Friday, December 05, 2008

Dessert Reception This Sunday Evening

"The single most effective way for Christians to 'reach' the US would be for 25% of them to move to two or three of the largest cities and stay there for three generations." ~ Tim Keller

"The first and most obvious step for dealing with the problem of our cities is to get Christians to stay in or move back to them, as I have indicated. Not every Christian needs to live in our cities, but far more should live in them than do now. They should live in them as their mission field of choice." ~ James M. Boice

This Sunday night, City Outreach is hosting a dessert reception (after the evening service) to talk about the importance of being a City Church-- why it's important for us to have a strong presence in Philadelphia and what it means to be a Christian in the city. This applies to each of us-- whether you already live in the city or not, whether you plan to stay here or not, whether you love the city (yet) or not. :)

Please plan to come; hope to see you all Sunday night!

Narnia Exhibit

Check out the Narnia exhibit at the Franklin Institute. It will be here into April.

The Mice Templar, Vol. 1

Is finally available for purchase at all fine online book outlets.
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Collecting the first 6 issues of the acclaimed comic series by Bryan J.L. Glass & Michael Avon Oeming
Featured in a "Director's Cut" format far superior to the original issues, and loaded with over 50 pages of extras and surprises!

Ordered the heaviest, so has the greater number of copies that can be theoretically returned.


By far the cheapest, but experience has taught us they handle the most beat-up copies.


My Favorite Christmas Movie

So, at Tuesday's staff meeting I had each person name their favorite Christmas movie. Here is the list of movies they named. Can you match the movie with the person? Some movies were selected by more than one person. (Disclaimer: Tenth Church does not necessarily endorse the choices of its staff members.)

a. The Muppet Christmas Carol
b. Miracle on 34th Street (Natalie Wood)
c. A Christmas Carol (Alistair Sim)
d. It's a Wonderful Life
e. Christmas in Connecticutt
f. A Christmas Story
g. While You Were Sleeping
h. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Dot Boersma
Pat Canavan
Marion Clark
Christy Corbett
Anne Davies
Nancy Hala
Jennifer Maddox
Liz Mosebrook
Robert Polen
Paul Tripp
Carroll Wynne
Jessie Yang

Webcasting Woes

For those of you who tried to tune in to my Elder Training talk last night, I gave an excellent message and a rather moving ending to it. then I walked up to the sound room and discovered I had not turned the webcast button on.


I will record it again and have it posted. Will let you know when it is up.

Christmas Program

The children's Bible school will present their annual Christmas program this Sunday at 4:30 in Fellowship Hall.

New Members Class

The New Members class will meet later on Sundays this winter quarter. This coming Sunday, the class will meet from 4:00-4:30 for the opportunity to meet the parish elders and receive your reading materials. The following Sundays, you will meet from 5:00-6:15. The class will be in room 1West, which is the room off the Delancey Lobby.

It would be helpful to register, which you can do by emailing Christy Corbett at

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Congregational Meeting

Dear Tenth Members,

Tomorrow night - Friday, December 5 - is the annual congregational meeting. We will meet at 7:30 in the sanctuary.

Matters to act upon are:
.....Voting for elders, deacons, deaconesses, Nominating Committee members, and trustees
.....Voting on the proposed budgets for 2009
.....Voting on revisions to the Congregational Bylaws

We will receive an update of the Capital Campaign, including funds raised and the progress of construction and outreach projects.

A special presentation will be given of the new online database system and online giving. Those of you who attend the meeting will be the first to learn how to access the church directory and view your individual profile page.

Church leaders and staff will be present to answer questions and address any concerns you may have. In light of the uncertainty of how the church budgets will end up this year, this is the best opportunity you will have to hear from your church leaders and they to hear from you. This meeting is for all church members.

Please remember, that your church vows included your promise to support the work of the church. Voting is a responsibility that you have taken on as a member. Please make every effort to attend. Childcare is provided up through age 12.

Christmas Impromptu

Last night Ginger and I listened to one of our favorite Christmas cds, Christmas Impromptu. This is a collection of piano pieces by Paul Jones. If you don't have it, you must get it! Really, it's like having Paul in your home (playing your baby grand piano). He's sitting at the piano; you request a Christmas carol; he plays, improvising as he goes along. You've got to get this! Check the bookstore on Sunday. If they don't have it, go find Paul and demand a copy. Tell him I sent you.

Elder Training

I will be webcasting another Elder Training message tonight at 8:00. You can tune in through the Tenth website. The subject will be Speaking the Truth in Love in the context of the elder's shepherding ministry.

Ministry Calls

ACTS needs someone who can make phone calls to volunteers and agencies approximately two hours per week. Calls may be made from home. Contact David Apple, 215-735-7688 or

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

South Street Bridge

To: Center City Residents' Association
Subject: South Street Bridge Update

Dear CCRA members:

Jim Campbell and Marcia Wikof have brought us very good news, albeit some necessary adjustment of habit. The South Street Bridge will close on Monday, December 8, 2008 in order to speed the way for a perfectly wonderful bridge, highly altered from its original design by communities at work. Many of you participated in the “charettes” which set the project on its way and in so many other ways.

The “goodbye” to the old bridge which carries so many memories, good and not so good, will take place prior to the official closing. Please read the information which follows for details about the closing walk across the bridge and the temporary adjustments necessary. It would be great for those of us who are able to join in this walk would make it a point to do so. It is genuinely a celebration of citizen initiative, city cooperation, and brilliant leadership. Many congratulations to all!

Vivian C. Seltzer
Center City Residents' Association

Dear Neighbors and Friends of the South Street Bridge:

Well, the time has finally come! The South Street Bridge (including the on and off ramps to the expressway) will close Monday, December 8th at 9:30 am. Many people have asked if they will be able to continue to walk/bike across the Bridge. This will not be possible since the Bridge will be completely demolished before being rebuilt.

One Final Walk/Ride Across the Bridge Please join us at 8:45 am for one final walk/bike ride across the Bridge. We’ll meet on the south side of the Bridge at Hollenbeck Hall. Note that we must be off the Bridge by 9:30 am. If you can join us, please RSVP to

For information about the Bridge, including detour routes, visit If there are problems that arise during construction, click on “report a problem related to construction” in the lower right hand corner of this website.

For those of you who have been walking, biking and/or driving and want to take mass transit, the following options are available:
* SEPTA has recently changed the Route 12. Those runs that used to go into West Philadelphia via the Walnut Street Bridge now run over the University Avenue Bridge. If you pick up the bus southbound on 23rd Street or Grays Ferry, it will drop off near HUP, CHOP, along Spruce between 33rd and 38th and by the VA hospital. These runs leave 23rd & Spruce at 7:45, 8:15 and 8:45 am (they should be marked for University City). There are 4 busses in the evening from about 4:30 - 5:30 PM. This precludes a need to transfer and avoids the Walnut Street Bridge.
* If you are heading to the north side of the U of P campus or to the Presbyterian Hospital area, taking the Route 7 bus north to the subway surface lines might be a good option, as the rail lines will run faster than busses.
* The westernmost stop for the 40 is now at 22nd and Lombard Streets, as it detours from there to the Walnut Street Bridge.
* Walking up to Walnut, you can pick up the 21 & 42.

We are continuing to see if we can work out additional options and are aware that many people need to get to work at 7:00 am. We will keep you posted Next Steps After the first of the year we will design a process for considering changes to the portion of the towers above the road deck. We will keep you informed of opportunities for participation.

Thank you for your continued interest in the future of the South Street Bridge.

Best regards,

Jim Campbell
Marcia V. Wilkof
South Street Bridge Coalition
Democratic Ward Leader, 30th Ward

Play Time

The Parish 4 Men's Prayer Breakfast and Playtime with the Lionels is scheduled for Saturday, 20 December, 8:30 AM, at the Reimolds in Havertown. To RSVP or get directions, contact Paul at 610-446-0146 or

Reindeer Romp

Attention Tenth Runners! Come out for the Reindeer Romp 5k Run in Havertown Sunday the 14th. A great way to close out your 2008 season.

Registration begins at 2:00 PM; the race starts at 3:00. Start and finish are at the Oakmont School, corner of Darby and Eagle Roads. The run follows a level course through the Merion Golf Manor neighborhood. (Incidently, the Merion Golf Club will host the US Open in 2013.)

Fee is $20 by December 11 or $30 day of race; proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Register online or via fax or mail. First 500 entrants will receive a technical long-sleeved T-shirt. Refreshments will be served.

After the race, you are invited back to the Reimolds for hot cocoa, Gaterade wassail and peppermint-flavored GU Gel.

For more information and registation, go to:


So, who are you really? Do your clothes give you away? Your physical signals? Maybe it's your space...more

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Apple of His Eye

Congratulations to Anne-Cara Apple and Matt Aquiline who are engaged to be married. Matt gave Anne-Cara a beautiful ring on December 1.

The Happy Blood Drop

Hi. I'm Paul "The Happy Blood Drop" Jones. And I want you to come out to Tenth by 6:00 pm today and donate your blood. Jesse Hubley was just here. What Tenth friend will I see next?

Esperanza positions open

Esperanza Health Center is growing and has several current openings, including primary care physician or nurse practitioner, dentist, dental hygienist and nurse; volunteers are also needed in a number of areas. Please contact Richard Rohrer or (215) 807-8616.

It's Beginning to Look...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the sanctuary. The tree is up; candlelabras and holly should be going up later this week.

The Long-Awaited Announcement

The alleyway porta-potties are being hauled away at this moment. That must mean the Catacombs bathrooms will be in use Friday night! I am told that some touch-up work still needs to be done, but what needs to be functioning is functioning.

Pray for the Election in Ghana

This Sunday Ghana will be electing a new President. Our friends there who partner with us in the prostitute rehabilitation program have asked that we pray for a peaceful election and that God will put the right man in office.

Fear that things might go wrong have brought many things to a standstill there. The next phase of the rehabilitation program has been delayed till February and the women who just graduated are having a hard time getting their businesses off the ground. Pray that they won't lose hope.

December Events

December has arrived, which means the onset of the Christmas season and lots of activities. Here is a list that I can think of:

12/5 - Congregational dinner, 6:15 (you must call in and register)
- Congregational meeting, 7:30p

12/7 - Bible school Christmas program, 4:30p

12/13 - TIF Christmas dinner, 5:30p

12/23 - Carols and Lessons service, 7:15p

12/24 - Tenth Family Christmas service, 4:30p
- Carols and Lessons service, 7:15p

12/31 - Watchnight service, 9:00p
- Communion, 11:30p

Blood Drive

Give blood today. There is an American Red Cross Blood Drive today at Tenth from Noon to 6:00 p.m. Every two seconds, over 43,000 times a day, someone in teh U.S. needs blood.

Credit Reports

Could you please post this info and encourage your readers to obtain their credit report for FREE. I would suggest staggering the reports so that you get one report every 4 months rather than all 3 at once this way you can constantly monitor your report and check for fraud. Beware that there are many web sites that offer this service for a fee. This is the official FREE web site.
Joe Brydges

One way to help protect your identity is to check your credit reports on a regular basis. By doing so, you can ensure that there are no loans, credit cards, or other financial obligations that have been fraudulently initiated in your name.

By law, you are entitled to three free credit reports every 12 months—one each from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, the national consumer credit reporting agencies. If you haven't requested free credit reports in more than 12 months, it’s time.


mereBreath Drama is now holding auditions for 2009 performances. Male & female, all ages. Contact director Bryan Glass to schedule an audition:

Jos Persecutions

Joseph gave news this morning about the violence in Jos, Nigeria where he served as a pastor before coming to study in Philadelphia. On Thursday (Thanksgiving day here) five pastors with whom he had worked were beheaded. The churches where they had provided meals as a mercy outreach to the Muslim community were burned. Christians have fled and their homes have been looted. Tensions between the Muslim and Christian communities are very high with fatalities on both sides. Apparently it is rumored that Muslims are planning to attack the seminary where he taught and where his ten year old only son is living. Joseph fears for his safety. This evening he has written requesting prayer: "The news about Jos is bad, but I believe your prayers would make a great difference."

Monday, December 01, 2008


Sent in by a ministry partner:

We have been following the on-going persecutions in the Indian state of Orissa. Tens of thousands of Christians have been forced out of their homes and into refugee camps or into the jungles. Two hundred churches and Christian ministries have been destroyed. At least 58 Christians have been killed violently. And the radical elements have said they will prevent any Christmas celebrations from happening anywhere in Orissa. Those of us who are following the OneYear Bible recently read Hebrews 13:3: "Continue to remember those in prison [think of the refugee camps; people are not allowed to leave them] as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering." May that guide the way we pray.

Town Meetings

The mayor is holding a series of town meetings to discuss the city's financial situation. Click here for a listing of the meetings.

Rest in Financial Chaos

Worried about how you will manage through the economic crisis? Knowing these four C's might help...more.

Army/Navy Rally

In anticipation of the Army/Navy game Saturday, the City is hosting an official Army/Navy Pep Rally on Friday, December 5 at noon at Liberty Place, 16th & Chestnut Streets. Both academies will have their Spirit Bands and cheerleaders on hand to fire up the City!
Tenth member & West Point senior Colin Baggs will be playing in the Spirit Band! If you work downtown come out and cheer on ARMY! (Guess who sent this post in.)

Check out for more Army/Navy information.

South Street Bridge

The South Street bridge will close December 8 for the next two years. Go to Tenth's website for more information.

United Way

Sent in by a Tenth member:

My company just gave out 2009 donation forms for the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania. This is a fairly common thing for companies to do and they usually push to hit some participation and/or monetary goal. If you feel inclined to give, there is a way to participate and also give to kingdom work. If you dig into the long list of local agencies that are affiliated with UW of SEPA (should be provided in your paperwork), there are some Christian organizations in there, one being Alpha Pregnancy Services. When you fill out the "My Choice" section of the paperwork, under Option C, you can direct your money to a specific organization (or organizations) rather than into the general UW fund. Last year I chose a modest amount to be deducted out of my payroll to go entirely to Alpha, thus cooperating with the company/employee effort while giving to a Christ-cenetered organization that we are familiar with at Tenth.

The Moneylender and His Wife

Thanks to Sarah Childress and her mother for making available a link to the painting that Phil referred to in yesterday's sermon.

Handyman Needed

Experienced, Well-Seasoned Handyman Needed in Lansdowne.

Able-bodied, perfectionist, neat, clean, responsible and reliable with experience in carpentry work and painting wanted. Must be able to handle small electrical and plumbing fixes, as well as mowing, power-washing, cleaning gutters, blowing leaves, snow removal and small load trash removal & disposal.

This job is for part-time seasonal to occasional work. Most tools & equipment will be supplied. Having small truck, a hopeful outlook and plenty of old-time stories a plus!

Call (610) 626-5590 to leave contact information, or email?