Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seeking After Obedience

From one ACTS Ministries volunteer staff when I asked for a status report: "I don't have any good stories, just tell them the good news is preached to the poor, widows are ministered to, children are loved the name of Jesus is lifted up and He is given all the glory."

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Duke Street

The elders of Duke Street Church have posted the message read to their congregation the Sunday following our own vote to call him. Here is a link. It displays a gracious spirit and should be a reminder for us to pray for Duke Street during this time of transition for them. At this time last year, we were facing the same news. Their experience and ours are lessons that God's kingdom is greater than any one church; that his servants and churches serve The Church. They are also lessons that Jesus Christ, the Great Shepherd of the Church, watches over his flocks and provides for them.

Husbands Alert!

Husbands, ALERT! ALERT! Five days until Valentine's Day! I repeat: Five days until Valentine's Day!

What would you do without me?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Northeast Community Church Launch

Northeast Community Church (PCA) will launch its worship services in Northeast Philadelphia on Sunday, February 20, 2011, at 11am. The church address is 3300 Tyson Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19149. The church is a multiethnic-multilingual church with worship services in English, Albanian, and Chinese. The outreach ministries including ESL and SAT programs are reaching peoples from at least 19 countries speaking 14 languages. If you are interested in joining our ministry or services, please email us or call (215) 331-6344. To keep abreast of our ministries, please subscribe to the Google Group:

Hye-Jin Kim Recitals

Hye-Jin Kim will be performing recitals in the next four weeks, featuring the works of Janacek, Schumann, Sibelius, and Stravinsky. Most of the venues are in New York, with one in Newtown.

Mar 1, 7pm, Pennswood Village, Newtown, PA
Mar 3, 7pm, Harvard Club of New York City, NY
Mar 6, 2:30 pm, Concerts at Coe Hall, Oyster Bay, NY
Mar 8, 7:30 pm, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, NY

Tickets $20/Students$10

For more info, visit or call 212.333.5200x18.


Last week I presented a sermon on John 1:1-18, "The Word." You can find the manuscript at this link.

This coming Sunday, I will pick back up my series in Ephesians on the text 5:1-3, "Walking in Love." If you want to review the sermons of chapter four, you will find the manuscripts at this link.

A Biblical Call Against Sexual Abuse and Sex Trafficking

Conversations on Christianity & Culture, March 17 – 19, 2011, Harleysville, PA: Dr. Diane Langberg (author of Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse) speaking on Sexual Abuse in the Christian Community. Bethany Hoang, Director of the Institute for international Justice Mission, speaking on Sex & Human Trafficking. For more information click here.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Arabic-speaking interpreters needed

Lutheran Children and Family Service runs a refugee foster care program in Philly where we work to bring refugee kids from camps overseas and place them into foster homes in this area.

We are always looking for help with interpretation in working with these kids from all over the world, but a specific need has recently been brought to our attention: We were asked to prepare for the possibility of an emergency evacuation of Unaccompanied Minors out of Egypt. They would be placed with us temporarily in hopes that their parents will soon follow. We have Arabic speaking staff, but I would like to see if there are community resources that I could tap into if we need additional support with interpretation. 

Please contact: Shannon C. Staley, MSW, Refugee Community Resource Developer at Lutheran Children and Family Service at 215/456.5700 x232 or shannons(at)

The Mystery Couple

This Sunday, we are commissioning another short-term team, this time for Liberia. You have noticed over the years an increasing number of church members going on trips. There is a couple in the church that has been flying under the radar, who make several trips each year to another place, where they have supported the work of other partners through their teaching and counsel.

This link will take you to the mystery couple.

Back Pack

According to Susan McDowell


Can you guess what state Susan is from?

Persevering Pat

Maranatha's big winter youth retreat is coming up this weekend. Pat Canavan will be giving the messages on "Perseverance." Pat's own ministry illustrates the fruit of one who perseveres. He has been the children's Bible School Superintendent for 25 years. Through his steady development of the program, especially the Scripture and Catechism memory work, he and we have seen the church's children grow and mature in Christ.

Fred Putnam

I have heard many positive comments on Dr. Fred Putnam's preaching these past three Sundays. If you want to get more of Fred, he has a website -


It is not for me to release birthday info, but someone on the pastoral staff with an Irish brogue has a birthday today.

Servers Needed

The servers for Sunday’s (Feb 13) Community Dinner cancelled suddenly. ACTS needs six teens or adults to serve as waiters to our homeless guests. Come to Tenth's Fellowship Hall by 1:30. Email for more information.