Saturday, January 05, 2013

Thought for today

Do not withhold good from those it is due when it is in your power to do it. -- Prov. 3:27

Friday, January 04, 2013

What Matters

Kindle users, there is an amazing new book available for Kindle books - What Matters. It undoubtedly will change your life. Check it out here.

Offering Envelope Boxes

This Sunday will be the last opportunity to pick up offering envelope boxes that are in Reception Hall.

Healthcare lunch this Sunday!

Join Philadelphia area healthcare students and professionals for lunch this Sunday, January 6, 12:45-2:00 pm in Fellowship Hall West. Rev. Steven Munz will be teaching on redeeming suffering, both our own and our patients'. All physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, pharmacists, researchers, counselors, and related professionals are warmly invited to attend! Students are welcome too!


Proverbs 12:27

Whoever is slothful will not roast his game,
but the diligent man will get precious wealth.

When I was principal of a high school, each year the valedictorian had the same characteristic. Most years, he or she was not the smartest student. But every year he or she was the most diligent student. Diligent people know the truth of this proverb; slothful people don't get it. They blame circumstances for their failures. Indeed, the one thing for which they are diligent is to think of ways in which they could not be expected to succeed.
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Works of Service

Biblical writers used the basic terms diakoneo (to serve), diakonia (service), and diakonos (servant) to describe the ministry all believers should have within the body of Christ. For example, when Paul wrote to the Ephesians, he stated that it's God's plan that all believers are to be equipped "for works of service [diakonia]" (Ephesians 4:12). Though there are those who are to serve the body of Christ in a special way, every believer is to be a "deacon" or "servant" (diakonos) who participates in building up the body of Christ (v. 16). -- Elders and Leaders: God's Plan for Leading the Church.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Leasing Professional/Property Manager Position

Cross Properties, a national apartment management company and industry leader has a great opportunity for a Leasing Professional to join our team in Philadelphia, PA at 1530 Chestnut apartments. Qualified Leasing Professionals will have a professional image and outstanding customer service and sales ability. Additionally, Leasing Professionals must be organized and possess strong computer skills. Previous luxury leasing experience and a PA real estate license is preferred. Weekends required. If you are looking for a stable company with excellent career advancement opportunities please send us your resume. Cross Properties requires a background screen as a condition of employment. Visit our website. Please see below for a brief job description.
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Despite His Wonders

Below is the manuscript of Sunday's morning sermon.


Have you ever made a comment like this? “If that I had happened to me, I would never forget.” We can say that negatively, but I mean positively. “I will never forget what you have done for me.” “I will never forget this special moment.” “I will never forget the debt of gratitude I owe.” And yet we do forget. Time and circumstances come together in such a way that despite the magnitude of the experience, and despite our promise at the time, we forget the impact and forget the vow.
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Welcome, David Jonathan Emmanuel

Joe and Jessica Sinagra are pleased to announce the arrival of David Jonathan Emmanuel, born December 27.

Welcome, Lucia Evelyn!

Ted and Liz Voboril are pleased to announce the arrival Lucia Evelyn (Lucy) Voboril, born December 19.

Bart Brooks

Bart Brooks memorial service will be held this Saturday at 2:30 in the sanctuary.

Urgent Housing Need

A 60 year old female Tenth member is in sudden need of a place to live. A furnished room would be best
since I have no furniture. I also could be a good match for an older person who would be safer with a night companion. Willing to move out of the city although a lot of my work is at Tenth. Amiable, helpful, well educated and easy to live with, although poor. Maximum rent payment would be $400 and willingness to pay increases in utilities precipitated by my presence.
Please request face to face visit or submit any ideas after January 3,2013 by email.

2013 Urban Ministry Conference

Discover your role in God's plan for the city. Save the date for the 2013 Urban Ministry Conference on March 2, Walking Like Jesus. The conference will feature morning and afternoon workshops. Contact David for more information.

Guide and Guided

Proverbs 12:26

One who is righteous is a guide to his neighbor,
but the way of the wicked leads them astray.

For good or ill we are all guides to our neighbors. Whether we are vocal or silent, withdrawn or sociable, we guide our neighbors and they guide us. This is called life experience. Some neighbors are consciously guided by us; some are unaware that we affect them at all; even so, because God has placed us in their life experience, we are affecting them for good or ill. And they us: God has placed neighbors around us to impact us.
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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A Good Word

Proverbs 12:25

Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down,
but a good word makes him glad.

We can say, "Amen," to both of these statements for their verity. Anxiety weighs a person down. He feels drained; he lacks enthusiasm. He has difficulty sleeping; his attention span is short. He can even physically look weighed down as though carrying a burden on his back, which is truly what he is doing. Anxiety is a burden; not only a burden, but one that is carried alone. It isolates the burden-bearer; he feels alone. Anxiety blinds the burden-bearer; he not only fails to see a solution, but fails to see the help that others can and want to give.
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Monday, December 31, 2012

Can suffering be redeemed?

"Can suffering be redeemed?" Join Rev. Steven  Munz as he tackles this tough question at Medical Campus Outreach's next luncheon on Sunday, January 6, 12:45-2:00 pm in Fellowship Hall West. While speaking primarily to students or professionals in the allied healthcare professions, Steve will be developing a theology of suffering from Hebrews 2:5-18 that will be helpful for all. So mark it on your calendar and invite a friend!

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