Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti information from MNA Disaster Response

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Dear PCA Family and Friends:
MNA Disaster Response is working to assist PCA Pastors Dony St. Germain and Brian Kelso. These men are MNA Staff members and they already have established relationships with key leaders in Haiti. The 7.0 earthquake struck near Port-au-Prince on January 12. Some have said this is the most significant disaster to strike the western hemisphere in modern times. Assessment is underway to determine how MNA can best serve the PCA in response, including strategies to assist those in desperate need. Please check the MNA website for future postings; we will provide new information as soon as it is available. We are formulating how best to safely respond now and to also prepare for a long term recovery effort. Please be patient as we assess. The lack of infrastructure in Haiti will limit opportunities for volunteer involvement in the early days of response and it will take some time to establish a base of operations and delivery system of assistance. Looking long term, the damage inflicted by this disaster will offer ministry opportunities for years in the future, and we are planning to dig in for the long haul. MNA Disaster Response is preparing for a long term response that will require your support and involvement for years. Please consider an immediate financial gift to support relief effort planning, assessment and setting up a base of operations that will facilitate and care for future long term recovery volunteers who will be working in difficult conditions.
You can respond now!

Pray that God will provide the assessment team with strengthened faith and opportunities to serve fellow believers; pray also for God's people as they serve others in the affected areas, demonstrating the Gospel through acts of mercy. "Pray......that our service in Jerusalem may be acceptable to the saints there...." Romans 15:31

Prayerfully consider a financial contribution. Gifts will be used to meet the needs of mission churches in Haiti who are affected, and to provide resources for God's people to serve others in the community. To give a gift, click here, or mail your check to MNA designated for Haiti 2010 Earthquake Relief.

We do not know at this time how soon volunteer assistance will be permitted by local authorities; if you would like to volunteer in the future, please register your team here: Register your team for future involvement.

Are you highly skilled in masonry, concrete placement and roofing systems and able to join a construction team? If so please contact Sherry Lanier and provide a summary of your experience and availability.
Sincerely in Christ,

MNA ShortTerm Missions and Disaster Response Director
Mission to North America

Times for Beverley Palmer memorial service

The memorial service will be Sunday, January 17:

1:30 receiving line
2:30-3:30 service
3:30-4:30 receiving line and reception in Reception Hall

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disaster Relief for Haiti

Please pray for the country of Haiti which suffered the impact of a 7.3 point earthquake this week. The PCA's Mission to the World is collecting financial donations for relief of those impacted by the devastating earthquake. "Minutemen for Missions" is set up to provide disaster response and it has people at the scene who are working with local pastors and missionaries known to them to ensure that the funds are used to address the acute needs that exist.

MTW Haitian missionary Esaie Etienne and his family are unharmed, although their home sustained damage. PMH (Presbyterian Mission of Haiti) partner Charles Amicy and his family, along with a visiting mission team, are also unharmed. Octavious, a Haitian pastor and MTW affiliate, and his son Carlens are both seriously injured. We have no further details at this time except that they are seeking medical treatment in Port-au-Prince. MTW is working with the OPC and Pastors Etienne and Amicy to respond to this crisis. More information is available.

If you would like to donate toward these relief efforts go to the MTW page for project number 93992. Funds will be extended in the name of Christ and accompanied by the gospel, both in word and deed. May the Lord's mercy be evident through the gifts and prayers of his people.

Beverly Palmer is with the Lord!

Beverly Palmer was gently taken home last night by the Lord. Although plans are still being set, Gordon, Ginny and Susan are hoping to invite everyone to a Memorial Service this Sunday afternoon. More details will be posted soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New to Town; Looking for Christian (female) Roommate

Hello, I'm moving to Philadelphia in February for work and am planning on attending Tenth Pres. I'm looking for a roommate situation where I could have my own bed, bath, and access to a decent amount of storage/closet space. A garage and nearby gym would be ideal.
I work in Radiation Oncology and the hospital is on E Wyoming Ave. in the Tacony Park area (link below). I'd like to be in some proximity to work because I anticipate very long hours :), but also want a decently safe area.
I'm more than happy to give you access to my facebook page or provide references since no one knows me in Philly yet. Please contact me by cell at 317.413.3139. (I'll be in town on the Jan 14th/15th, though I will be pretty busy with work, I can make some time possibly. :) Thank you! Jennifer Sessions