Friday, January 11, 2008

Tenth survey--we need your info

Download form from home page.

Apple Prayer

Pray for David Apple as he coordinates and speaks at the MercyNet Conference tonight and tomorrow. Pray for the ten other speakers/workshop leaders. Pray, also, for David as he trains the Deacons of Tenth next Saturday.

World Map

WORLD magazine highligted an excellent map website. Check out

New Deaconesses

Deaconesses are to be installed this Sunday. They are: Retna Slater, Elaine Swyer, and Renee Szeliga. Sandy Allen, Celia Rooney, and Amy Weaver are serving a second term.

Professor Phil

Next week Phil is traveling south to Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham to teach a week-long course on expository preaching, specifically Old Testament narrative. His lectures are part of their Doctor of Ministry program. Click here to check out the school and see where his lectures fit in.

Killer Kempf

Warning. If Grant Kempf invites you to a "friendly" game of Junior Gobblet, just know that he is ruthless. Last night, he wiped me out with a smile on his face.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Parish 4 Soup Swap

For more information about this event for women in parish 4, go to the news page on the church website.

CCEF Seminar on Bible Reading

New one time only CCEF Seminar on Bible Reading for personal application, taught by David Powlison; Saturday, January 26, 9:00 - 4:30 pm
Location: Westminster Theological Seminary
$99 (Lunch on your own)
Send 10 attendees, 2 more can attend for free (audit only)
Call 1.800.318.2186 to register

Cheryl White
CCEF Annual Conference and Communications Manager
Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF)

November 2007 Graduates

African Enterprise just sent over the list of our November 2007 graduates from their training program in Accra, Ghana. This program, which we have supported for years through our Easter Sacrificial Offering, provides former prostitutes with biblical counseling, job training, health care, and financial resources to develop their own businesses. Through the loving support of the AE staff and trainers, many of these women become committed Christians who serve in their churches and communities. Two alumni, Georgina and Kate, now teach other women.

Please pray for perseverance for these graduates as they seek to grow in grace and for financial provision for their needs: Afia, Florence, Angela, Christiana, Comfort, Deborah, Edith, Elizabeth, Gladys, Gloria, Grace A., Grace Quansah, Grace Quayson, Leticia, Marian, Mary Dadey, Mary Dadzie, Mercy, Stella, Theresa, Abban, Achina, Adwoa, Grace Akoto, Regina, Lydia, Theresa, Mary A., Aminatu, Comfort J., Dorcas, Rachel, Mary M., Charity, Gladys O., Anastasia, Suzzy, Gertrude, Yaa, and Lawrenda.

Rejoicing of Snethens

Shaun is home! Hopefully Nicholas will be joining Mom and Dad soon - after he gains a bit more weight. According to a proud Dad, he has gained a few ounces and that is good news.

Art Exhibition

Harold Mesibov is exhibiting his art work at the Twenty Two Gallery located on 236 S. 22nd Street. The opening is tomorrow night, January 11, from 6-9 pm. The exhibition continues through February 7.

Update on Maya

Update from Jesse Hubley on daughter Maya:

Maya was doing much better last night. They removed the CPAP breathing machine yesterday and started feeding her from a bottle for the first time since Sunday. It looks like Maya will be released sometime over the weekend if her condition continues to improve.

Thanks be to the Lord for His healing hand on Maya, and His comfort for us through this week. We have been blessed by all the emails, phone calls, etc. from our Tenth family and especially for all the prayers that have been prayed on our behalf.

Please do continue to pray, as Maya is not "out of the woods" quite yet, and even after coming home we will need to continue with breathing treatments, antibiotics (for an ear infection), and will need to to keep her somewhat isolated at our house for at least a couple of weeks as she could still be contagious to other small children.

Thanks again for all of your faithful prayers and support! Blessings, -Je

Welcome, Joelle!

Congratulations to Chun and Kim Lai for a new daughter, Joelle Lai, born January 5.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Luke Balinski

Congratulations to Luke and Rachel Balinski, married December 28 on the beach at Sanibel Island.

Congregational Mailing

The case statement for the proposed campaign is here. I think you will find it very informative. They are bringing in the big guns for mail preparation - Fred and Sandy Hill - just to let you know how important this mailing is.


This is an update about the family posted under "Prayer Request" last Thursday.

Gwyneth Rose was delivered yesterday by C-Section. She weighs 1 lb. 6 oz. She and her mother Tricia are doing well, although yesterday the doctor's said that Tricia's chances were "iffy." The next 24 hours are crucial. For those who are interested, they can go to Tricia's husband's blog. There is a very moving video of the baby and a wonderful testimony by this young man of their trust in our Heavenly Father. The blog is updated regularly.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Of Apples and Risk

Risky. That is the adjective some thought appropriate to apply to the entertainment I supplied at the elders' and wives' dinner Friday night. If they only knew what I chose not to do. We played a game based on the Apples to Apples board game. Cards are passed around containing nouns. A card is then drawn by a judge containing an adjective, such as "risky." I made up my own nouns to pass out - the names of the elders and wives, plus an added description. Examples were:

- Lisa Ryken’s driving the kids
- Carroll Wynne’s jokes
- Jonathan Olsen’s belief in the Phillies
- Paul Tripp at the dinner table
- Popeng Elliott’s cooking skills
- Ron Ferner on his motorcycle

The game was going well until a certain minister (6' 4") started tampering with the cards in order to give his table an unfair advantage. What's risky is depending upon elders to follow the rules!

Campaign Mailing

Here is a heads-up about the proposed capital campaign. The Session finalized a motion to present to the congregation, which is essentially what you have already heard at the September meeting. A mailing is going out this week to all members and many regular attenders. It will include the motion with a case statement detailing the projects and the reasoning for the campaign.

A congregational meeting to act on the motion is planned for January 27 at 12:30. We will hold a congregational forum the Sunday before on the 20th. You will see this notification in Sunday's bulletin.

I should add that the mood of the whole Session has grown more and more positive about the campaign. Like the congregation, there have been varying views ever since the idea was proposed. But as we have prayed, discussed, researched, and revised, everyone has come on board with the projects, goals, and timing for the campaign. When you receive the case statement in the mail, take time to read it thoroughly. I think you will also come away positive with the proposal. Feel free to speak with any of your elders after you have reviewed the materials.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Cora's Odyssey

To follow Cora Hogue on her sabbatical adventure to Asia, click here.

Role Opening

MereBreath Drama has an opening for one young adult male for our new 2008 season. To schedule an audition or to answer any other questions about this performance ministry, please contact Director Bryan Glass at:


$848 Broad & Locust Studio - All Utilities + Cable TV Included

This 400 sq. ft. studio is available now (first months rent pro-rated for January). The minimum lease would end June 1, but you can sign a one year or longer lease if you prefer. Lots of the existing furniture is for sale, and a full size loft is included for free. Free use of two high-speed internet lobby computers. Complimentary access to an in-house fitness center. Other Arts Condo amenities: 24 hour concierge, magnificent lobby, safe and secure building, in-house laundry facilities. Please call Joseph at 248-342-9358 or email if you are interested in seeing the unit or would like to know more information. Viewings can be scheduled for anytime during the day or night. Call - I'd love to show you the place!

Childcare Workers Needed

Are you a member of Tenth? Please consider helping with childcare at the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, January 27, beginning at 12:30. Contact Kristen Harnly (610.449.0353 or for more information.

Maya Hubley

Maya Hubley is in the hospital with RSV– a respiratory virus that is common but can be very serious in infants. She was admitted to Bryn Mawr hospital on Saturday night due to shortness of breath. She took somewhat of a turn for the worse last night, and is on a CPAP machine to regulate her breathing. The doctors have mentioned the possibility of moving her to intensive care at CHOP.

Please pray for Maya's recovery and for the rest of the Hubley family– particularly Sue as she is primarily the one staying at the hospital with Maya right now.

Westminster couple seeks housing

A Westiminster student and his wife and two young children are looking for affordable housing not too far from the seminary. We have no pets. Please call 215-495-2400 or email with any information.

Exchange Student Needs Home

We have a high school student visiting through the Rotary International. She is 15 years old and attends CAPA, The Creative and Performing Arts High School, in South Philadelphia. Even though she has been a wonderful addition to our family, the program she is with requires that she stay with new families for the cultural differences. This is a significant chance to influence a young mind for the future and present the gospel to her - just by allowing her to live with you.

She is from Argentina, comes from a nominal Jewish family, has the same interests as most teenager girls, (reading about pop stars and fashion), and is very talkative.

If any family is interested in hosting her for the next five months and lives within commuting distance of her school, please contact Faith Keim at 215-271-0214 for more information.