Friday, May 19, 2006

Mister Compassion

Now that Marion Clark is gone for a few weeks, this seems like a good time to let the congregation know what kind of pastor he really is. At our recent pastoral staff retreat, our beloved Executive Minister recommended a new ministry for reaching our city: counseling for anguished sports fans of Philadelphia teams. Teams like the Flyers, for example, who lost 7-1 in their final playoff game (I should know; I was there). Or the Phillies, who just got swept by the Milwaukee Brewers, of all teams. Or the Eagles, who desperately need a decent wide receiver and just traded for somebody that no one has ever heard of. This is the kind of ministry I've learned to expect from Marion: always thinking about the suffering and the broken-hearted.

On the Move!

The movers are here! The two-year-old classes and the new older toddler class will begin in their new locations this Sunday, May 21. Thanks to all who have worked to make this construction project and move a success and to all who have given toys and materials for the new classroom.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Homily Completed

Homily completed! I promise to post it after the wedding. We have moved into the house of Fred and Lori Taylor, members of our former church and are having a pleasant visit with them. Faith Presbyterian Church has redone its website. Check it out at

Urbana 2006

December is seven months away, but registration for the Urbana 06 conference (December 27-31, 2006) is already underway. In fact, if you register by June 15, 2006, you can save $55 on the registration fee. Travel and housing is not included in the registration, but the conference has arranged for deeply discounted hotels for attendees.

The conference is moving to St. Louis, Missouri this year. At Tenth, we want to strongly encourage students and others who have an interest in God's work in the world to attend. Some scholarship money will be available.

For information about the conference, check out the Urbana website which gives the following invitation:

At Urbana 06 over 25,000 people will gather to worship God and hear how he is using people to accomplish his purposes throughout the world. For sixty years, God has been using Urbana conventions to change the lives of students and to advance His Kingdom in our world. If you are wondering how you might use your education, skills, and resources to share the love of Christ with people around the world, we warmly invite you to come to Urbana 06!

2 Days to Go

I am sitting in a public library to finish the homily. Next week I will post it so you can see the result. We went to see Jai Alai (pronounced "hi-uh-li"). It's like a long three-sided racketball game played with curved rackets that look like bananas. It is played by singles and pairs. For a brief explanation of the game, click here. (No, I did not bet.)

Some guests start to arrive today. David Frierson (who is assisting me in the wedding) arrives tonight with his wife Suzette. David gave the prayer at my installation service last year.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Teachers needed

Stratford Classical Christian Academy needs grammar school teachers for the 2006–2007 school year. Download applications from Direct résumés to Mr. Sidney Henriquez at or 41 Warwick Road, Stratford, NJ 08084.

Timothy Academy needs a middle school science teacher. The science program is hands-on and taught from a biblical perspective. Contact William Elliott, Headmaster, Timothy Academy, 2637 N. Fourth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133 or

Jamin and Angie have a daughter!

Jamin and Angie Ferner had their baby this morning—Lily Patience, 11 pounds (C-section understandably)! Pray for God's blessing on their family.

Pray for Dr. Ryken

May engagements
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL)—Pastor’s Colloquium—5/16-17
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (Philadelphia, PA)—board meeting—5/22-23
Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia, PA)—board meeting—5/22-24
Banner of Truth Conference (Grantham, PA)—5/23-25

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Anna Taylor Paintings in PAFA Exhibit

Anna Taylor, a high school junior, has been taking oil painting classes in a program for high school students at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art for the last two years. This program opened an exhibit at 1301 Cherry (a block east of PAFA at Broad and Cherry) last weekend, and it includes two self-portraits and a still life by Anna. Don't miss it, and look for the AKT signature!

Exciting Sparrows

Instead of one devotional speaker, the Sparrow's meeting on June 10 (1-3 pm in Fellowship Hall) will have 10 young ladies from our Bible School and Maranatha sharing testimonies of faith. Some will share how they became a Christian and others on what God taught them as short term missionaries.

The girls that are speaking are:
Sarah Brubaker
Hannah Cohen
Gabriella Melendez
Kira Fallon
Abby Reimold
Allison Wattenbarger
Madeleine Wattenbarger
Robin Kanak
Shannon Kanak
Danielle Kanak

So plant to come and join in the fun!

4 Days to Go

Four more days to go! I had a date with Jean last night. We went to Carrabbas. Then came back and watched with the others "Narnia." Lucas and Jean treated their parents to a Japanese restaurant Sunday night for Mother's Day, including his sister, two groomsmen, and a friend of Jean's. So we are eating well. I am taking Lucas to lunch today. Then I meet with the wedding coordinators at 4:30. I've still got to get to that homily...

Monday, May 15, 2006

Berzinsky Architects Included in New Book

Congratulations to Berzinsky Architects, whose work is included in a just-released book, Spectacular Homes of Greater Philadelphia, by John Kelly and Mary Ann Kleschick. A book review at states, "worthy of special mention are the eclectic contemporary environments created by Greg Berzinsky . . . "

Spring Choral Service

Learn what Mozart works will be featured in the Spring Choral Service. Click the link from our home page.

Missions House Open House

The Missions Commission invites the Tenth church family to attend an Open House at the Missions House at 208 Kent Road, Upper Darby, PA. Drop in between 2 and 4 pm this Saturday, May 20, for fellowship and light refreshments. At 3 pm, we will have time of prayer and praise, thanking God for allowing us to have a welcoming home for our returning workers.

Strategic Planning Initiative

For information available on the Strategic Planning Initiative, including ways to pray, go to the church's website. Spiritual Health Survey results will be available to members/attendees at the church Sunday, May 21.

Joel Fink Achieves Goal

Jonathan Rocky informed us that Joel Fink, ninth grade student at The American Academy, was able to respond to all 107 Westminster Shorter Catechism questions with a high degree of accuracy. Congratulations, Joel!

Take this one for a spin...

Pat Russell (Phil Ryken’s assistant) is relocating to Lancaster and is in urgent need of a car. If you know of any possibilities, please contact her at 215-735-7688, ext. 232 or at

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Last night Maranatha celebrated a fun night...with lots of bread. We had bread sculptures and poems, human sandwiches (slathered with peanut butter, jelly and marshmellow fluff...which is some applied as mousse!) and bagel target shooting with bread spit balls. Yes, we had a bit of fun.

We finished the evening with a snack (no bread) and this toast (without bread):

As God encourages us to rise when we are in hot water,
or presses and kneeds us down to rise again,
So may we, like bread, continue to prove his grace
until baked (or toasted) we appear before him, the Bread of Life,
and hear him say to us, "Well done!"
To the Bread of Life!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Destination Reached

I made it to Florida. Left at 2:00 Saturday and arrived at 1:00 today. Slept about 4 hours at a rest stop in South Carolina. Listened to an entertaining audio book - Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders, by John Mortimer. Have taken a two hour nap. Tonight we are going out to a Japanese restaurant with Lucas' parents. This is a Mother's Day present from Jean and Lucas for their mothers.