Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome, Magdalen Eleanore!

David and Karen Walton (and brother and sisters) are pleased to announce the birth of Magdalen Eleanore on June 22 at 10:03 p.m., 8 lbs, 2 oz., 20".

Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for Janice Rankins whose father died suddenly yesterday (Friday).

Friday, June 24, 2011


Part of my vacation was to take a holy pilgrimage and walk in the steps of my esteemed senior minister. The first picture is that of me bowing before the sacred manse in which he dwelt in Richmond. The second may appear irreverent, but I am actually showing the posture of Liam at work in his study. At least, that is the position his assistant usually found him in.

Shared housing desired

Reliable, mature Tenth member known for her infectious love for Christ and servant's heart seeks shared housing with other Christians. Desires own room, but willing to consider receiving lodging in exchange for providing help with childcare. References available. Direct inquiries to Terri at ttaylor(at) for forwarding.

Housing Request

I am a 22 year old single female looking for a roommate/or room to rent for the upcoming year. I will be a graduate student in the Physician Assistant program at Drexel University-Hahnemann this September, and am interested in signing a 12 month lease. Ideally, I'd like to live in the Center City area but am more than willing to commute to school, if I am in close proximity to a bus or train station. Feel free to contact me at Thanks! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shared housing in University City

Room available near University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Condo is five years old with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Basement and kitchen is fully furnished. There is a washer/dryer, central air/heat. Roommates are 2 female Undergraduates. Own furnished (Twin bed, desk, chair, lamp) private room but will share a bathroom with one other girl.

Quiet, clean and responsible female roommate needed. No pet and non smokers please. the rent is $660/month. This includes everything (gas,water, electricity,wireless internet, free laundry).

Contact Linda Lu

Tenth attendee seeks housing

My name is Tyler Mills and I'm a recent attendee of Tenth Presbyterian Church. My fiancee and I are getting married in late July and need to find an apartment. We are looking for (preferably) a two bedroom with a rent under $1000. Amanda works in Philadelphia and Cherry Hill so the northeast and west is probably too far away. I work in Ardmore and NJ as well.

Contact Tyler Mills.

Theft Alert

From Tenth's police district:

Never leave your purse unattended and open. A favorite target is a purse sitting on or hanging from a chair while you’re eating or distracted. The thieves will take your credit cards and begin using them before you’re even aware that they are gone.

Never leave your phone sitting on a table, bar or counter. Thieves are snatching them and running away before you even realize what happened. Caution should also be used while talking on the phone while walking; phones are being grabbed from the victim’s hands.

Never leave any valuables showing in your vehicle. Laptops, GPS’s & Purses are the items stolen most from vehicles in the 9th District.

Growing Younger

The curious case of Center City: it grows younger with each passing year. Check out this story in today's Inquirer.

Worship Services Online

So, you are waiting - patiently - for Sunday's sermons to be posted on SermonAudio or the church site. Typically they get posted by Tuesday but complications can delay that. Did you know that you can access the complete service, usually posted by Monday morning, on Vimeo? Go to this link to catch past services.

Jesus through the Bible

I think we can agree that Liam has been doing an adequate job in the pulpit, but if we had known about this candidate...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Join us this Sunday for Music@theGates on Spruce Street after the evening service for a time of fellowship, food, and music from the Webb Thomas Jazz Trio. Help is needed with putting out food and welcoming people.
Contact Janice Rankins at here .

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three Years and Counting

Robert and Jennifer Polen are celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary today. Robert, the first thirty go by fast.

Tracking the Cohens

As you may know, Seth and Anne Cohen and crew are heading off to Santiago, Dominican Republic. But you can keep track of them through their monthly email newsletters. If you want to be added to their list, send them an email.

Day One

Hey Marion,
My mom though that Tenth members would be interested in seeing pictures from the first day of Spruce Hill. However, I think of this more as a transaction: I'm exchanging pictures for prayer. I would appreciate if you would share this on your blog.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

She's My Sister

My name is Mallory Briggs and I am a second year law student at Villanova University. I am involved with a project of the American Bible Society called, "She's My Sister," and wanted to let you know about a couple of events that are going on with the project this summer and see whether any of your church members would be interested in being involved.
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Evangelical Assembly 2011

Liam flies back to London tonight. No, he hasn't given up on us...yet. Click here to learn about the Evangelical Ministry Assembly 2011. It lists him as giving the "Bible Reading." I just don't understand the English. Why do they need a minister to fly overseas to read the Bible?

The World Series

No doubt, you have all been keeping up with the College World Series. Haven't you? Hhmm. My school, the University of South Carolina, won the CWS last year and is in it again. In college, eight teams play in the series, held every year on Omaha, Nebraska. The Gamecocks beat Texas A&M last night and play the number 1 seeded Virginia Cavaliers tomorrow night. Also in the series is Vanderbilt, the alma mater of Robert Polen. Vanderbilt also won its first game against North Carolina. Robert claims to show no interest (as a typical Vanderbilt grad), but underneath that unemotional exterior is a spirit yearning for athletic school glory.

Password? Username?

So, you would like to access the church directory online (Access ACS), but you can't remember your password and are embarrassed to ask Christy Corbett for help again. Don't worry, they system is automated. Just click the link to "forgot password" or "user name," the system will send you the info you need to log in.

Receptionists on Duty

Nancy Hala is away traversing the country with her husband. Elise Taylor ably filled in last week at the receptionist's desk, and for the next two weeks we have another daughter of the church, Kelsey Pfeifer, filling in.

Welcome, Gabriel Alexander!

Rachel and Chris MacDonald are pleased to announce the birth of Gabriel Alexander, born June 15, 8 lbs, 3 oz, 19 in. Grandparents Tim and Sena McInnes are also rather pleased, as is Uncle Thomas.

Biking Commuters

Tenth is evidently well represented in the biking-to-work community. Last week, I am passed by Dave Collins on Spruce Street as he cycled 15 miles home to Chester. The next day Bill Walter and I cross paths as he cycled in from the Wynnfield area. Usually his wife Mei-lin is with him, as she bikes into Tenth. Finally, I found Donna Paganucci riding the same route as me on her way home. Frances Swink claims to ride her bike across the river to work in Camden, but I have not seen evidence of that.