Monday, October 14, 2013

The Website is Upon Us

After more than eight years of blog posts, DMC News has reached its final day of posts. Not that I am ceasing to blog, but that my blog posts will move to the new Tenth website that begins sometime tomorrow. It is fitting then that I fly away tomorrow across country to Phoenix to refresh my creative energies. I am scheduling the Proverbs posts, so that they continue while I am away.

So beginning sometime around mid-day tomorrow, you will be going to to find blog postings.
You ll notice at the bottom, there is a banner that says "under construction." The new website is very usable and has a lot of features and content, but there is still some old content that we are working on moving over. So there is a link to at the bottom of every page, in case you need it.

The new website includes a new blog. You can access it at It will include the announcements and devotionals from my blog, as well as expanded content from ministries throughout Tenth. Housing, job, and other offerings are available in a new "classifieds" section that members and friends of Tenth are welcome to post to, located at

If you subscribe to my blog in a feed reader, (as all sophisticated readers are) you can subscribe to the new Tenth blog at


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