If you can provide, contact David Apple at

College Scholarships

Dr. Ryken,

Hi. My name is Bernie Alimonti with Covenant College. Covenant College recently established two new merit-based scholarships - one for students majoring in art and another for students majoring in community development. I'm emailing you to ask you to share information about these scholarships with your youth pastor, missions committee, and individual high school students.

Both scholarships are valued at $9,000. They will be awarded to an incoming freshman in the respective major and renewed for three years. For those who don't receive the scholarship, other merit- and financial-need-based awards ranging from $4,000 to $8,000 are also available for qualified art and community development candidates. Students can apply by submitting a scholarship application found on the Covenant web site at The deadline for submitting an application is December 15, 2005.

The art department nurtures the skills and gifts of students so that they are prepared to speak to a diverse, visual culture through a Christian worldview by using works of art with paint, clay, plaster, photography, digital imaging, and any other materials. The community development major combines a liberal arts education with the theory and practice of community development among the poor from a biblical foundation, equipping students to be an agent of Christian transformation either in the U.S. or overseas.

For more information about Covenant College and the art and community development majors, including their academic internships, students can visit, or contact the college by phone at 706-820-2398 or 888-451-2683 or by email at

Thank you for helping us get the word out about Covenant College and these scholarships.

Car Needed

This request has been filled. Thanks.

Phil Ryken is hoping to borrow a car next week to take to Cape May for a study leave. He is leaving Sunday evening after the service and returning Thursday afternoon. If you can help him out, email him at

Septa Strike

It occurred to me that my readers from outside Philadelphia may not know about the Septa strike. We are into day three of the strike. Fortunately, we are having beautiful weather - sunny and in the upper 60s to low 70s.


I completed chapter 13 of Proverbs in the "A Proverb a Day" devotional. If you haven't check it out, click the title on the right column.

Oh from Japan

I just got off the phone with Michael Oh in Japan (10:00 pm his time). Or, rather, I had a conversation with him from the sanctuary pulpit microphone. We were testing the sound system for Saturday night's Mission Rally. We will call Michael, and Bruce McDowell will conduct an interview with him from the pulpit. It will be about 9:10 a.m. his time. Michael is president of a new seminary in Japan. Click here to go to the school's support website.

The Mission Rally Saturday night begins at 6:30.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sign Up

Wanted: A volunteer to post the weekly sermon on the Spruce Street sign. Would be done each Sunday evening following the worship service. Required qualifications: Dependable and an eye for spacing. More than one person may take the duties and rotate. Email me at

Accommodations Request

My name is Andrew Fincke. I grew up in the Philadelphia area, the son of Luther Fincke, pastor of the United Presbyterian Church of Manoa. At that time DiGangi and then Boice were your pastors, and I attended meetings at Tenth. I would like to do the same on the Sunday of the SBL convention. I'm driving down from Gloversville, NY and need accommodation for the length of the congress. Requested length of stay, Friday through Monday. Days and evenings will be at SBL - including Saturday night the Westminster Seminary Alumni dinner in Glenside from 6-9 with bus returning to the Marriott at 10. After that reception for graduate students of Religion 10-12 at the Marriott.

Thanks very much, Andy Fincke.

Andy may be contacted at

Baby News

Jessie Bible sent this to me. It is from Suler Acosta a former Tenth member and intern who now serves as Executive Pastor of New Life Philadelphia, a sister PCA church:

Heather and I would like to share with you that on October 29. 2005 at 8:11am, God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy: Timoteo Súler Jay Acosta ("Teo" for short) at Lankenau Hospital. Teo was born weighing 7 lbs and 10onz. Both Teo and Mommy are doing very well, after a very long and hardlabor and delivery. Please feel free to email them, to forward this news to your church, mutual friends, and other family members.
El Papí Súler (aka the diaper champ!)

SPC Report

The following is part of a report given to the Strategic Planning Committee that is preparing information for the Session. Everyone in the church, by the way, will be given opportunity to submit information and ideas to the SPC, starting in December.

I. Philadelphia

Two trends are notable in Philadelphia. One is the unparalleled resurgence of Center City; the other is the burgeoning growth of internationals throughout the city.

A. Center City
1. Resurgence of Center City as desirable residential area.
2. CC now defined as between the rivers from Poplar St to Washington Ave.
3. Growth both in condos through transforming apartment to condos, transforming all
types of buildings to condos, and building new high-rises.
4. Significant size areas South of South Street being restored as single family units and
condo buildings, and between Market and Girard
5. Who’s moving in?
a. Empty nesters
b. Upward mobile 20s and 30s
c. Artists (Northern Liberties)

Center City’s population growth seems to continue strong for the next few years. That population will become more homogeneous educationally and economically, while being diverse in other ways – a significant homosexual population, growing numbers of artists, an immigration of baby-boomer empty-nesters. Households are increasing in number, but decreasing in size. Expect night-life to increase downtown – restaurants, theatres, and other cultural venues.

B. Changing Neighborhoods

1. The 2000 census showed that 11.1% of Americans were foreign-born, the highest
percentage since the 1930 census.
2. In Philadelphia, the overall population declined, but the number of foreign-born city
residents increased 30%.
3. The largest groups of foreign-born in Philadelphia are those from Vietnam, Ukraine,
China, India, and Jamaica.
4. Foreign-born residents make up 9% of city residents and 5% of the region’s

The rest of Philadelphia is marked by increasing international and ethnic diversity. The Asian community, in particular is growing, with significant numbers of Indian and East European. The Hispanic population grows but not at the same rate, and the African-American rate is minimal. The traditional white population continues to decline, with the exception being in Center City.

1973 Annual Report

From the 1973 Annual Report for "The Women's Association":

Saturday, May 12, 1973, we held our annual spring luncheon. Our speaker was Melvin Floyd, a black evangelist, formerly a member of the Philadelphia Police Department. He told of his work with the gangs of Philadelphia and how he has led some of them to the Lord. He showed us some very interesting slides about the many different facets of his work. Our offering for the day was given to Mr. Floyd for his projects.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Skeel on Littlefield

Tenth member Sharon Skeel is giving a talk on the life and pioneering career of American dancer/choreographer Catherine Littlefield, founder of the Philadelphia Ballet Company, on the 100th anniversary of her birth, November 20 at 2:00 pm at the main branch of The Free Library of Philadelphia, in Room 108. Admission is free and refreshments will follow. A display of photographs, programs, and clippings concerning Littlefield will be on view through December 31 outside the library's music department.

Surprise Visit

Ginger and I just dropped off our younger daughter Jean at the airport. Our older daughter Sarah had arranged for us and her to spend the weekend together. When we met her for lunch, there was Jean sitting at the table! Let me go on public record of saying that God has greatly blessed me with three wonderful girls (includes my wife).

Position Filled

This announcement just in. Pat Canavan announces that Jonathan McCarthy has accepted the position of Head Sexton, beginning November 16. Jonathan is a Tenth member (part of the Nehemiah Project gang) and is presently a head sexton in a northeast church. Welcome aboard!

Childcare Needed

An Indonesian church attender (Cecillia Susanto) of Tenth is seeking help for someone to take care of her 2 children for 5 to 7 days (from Tuesday, Nov 1, onward), as she will be assisting her mother with medical care away from the home. Her husband is in Indonesia. The two children are 3 1/2 and 2 years old and they live on the 1700 block of Mifflin Street. If you are willing to help, please contact Eunice Wong at

Wilma and Coral Ridge

Click here to check out the hurricane damage report at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale.

Missions Rally

We begin the countdown to the Missions Conference which is five days away. The first event you must come to. It is the opening Missions Rally. I want to fill the sanctuary. It will include an introduction of all the missionaries; call-ins from Michael Oh in Japan and Michael Cassidy in South Africa; greetings from Jae Sung Kim, Senior Pastor of Korean United Church; the choir of KUC singing three songs; and Clive Calver preaching, one of the most dynamic missions speakers we have had at Tenth. I think this will be his third appearance.

A dessert will follow in Fellowship Hall, sponsored by TIF. Nursery will be available and there will be a children's program during the rally.

Trinity Hymn 660

O God beyond all praising, we worship you today
And sing the love amazing that songs cannot repay;
For we can only wonder at every gift you send,
At blessings without number and mercies without end:
We lift our hearts before you and wait upon your word,
We honor and adore you, our great and mighty Lord.

Then hear, O gracious Savior, accept the love we bring,
That we who know your favor may serve you as our King;
And whether our tomorrows be filled with good or ill,
We'll triumph through our sorrows and rise to bless you still:
To marvel at your beauty and glory in your ways,
And make a joyful duty our sacrifice of praise.

by Michael Perry

Signs of the End

A jackhammer is pounding away outside my window. Cars are being towed away. Are these signs of the end, i. e. of the end of road work? Will paving ever come?

Worship in Music

Glorious worship yesterday both morning and evening. The morning offertory - an arrangement of "Like a River Glorious" played by Tenth Chamber Players - was of such beauty to make me feel a painful peace, if that makes sense. The evening included my favorite hymn "Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power," but the choir's rendition of "O God Beyond All Praising" may have stirred my heart the most. But then, maybe it was "Give Praise to God." And then there was the reverence of the Choral Amen. Okay, maybe I just liked it all!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Checking in from Hurricane Wilma

posted by Rick Phillips in Reformation21

Thanks to everyone who prayed for all of us in South Florida this week. Hurricane Wilma was a doosy. We have not been devastated, but we are very beat up. Very few of the 6 million people here have electricity (as of last night, I am one of them, and as of an hour ago, I have internet access at home). Our church sustained a good deal of damage, but our sanctuary is usable for worship on Sunday, for which we are very grateful. Lots of tree damage to houses and cars, and lots of serious inconvenience as people go without power (and thus without refrigerators and thus without milk for babies, etc...). But good opportunities for showing the love of Christ. Thanks again for your prayers. I and my family are fine, although somewhat sobered by the experience