Friday, June 11, 2010

Parish 3 Prayer Meeting

Dear Parish 3 members,

You are invited to join with other Parish 3 members on Tuesday, June 15, 2010, at 7:30 pm to pray for the Ryken family, the senior pastor search process, and the Tenth congregation during this time of transition. We will meet at the home of Joyce Ostertag in Lansdowne, PA. Email her for directions or consult the church directory.

I hope to see many of you there,

Brian Esterly
Parish Elder

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ask Paul Tripp

Recently, Paul gave a two hour interview for Desiring God Ministries. Viewers emailed in with a variety of questions (yes, even about his mustache). Check it out here (the volume is low; it's not your computer).

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Help needed on Wed, June 16

Can you place files in boxes and label the boxes? Can you carry light loads up a flight of steps? Can you use a copier machine?

If so, the GO Office could use your expert abilities on Wednesday, June 16, even if only for an hour or so. As part of the elevator project, the GO Office will be relocated (exact location TBD), and there's lots to pack up, label, scan, and copy.

Volunteers will be well fed and greatly appreciated! For more info, email Liz.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

School Positions Open

City Center Academy and Spruce Hill Christian School have several teaching, teaching aide, and tutoring positions open for the following school year. Click here to check them out.

Elevator Construction Report

The elevator construction continues to move forward. Already you may have noticed that the "B" section of the basement (under Reception Hall) is restricted. Work is also being done underneath the Delancey lobby. Reception Hall will become more restricted, and for the rest of the summer we will not be having coffee and refreshments between services. On the 20th, you will see a temporary handicap ramp at the front entrance due to work in the alleyway. Room 1West (off the Delancey lobby) will be off limits after this week.

Remembering James Montgomery Boice

This coming Sunday, June 13, we will be commemorating the legacy of James Montgomery Boice, whose death was ten years ago this month (yes, ten years already). Phil's sermon will be "Give Praise to God" from Romans 11:33-36, the text considered Dr. Boice's theme text. All the hymns will be those written by Dr. Boice and composed by Paul Jones. Dr. Jay MacMoran, a Tenth elder who goes back to the Barnhouse days, will share memories during Living Church. (He has promised me a story that no one has heard.) A table will be set up in Reception Hall of free materials.

Devotionals Sold Out

We sold out of the devotional To the Glory of God, James Boice's Romans commentary boiled down to 40 devotionals. That doesn't mean they are no longer available. The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals will be stocking a new order in the bookstore at the usual 20% off. You can also order directly from them by calling 215.546.3696 or 800.956.2644.


So, I'm looking at my schedule in June. Hhmm...Taylor/King, June 10. What couple is that? Is this premarital counseling or marriage counseling? I just can't place them... My wife then is talking to my daughter Sarah and mentions it, which for some reason Sarah finds quite funny. It's the James Taylor/Carole King concert she is treating me to for my March birthday! I can hear "You've Got a Friend" now.

Cora Sighting

So, I'm working diligently away at my desk when I hear footsteps at my door. I turn around and there is Cora Hogue! It was all a dream! She must want to talk about Bible school. No, wait, it's Cora Koop in town for a couple of days while her husband attends a couple of events. She looks great (dress in yellow) and is trying to grasp that she is not on vacation but has actually moved away. She has discovered that she is married to a celebrity ("Is that C. Everett Koop?") and that a lot of now adults benefitted from his surgical skills.

From Liberia to You

Last summer the Tenth kids in WOW "earned" passport stamps to buy mattress covers to protect the orphans in Liberia from scabies. The church rallied and sent money for sheets and mattresses too.

Sunday night Samuel Matej showed these pictures to the WOW crowd, proof that those passport stamps meant something.

To all who participated in the WOW program or who sent a mattress to Liberia for Christmas, the orphans in Liberia say "Thank you."

Romans 8 by Heart

Did I hear correctly that 15 (fifteen!) 6th grade students recited in unison (without a stumble) the whole chapter of Romans 8 and dedecated it to Phil Beauford? All 39 verses?

Sparrows Saturday

The last Sparrows event for the church year is June 12, 1-3pm in Fellowship Hall. We will be celebrating the start of summer with a fashionable craft project and some cool treats. Bethany Brooks will be our devotional speaker. Leslie Thompson will show us how to decorate flip-flops which Sparrows will donate to New Hope Liberia. Sparrows will provide the flip-flops to be donated, but if you wish to decorate a pair of your own flip-flops, bring them along!

Please come to meet friends, be taught from the Word, and make your feet beautiful! If you have any questions or would like to pre-register (which would be appreciated but not a requirement for attending the event!), please contact Amy Voorhis at or 856-429-4519. Check at for garage parking information. Metered parking is available around the church.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Missing Ring

A male wedding ring was lost at the church picnic - yellow gold with designs etched into the gold. If you recall seeing one and have an idea where it may be, email me (no, it's not mine).

June 1 Radio Interview Archived

In response to an article about a church outreach that could have been entitled "How not to help homeless persons," Director of Mercy Ministry David Apple was interviewed on a Detroit radio station. To listen, click here and then on the Paul Edwards Show and June 1 musical note icon.