Saturday, May 06, 2006


Phil posted this on reformation21:

Westminster Theological Seminary has created a comprehensive website about Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code (, featuring popular articles for lay people and more scholarly articles for pastors. New content will be added through the release of the movie.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

That is what Ginger is doing this morning. She heads for Gainesville. Sarah leaves on Thursday. I will follow next weekend. This wedding is coming up too quickly!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Truth and Love...STILL

Don't know if you have listened to Marion's talks, but I enjoyed the first one: Short, not rushed, to the point...then I had to do some work.

However the name needs a bit of help. Could it be Speaking Truth in Love Languidly...or something and then it would spell STILL which works in better with love and truth. Just a thought, Marion.

New Opportunity

Pat Russell - Phil's administrative assistant - has accepted a position at the Willow Valley Retirement Community in Lancaster, PA, as their Volunteer Coordinator starting in mid-June. We are excited for her as working with volunteers is the most fulfilling of her responsibilities. She is also in urgent need of a car. If you know of any possibilities, please contact her at 215-735-7688, ext. 243 or at Pat's last day here will likely be May 26.

Broad Street Run Sunday

Sylvia Duggan has alerted us to the Broad Street Run this Sunday beginning at 8:30. It, of course, runs along Broad Street. Go here for information.

Prayers of the OT Saints

Aaron Messner has come up with an intriguing sermon series for the summer evening worship. As with last year, other staff ministers and interns will share in the preaching.

Prayers of the OT Saints
Summer Sermon Series 2006

June 11 Genesis 18: 22-33 (Abraham’s intercession for Sodom)
June 18 Genesis 32: 9-12 (Jacob’s plea for mercy) Lord’s Supper (CW)
June 25 Numbers 14: 13-19 (Moses’ Intercession for Israel) (JDO)
July 2 I Samuel 2:1-10 (Hannah’s prayer of praise)
July 9 II Samuel 7:18-29 (David’s prayer of praise for the Kingdom)
July 16 II Kings 19:14-19 (Hezekiah’s prayer for deliverance) Lord’s Supper
July 23 Ezra 9:1-15 (Ezra’s Lament over Judah’s sin)
July 30 Nehemiah 1: 4-11 (Nehemiah’s prayer)
August 6 Isaiah 63:15-64:12 (Isaiah’s prayer for mercy)
August 13 Jeremiah 32:16-35 (Jeremiah’s prayer for understanding)
August 20 Daniel 9:1-19 (Daniel’s prayer of confession for Israel) Lord’s Supper
August 27 Habakkuk 3:1-19 (Habakkuk’s prayer of praise)


I want you to consider how to make use of the STTIL talks. These are twelve messages, each about 10 minutes (give or take 30 seconds). They are available in audio and in print. You can listen on your computer, download onto your Ipod, or onto a cd. Listen while taking a walk or running an errand or commuting to work. Make them a part of your devotionals. I would particularly like to see small groups using them. Perhaps listen to them as a group and then have discussion. The twelve lessons make up the time of a three-month quarter.

I certainly would like to get your feedback. I would like to see this form of communications be used more extensively. John Voorhis reported that within 24 hours of posting, each lesson had at least 130 downloads. That is already more than the number who came out to hear my original talk. What if more staff and teachers in the church were using the same means of communicating - talks on the Christian life, marriage, relationships, ethics, missions, etc. I plan to discuss this with the pastoral staff at our retreat next week (May 9-10). Let me know your thoughts.

STTIL Completed

All the talks for STTIL (Speaking the Truth in Love) are posted. You can get there by clicking here. I will also make a permanent link on the right column.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tonight's News

Hello Friends,

Just letting you know that HARVEST USA Men’s Ministry Staff worker Bob Heywood was interviewed by Fox News (local 29) in Philadelphia. That interview will air tonight Thursday, May4, at 10:00 PM EST. Apologies for the short notice. We were just informed!

In Christ,
Ed LeClair

Getting to Church May 14

The Race for the Cure on May 14 will once again produce travel troubles, as the race circles the church. Click here to get vital information from Dot Boersma for your options.

Jazz and the Gospel

On the Off Beat: Jazz and the Gospel
An evening of performance and commentaryon the music and origins of Jazz with Bill Edgar

Thursday May 11, 7:30pm
Trinity OP Church, Hatboro
151 West County Line Road

The music and culture of Jazz derive from the life of African Americans whose historical context was both immensely difficult and, at the same time, spiritually powerful. On May 11, all are invited to learn and to enjoy a medley of lecture and performance that will take you into the spiritual power of this amazing music and the history that lies behind it. All welcome; light refreshments provided; discussion to follow; nursery available for young children.

Bill Edgar is Professor of Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary. He is also a talented, professional Jazz musician, performing throughout the greater-Philadelphia region.

Plan ahead:
Tuesday June 6, 7:30pm
Why Should a 21st Century Christian Care about the Ancient Church?
Daniel L. Schwartz, Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University

Confirmed for Fall Semester 2006:
On Earth as in Heaven: Evangelical Christians in America
Paul Nussbaum, Roving National Correspondent for the Philadelphia Inquirer

Defining Treason in the Civil War North
Jonathan W. White, Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Maryland

Redeeming the Stage and the Camera
Tony Lawton, Stage and Film Actor; Director of the Mirror Theatre Company

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sexual Addiction

Just finished a good book on "understanding the struggle of sexual addiction." It is False Intimacy, written by Harry Schaumburg, published by NavPress. Highly recommend it. I will, by the way, be preaching on sexual sin July 16 as that received a fairly high response as a struggle in the spiritual health survey. Will be using Proverbs 5 as my text.

Toddler and Twos Transition Update

All nursery and 2 year old classes will meet in their current location on Sunday, May 7. Please continue to pray that the construction project would be completed quickly. Pray also for peace in these busy classes on Sunday.

Science Teacher Wanted

Timothy Academy is looking for a middle school science teacher for 2006-2007 who is proficient in physical, life, and earth science. This teacher must be a believer, hold a BA or BS degree, have the gifts to teach, and believe that God is leading them to urban ministry and specifically to Timothy Academy. The science program is hands-on, and taught from a Biblical perspective. If interested, please contact:
Mr. William Elliott, Headmaster
Timothy Academy, 2637 N Fourth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133


I gather that some of you would like to leave comments on postings, but can't figure out the system. Click "Comments" below the posting. Type your comment in the window given. Click "Anonymous," then type in the letters shown. Voila! Since the comment identification will be "anonymous," you will need to type in your name in the comment window.

For those of you with blogsites and websites, you can click "Blogger" or "Other."

Note John Voorhis' comments: You don't have to choose "Anonymous" if you don't have your own blog or web site, you can always choose "Other" and only enter your name (the web site field is optional).

PCA Historical Center

Want to research, read or just browse historical documents, study papers, sermons of Presbyterian pastors, or general historical events in the Presbyterian Church in America, you will find the PCA Historical Center a valuable site. Click here.

Lowest Prices for Gas in Your Area

The Department of Energy has put together a site to help you find the lowest gas prices in your area. Click on your state and you’re given links to sites that help you find the lowest-priced gas. Also, see how local prices compare with the rest of the nation and how much you’re paying in taxes. Click here.

One-minute Survey on Global Warming

Last February 86 evangelical leaders issued the “Evangelical Climate Initiative,” claiming that global warming is real and the Christians must get involved in solving the problem. Others in the evangelical community oppose the initiative, stating that the science is inconclusive, and that it is, therefore, impossible to take an informed position. What are your thoughts? Should the Church become more active? Do we need more information? Or do we have more important things to worry about? Click here, and share your thoughts.

First Postings

John Voorhis has posted the first four (out of twelve) messages of my series "Speaking the Truth in Love." You can listen to the 10 minute sessions and/or read the text. Go to the church website, click "Resources" at the top, then "Classes/Training/Special Webcasts" on the lefthand column.

Uncredible Incredibles

I received a forwarded email about the incredible story of Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers being war heros. Alas, they are not credible. When you receive amazing stories, heart-warming stories, virus alerts, etc, always check them out, especially before sending them on. I usually type in "internet hoaxes" in Google and come up with several sites to use.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Peacemaking Women

Jessie Bible sends this in:

The Tenth Bookstore now has copies of Peacemaking Women by Tara Barthel and Judy Dabler. TenthWomen is excited to have Tara speak at their 2007 Conference on February 24, 2007.

Although the conference is for women, men may want to check out the book also.

Bryan Chapell, President of Covenant Seminary says, "Peacemaking Women is not just for women and is not just about peacemaking. This powerfully honest book is about the peace the Gospel brings every heart that applies the truths of the Gospel to past wounds and present brokenness. And this book is about how personally embracing this Gospel of peace makes each of us a loving instrument of God's grace to others."

For more information on Tara, please check out her website at

Holistic Ministry

Dr. Ryken,

This is Bernie Alimonti with the Chalmers Center for Economic and Community Development, a training center housed at Covenant College that equips the church worldwide to minister to the poor. We are accepting registration for our next "Foundations and Principles of Holistic Ministry" email-based distance learning course scheduled for August 28 - September 22, 2006.
The Foundations course is designed for an individual or a ministry team doing community outreach among the poor - pastors, church planters, ministry leaders and lay staff, and missionaries. I've attached more information about this course below.
Please consider this training for yourself and your ministry team and feel free to share this information with those within your broader ministry network.

In Christ,
Bernie Alimonti,
Chalmers Center for Economic and Community Development
Covenant College
14049 Scenic Highway
Lookout Mountain GA 30750

Church Giveaways

Our clean-up exercise is producing giveaways. For example, we have copies of Rick and Sharon Phillips' City Light retreat talks, as well as of Jerry McFarland. Then there is an accumulation of yardsale type items. Drop in this week and see what is available. Right now, we are putting items in Reception Hall.

Boice Booklets

The Trustees have authorized distributing the booklets, "The Life of Dr. James Montgomery Boice" FOR FREE!

Every Sunday, copies will be available in the lobbies. But understand that we have thousands. Therefore, if you would like to give copies to others take as many as you like. We have boxes of 75 copies that we can give you. We want them in the hands of those who will appreciate this keepsake.

Mississippi Recruiting

Three or four of us from Tenth Presbyterian are heading to Biloxi, Mississippi on (or after) May 27 to complete repairs to a hurricane-damaged home there so that the owners can move back in. Our primary task will be installing siding on the house, but we may also hang doors, install baseboard and window sills, etc. There are countless damaged homes in the area, so we may work on another home as well.

We are strongly seeking additional volunteers to join us, as I would like to have more of a team to embark on this trip. Since Tenth is giving a portion of the Easter Sacrificial Offering to Katrina relief efforts in Biloxi, it would be good to send a "live" offering there as well as a monetary one. Having some construction experience is valuable, but is not necessary. If you have any interest in joining us on this trip, or know someone who may, please call Tom Witmer at 215.546.0369 ASAP. Airline tickets need to be ordered quickly (no later than May 12) to obtain a reasonable fare.


The Last Best League

Finished last night The Last Best League, by Jim Collins, a book covering one summer in the Cape Cod Baseball League. An excellent read even for a nondevotee like me of baseball. I gave the book to Phil for his birthday last September and he loaned it back to me to read.

No Email

I cannot access my email. Hopefully it will be accessible before the morning is out.

Spring Cleaning

Pat Canavan is making us on the staff clean up our act. We have to spend the day actually getting organized and dumping our unopened 2004 AND 2005 mail. Pray for the sextons who must actually haul out the trash bags we will be filling.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Housemate Sought

WESTMONT, NJ: Responsible Christian male housemate sought to share 3-BR house with living room, dining room, kitchen, basement, 1 full bathroom, washer/dryer, garage/shed, & high-speed internet access. Excellent neighborhood. $512.50 + 1/2 utilities per month. 10 minutes from Center City Philadelphia. Available June 1st 2006. No smokers. No pets. Contact Greg Waddell @ (609) 351-0116 or

Orphan Friends

Dear friends of the Liberian orphan ministry -

Please come to the next New Hope Liberia Meeting on Saturday, May 6 at 2pm (new time) at Tenth Presbyterian Church in the 1West Room using the Delancey Street entrance.

We will be discussing the next barrel shipments scheduled for June and October 2006, planning for the next short-term missions trip, our search for a full-time missionary, and the immediate needs/special projects at the Mother Comfort and Victoria Thomas Orphanage homes. We would like your input because you have supported this ministry in the past and we need your prayers and help to continue this work.

Please also feel free to invite other friends that might be interested in this work. Please let me know if you plan to attend.

We are thankful that God has put these children on your heart. May we honor Him by loving them with the love that He gives us.

Your Sister in Christ, Jessica Klauder
Please also feel free to contact me with questions at 610-449-3735,

Keeping Warm

Can yall think of anyone or any ministry that could use 4 brand new adult long Down coats? Very warm and very nice and varying adult sizes. They were donated to the Michaels and Moreaus for overseas but we cannot use them and just wanted to pass them on where most needed. I know that's hard to think about when it's 70 and gorgeous outside. If anyone has any suggestions, please contact me at 215.843.3312. Thanks. Marion, could this go on the blog? Scott

PCRT Blessing

What a great PCRT! The theme itself - The Doctrines of Grace - was invigorating, and then to have, not one, but two Scottish preachers...well, surely even the angels were listening in!

Thanks to the behind the scenes players - Pat Russell (who led the Tenth hosting corps), the Alliance staff, the diaconate, and the sextons. From my perspective, it seemed to be the most smoothly and peacefully run conference in years.

Update and a new need

Wonderful news: Auerbachs will host the family from Michigan (and Jeff can walk with them over to CHOP).

New need: Their bus gets in at 1 am on Tuesday. Any night owls who would like to pick them up and drive them over to Auerbachs? Let me know!