Friday, May 04, 2007

The Locked Door

mereBreath presents a premiere performance of "The Locked Door" this Sunday evening at Tenth, beginning at 8:00 pm in Fellowship Hall. It is a new work that includes a ghost, an old mansion, and even a bit of romance. Come join me in the audience.

Broad Street Run

For information on Sunday's Broad Street Run, go to Click "Runner Info" and you will see a map of the route, which is Broad Street from Somerville Street to Farragut near the Navy Yard. Anyone west of Broad should be fine. From New Jersey, either take the Walt Whitman over to South Street or the Ben Franklin on to the Vine Expressway and on to South Street. The race begins at 8:30.

Prayer for Accident

A two car accident just happened on the corner of Spruce and 17th, the church's side. Aaron and Rose Gaughans are outside ministering to those involved. One driver is being carried by ambulence, but I don't know the extent of injuries.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Needed: Family vehicle for visiting workers

We have workers visiting for a few months here in the U.S. They are staying with family, but could really use a family vehicle (they have three children) such as a station wagon or mini van during their visit. Contact Christiana or Liz at Tenth if you might be able to help with this need.

Gadal Yahweh

That is what D.A. Carson had us repeat in the evening sermon. When R.C. Sproul quotes Latin to us, we are to respond, "Gadal Yahweh" - Great is the Lord.

Down Again

The email server is down again if you are trying to reach us. It will probably be up in the next hour.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chalmers Center Intro

You are invited to a Ministry Introduction!
May 19, 2007 (10am - 11am)

The Chalmers Center for Economic and Community Development at Covenant College trains the church worldwide how to help the poor without creating dependency. Its mission is to “help the church help the poor help themselves” become financially self-sufficient. Training is delivered through distance learning courses, self-study material, and classroom-based training institutes held throughout the world and hosted by local churches and ministries.

The programs and strategies taught have been tried and tested in various locations around the world and reflect the latest and best practices. While addressing the physical needs of the poor, they also provide opportunities for outreach and evangelism. The goal of the Chalmers Center is that as a result of its training, the poor will see the local church or missionary as the very hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

Courses on Christian microfinance and microenterprise development are offered for those ministering in the Two-Thirds World. For those ministering in the U.S./Canada, a course is available on economic development ministry in the areas of savings, asset accumulation, financial literacy, job training, and housing. A course on ministering to the poor through short-term missions is also offered.

Come hear about Chalmers Center's various programs and training opportunities. Discover how you and your church can get the training to build Christ's Kingdom by serving the poor at home and around the world.

New Life Presbyterian Church
467 N. Easton Road
Glenside, PA 19038

For further information, directions or to RSVP:
Call David Channing 215-443-0762 or e-mail at

Train View

Joe Brydges sent this in:

SEPTA is pleased to launch Train View, your personal status report for all Regional Rail trains on the system. Before you go to the train, go to

The Train View screen shows you:
Origination: Origination shows the beginning station for a specific train. This is only for reference as that same station name will continue to appear for the duration of the trip.

Train Number: The key to Train View is the train number. These numbers appear on the printed schedules, and the PDF/Text Only versions published on the SEPTA website.

Train View automatically updates every 2 minutes so you can get the most current information available about your train.

Customers using cell phones and PDA’s to access Train View can now access versions of our real time service feature designed specifically for these communications devices at and The mobile version offers a home page with a list of all the routes. Select the train line you want and then click on an individual train number to view the details.

God and Astronomy

God, Astronomy and the Search for Elegance
A Special Engagement with Guy Consolmagno, Vatican Astronomer
Wednesday, May 9, 2007, 7 - 8 PM

The Franklin Institute will welcome Brother Guy Consolmagno, Vatican Astronomer and Curator of Vatican Meteorite Collection, for a special lecture in the Stearns Auditorium. This event is FREE, but seating is limited. Please RSVP to 215-448-1231.

Another to Covenant

Aaron, then Christiana - anyone else moving to Covenant? There is one more - Justin Buffington, who has been accepted into college. Justin might be one freshman who doesn't struggle with homesickness.

Parenting Class This Week

The May 6 parenting class is a panel discussion on educational options. The May 13 class is a panel discussion on children with special needs.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Painting Report

Pat Canavan reports: The sanctuary painters finished the two balcony arches in time for PCRT. They are returning tomorrow at 10 am to set up scaffolding in the 17th St balcony to refinish the front groin vault. The plasterer will be here Tuesday and Wednesday; then it takes several days to cure. Scaffolding will come down on Friday or Saturday in time for Sunday. They will return Monday to paint, which will take at least two days. They plan to be done on Wednesday, May 9.

MCO Report

Sunday, Medical Campus Outreach hosted a luncheon for 40 members of our church involved in healthcare. Although we exist mainly to serve our medical campuses, we were thankful to have a number of practicing professionals among us as well. They are critical to our mission....

Some who attended shared stories of medical environments hostile to their Christian faith, and the discouragement that can come with that. It was powerful for future medical professionals to look around and see living examples of others who have trusted in, and taken a stand for, Christ. MCO exists to remind those we serve that Christ is faithful to his promises, with the goal that they can continue living boldly for him even though it appears foolish and "unscientific"....

People in healthcare tend to be busier than most, with the result that there may be little time left for "love and good works." And yet, they are servants who want to make an impact for Christ through the services they provide. At one point, one man at our gathering asked a powerfully simple question: "What can we do for the city?" He was helping us consider the sort of love and good works God has in mind for us to do in our generation, and MCO is eager to foster that vision among the campuses we serve....

The intense pressures of medicine can make it challenging to meet together for mutual encouragement. Healthcare students in particular are hungry for other medical professionals to come alongside them. At our gathering, one graduating student mentioned that it meant so much to her to simply have others who have gone before her simply take the time to come out to a student meeting and make themselves available. One of MCO's primary goals is to help Christians in healthcare connect with one another for the kind of encouragement envisioned in Hebrews 10:23f. Our prayer is that God would allow us to live out this unadorned, yet powerful, vision both now and in the future, at our church and throughout the city, of Christ-empowered outreach, considerate service through healthcare, and intentional community.

Please pray for ongoing preparations for our Summer Medical Institute. Pray especially for more "visiting faculty", older healthcare professionals, to serve on this year's project. Pray for God to work in the lives of our future campus leaders. Please pray that they would be teachable, available, and have a desire to lead and raise up others on their campuses.

Bryan Stoudt, Director

Another Covenant Call

Christiana Fitzpatrick has accepted a position as Special Programs and Mentoring Coordinator in the Chapel Office at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA. Christiana says, "Over the past month or so, the Lord has very clearly directed me to this position, where I’ll be working with college students to help them consider their calling and vocation in light of the gospel and God’s work in the world. It seems to be an excellent fit and a good use of the gifts God has graciously given me and the experiences he has allowed me to have."

As with Aaron, we keenly feel the loss. However, we give our blessing to Christiana and pray for rich fruit to come from her service in God's kingdom. Christiana will leave in July and requests the following prayers: "I do ask for your prayers for the transition. Please pray for me to find good community quickly in Chattanooga. Please pray for wisdom in hiring the right person to take over the third floor desk. Please continue to pray for the ongoing work of God’s kingdom and for his work in the lives of those at Tenth Presbyterian Church as we seek to serve him."

A Bed and a Desk

Pat Canavan received a call from a person who is moving and also finishing up their seminary work. They are offering a queen size bed with mattress and a study desk with chair. If you are interested, please contact them at 202.468.2018.

Broad Street Run

For information on Sunday's Broad Street Run, go to Click "Runner Info" and you will see a map of the route, which is Broad Street from Somerville Street to Farragut near the Navy Yard. Anyone west of Broad should be fine. From New Jersey, either take the Walt Whitman over to South Street or the Ben Franklin on to the Vine Expressway and on to South Street. The race begins at 8:30.