Friday, June 18, 2010

Tribute to James Boice

Rick Phillips has written a tribute on reformation21 to James Boice, who died ten years ago on June 15. You can access his tribute here.

Phil as Bible Study Teacher

(Dave Allen sent this in regarding Phil Beauford:)

I received calls asking for information regarding Phil Beauford's extensive Bible study ministry. The ones I am aware of were:
1. the Conshocken Boys Home of St. Francis and St. Joseph's Home for Boys which has since moved to Bensalem where he continued till his first cancer surgery and visited occasionally afterward upon recovery.
2. a Bible study with the Sudanese refuges in Upper Darby and later near St. Joe's;
3. a Bible study for his NJ family and
4. a Bible study within the Hispanic community in a home.
5. Our Brother's Place
6. and Ridgeway Shelters.
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Uncle Phil Tribute

(written by Jacqueline Maddox, June 2010)

I was so glad when Uncle Phil became part of my family when he married my aunt (who I call my mom). He was one of the wisest people I knew and one of the most loving. I could really see the love of Jesus Christ in him. The first time I saw Uncle Phil (at the time “Mr. Phil”) was when I was around 11 years old at the Sunday school picnic and he was giving out Tastycakes. At that age I was looking for a father figure. I remember the first conversation he had with me was about the beginning of the world and where people came from. I said something about dinosaurs. But he answered that we come from dust, which comes from nothing, and he started to talk about the Bible. A couple of years later, Uncle Phil started to give Bible studies to my aunt and me. It continued until he became too ill.
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SMI Philly

Hi Marion!

Could you post a link to the SMI's blog? The students have been posting updates about our adventure in North Philly!


Susanna Linton
Philadelphia Summer Medical Institute

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daily News Article

Read John Freeman's latest article in the Daily News on Christianity in the first century.

Mice Templar, Volume 2

I've just ordered Mice Templar Volume 2: Destiny Part 2, by Bryan Glass.

Susan's Village

Lori Greenawalt sent this in:

In September of 2008 when Susan Acerbo was feeling well, she organized a team to join her in the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition‘s Annual WALK TO BREAK THE SILENCE. She made us team buttons which said “Susan’s Village”….and I still have mine and plan to wear it in this year’s walk in her memory. Would you please join our Team? - 2010 NOCC Delaware Valley Chapter's 12th Annual Walk to Break the Silence

Where: Fairmount Park's Memorial Hall - Philadelphia PA
When: September 11, 2010
Team Name: Susan’s Village (click on this team name to register)

If you would like to join “Susan’s Village” team, you need to go to the link provided, select “Susan’s Village” and then Register yourself for the event. If you would like to donate to the team but not participate in the walk, you can go to the link and clink “Sponsor Participant.” Enter my name, “Lori Greenawalt” and you can donate to our team from there.

Prayer Meeting

Dear Parish 5 Members and Friends,

Please come and join us on June 24 at 7:00pm for a Parish 5 Prayer Meeting for the Pastoral Selection Committee. The meeting will take place at the home of Paul and Gloria Jackson - 624 Morris Lane, Wallingford, PA19086.
David Collins
Parish Elder

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rare Opportunity on June 27 to say "Hello"

June 27 will be a day of farewells, as we expressed our love and appreciation to the Ryken family.

June 27 will also be a day of "hellos," as we welcome and greet Michael Oh and several leaders from the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering. Lausanne 2010 is coming up in October, and it will be a unique opportunity for influential Christian leaders from nearly every country in the world to gather together and dialogue about God's global kingdom work of evangelism and discipleship.

Michael and this group will meet with any interested folks to talk about Lausanne at 4:45 pm in 315 South 17th Street, 3 Front. A catered supper will be provided (<$10/person, family rate TBD). Free on street parking is available with a Tenth parking placard. If you are interested, please contact Liz by Wednesday, June 23.

Wanted for Grace and Peace Community Church

Tenth’s daughter church, Grace and Peace Community Church, has an immediate need for the following items for their summer outreach program. If you have any of these, please consider donating them to Grace & Peace. Items are: chess, checkers, card games, various board games, jump ropes, hula hoops, balls, crayons, markers, colored pencils, crochet needle (size F or G), Sugar n Cream cotton yarn, card/square folding tables, Frisbee, sidewalk chalk. Please contact Suelynn Tom at or 215-280-5856 to arrange getting them to her (do not leave items at Tenth).

Applications for Senior Minister

The Pastoral Selection Committee has completed documents for Senior Minister candidates. Click here to go to the church's website page for the documents. They include: Application Form, Senior Minister Profile, and Church Profile.

If you wish to recommend persons to be considered, you may email the committee at

Changing Table Needed

The South Philly Church Plant is looking for a changing table for their new building. If you have one to donate, please contact Sharon Golding at 267.514.9697 or email her.A table large enough to accommodate an older toddler would be preferred.

Beauford Funeral

The funeral for Phil Beauford will be held Sunday, 2:00 pm, in the sanctuary. A viewing and time to greet family will be at 1:00. A reception will follow.

The family would like to welcome people also to the viewing for Phil on Saturday, June 19, from 3-5:00 pm at Murphy Funeral Home 1346 S. 29th Street (29th & Reed).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cookie Call

Cookies! We need cookies! I've been asking for home-baked, but bakery-baked is also good. Let Cathy Kempf know how much you can bring. You can email her or call, 610.623.7050. If you want, you can bring them this Sunday. Mark them "Ryken Reception" and wrap in freezer-friendly packaging. There will be a table in Reception Hall to receive them.

The Last Sunday

June 27 is less than two weeks away! How did that happen? As you know, that is the last Sunday with our Senior Minister. Here are the plans. Following the 11:00 service in the sanctuary we will first have a brief "commissioning" ceremony for Phil (hey, he wanted it) and then a presentation of The Perfect Gift (for which I am still collecting contributions).

I apologize now to 9:00 worshippers. I had planned to do these things during Living Church in both services, but while working on them realized that emotions are going to be strained enough to make it diffiicult for Phil to preach and for us to hear the sermon. We just need to say the public goodbye once.
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Babysitter Needed

Babysitter needed in South Philadelphia or Center City for a 5 year old girl evenings, weekends, and some days until she gets into camp. Can be in my home or sitter's. Contact Ingrid: 267-242-1060.

Car Needed

Michael and Pearl, career partners in Japan, are returning to the area for a year-long home ministry assignment. While here, they need to borrow or buy a reliable vehicle. They have five children.

Anyone who has an extra vehicle, please contact Liz ASAP. Thanks!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Reception Hall

There seems to be some confusion about the longterm use of Reception Hall. Though it is shrinking over the summer due to construction, it will not only be back for full service after the elevator project, but actually larger. Below is the official report from Pat Canavan and Frank Harder.

Elevator project items for week of June 20:

Demo of first floor nursery rooms
Continuation of elevator underpinning
Demo of old B2 room to prepare for new hallway ramp

A temporary room was erected last week in Reception Hall to accommodate our two-year-olds for both morning services. In addition, the contractors erected a temporary hallway to provide project workers with easy first floor access from the alley to the elevator work site. This reduces the size of Reception Hall for the length of the project, but these temporary partitions will be removed when the project is complete. We can then enjoy the resumption of coffee hour in a more spacious Reception Hall.

Phil Beauford

Brother Phil Beauford went home to the Lord last night. Check back for information on services. Please keep Jennifer and Phil's five children and extensive family in prayer.