Sunday, October 20, 2013

DMC News Move

DMC News has moved over to Tenth Presbyterian Church's website at

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Worship in Burundi

Our partners serving in Burundi have just posted music they recorded during a recent church service. It's so joyful you must listen!

Preschool Open House, October 24

Tenth's new preschool got off to a great start in September. It has combined a literature-based curriculum with the Music Together program to provide a rich learning environment for kids. The small size gives the program a warm, intimate feel and children receive lots of individual attention. 

The preschool has just announced that next year it will be adding a five-day Pre-K class. If you'd like to learn more about the program, meet the staff, and tour the room, plan on attending the Open House, next Thursday, October 24 from 7-9 pm. For more information, visit the preschool website.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Potential Traffic Difficulties this Sunday

The AIDS Run Philly will take place this Sunday, Oct. 20 and may affect your commute to morning services. Please refer to this website for more information:

Managing Stress and Anxiety

There are still a few seats left for the Saturday morning seminar, "Managing Stress and Anxiety." The website says this is an activity of the Nurses Vocational Group. That's a bit misleading: it's not just for nurses; anyone can come. The nurses are hosting this for the rest of us, because they are concerned about how stress may affect our health.

Arlene Navarro and Christine Hayner, both counselors at 2200 Arch Counseling Services, will facilitate the session which runs from 9-11 am. We are offering it at no cost. but space is limited to thirty participants. If you'd like to come, please register here.

Proverbs Moved

The proverbs devotions have been moved to the new Tenth website at Around mid-day today, the transition of the new site will take place.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Website is Upon Us

After more than eight years of blog posts, DMC News has reached its final day of posts. Not that I am ceasing to blog, but that my blog posts will move to the new Tenth website that begins sometime tomorrow. It is fitting then that I fly away tomorrow across country to Phoenix to refresh my creative energies. I am scheduling the Proverbs posts, so that they continue while I am away.

So beginning sometime around mid-day tomorrow, you will be going to to find blog postings.
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Good Sense and Anger

Proverbs 19:11

Good sense makes one slow to anger,
and it is his glory to overlook an offense.

Here is a good measure for how much good sense you have: How do you respond to offenses? Are you quick to retaliate? Do you quickly throw back a verbal jab? Do you get easily flustered? Do you dash off curt emails or text messages? Then good sense is lacking.
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Missionopoly 2013

Register for Missionopoly on Saturday, November 2 at 5 PM, as part of our annual Global Outreach Conference!
Join the fun game of one-on-one interaction with our global partners as teams traverse the giant monopoly board. Try ethnic foods, get your passport photo taken, learn about least-reached people groups, and experience the cultural implications of tea! Teams of five or six will visit partner spaces and earn stickers. The teams collecting the most stickers will be entered to win prizes.
See how God is building His kingdom throughout the world!

Liberia Christmas Shipment

New Hope Liberia is collecting items for Tenth-supported orphans in Liberia for Christmas. Items needed are laptops, composition notebooks, pens, flip flops, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soccer balls, coloring books, crayons, summer clothes, socks, athletic shoes, black dress shoes for school, first aid items, aspirin, and cough syrup. All items must be dropped off in 3 West by 12:30 p.m., Sunday, November 3. For more information, please contact Bruce.

What is Fitting

Proverbs 19:10

It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury,
much less for a slave to rule over princes.

It is not fitting for a fool who has done nothing to earn or deserve wealth to live in wealth. Like a pig with pearls, he will treat his wealth with disdain, not merely indulging in worthless pursuits, but turning what is beautiful and noble into base objects. There is something to appreciating what is of value and beauty. Unlike the tragic figure who appreciates such things, but cannot restrain his vices, the fool neither appreciates what is good nor recognizes his vices.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Liar's Destiny

Proverbs 19:9

A false witness will not go unpunished,
and he who breathes out lies will perish.

This is the same proverb as 19:5, except that it spells out what is alluded to in the previous one which states that the liar will "not escape." He will perish. However much he may try to lie his way out of such a destiny, his lies only serve to secure that destiny. Punishment will come; judgment will take place and the verdict will be death.
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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sunday Services 10/13/2013

Join us this Sunday for our services.
AM (9 & 11): Dr. Liam Goligher preaching, “The Gospel According to Isaiah: Falling” (Isaiah 2:22–4:6). Hymns: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling; To God Be the Glory; The Mighty God, the Lord.
Parish 6 will worship together in the Catacombs during the 11:00 service.
PM (Soli Deo Gloria 6:15): Hymn Service: Maranatha Favorites
(6:30): Dr. John Leonard preaching, “For the Sake of Christ, Be Normal” (2 Corinthians 5:13). Hymns: Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise; Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah; All to Jesus, I Surrender; Jesus Paid It All.


The annual Center City Residents Association's House Tour is Sunday, 10/20, 1 -5 pm. This year’s tour features Rittenhouse Square’s McIlhenny Mansion, the former center of Philadelphia’s social activity, drawing guests from artists and royalty to Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. The Mansion, vacant for nearly 30 years, is scheduled for a two-year redesign and renovation. In addition to the Mansion see 12 other different homes (and several gardens) in the historic yet vitally vibrant Rittenhouse Square/Fitler Square neighborhood. The ticket price includes a 15% Tour day discount on food for dinner at six participating neighborhood restaurants. Tickets ($25 before October 18, $30 day of Tour) may be purchased online at, by calling 215.546.6719, or on Tour Day at either 22nd & Spruce (Trinity Church) or 18th & Spruce (Beth Zion, Beth Israel Synagogue).

Get Real

John Leonard, who is preaching this Sunday evening, has a new book out on evangelism: Get Real: Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day. With our growing emphasis on evangelism, this appears to be a valuable resource in our training. Check it out at New Growth Press.
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Tenth Business Network

The Tenth Business Network (TBN) will meet October 13, 9:00 AM, in 1716 Spruce, 2 Rear. Business persons and entrepreneurs will connect with others at Tenth to network, share business experiences, seek advice, pray together, and learn. Each quarterly meeting starts with a 15-minute presentation of ideas and insights; this first one is: “How to Innovate and Create Your Future with Design-Thinking.” You’ll learn how some of the most successful companies on the planet employ principles from the field of design to shape their strategies, create innovative products and services, and build businesses that last. You will also learn the seven keys to faithfully serving our Lord and Savior as we conduct business. Continental breakfast will be served. For more information contact Frank Pulcini.

Got Sense?

Proverbs 19:8

Whoever gets sense loves his own soul;
he who keeps understanding will discover good.

Do you love yourself? Do you want what is good for you? Then pursue wisdom! Seek commonsense. Value understanding and discernment. Get knowledge. For it is through attaining good sense - the skill to discern what is right and true and good - that you will discover and enjoy the good in life.
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