Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Claims of Religion upon Medical Men

PHILADELPHIA, November 26th, 1844.
To the Committees of the University and Jefferson Medical Classes:

GENTLEMEN — Nothing could have been more gratifying to my feelings, than the
favor with which the large and intelligent body of Medical Students at present in this city, have received my humble effort to serve them, on Sunday evening. The discourse which you have done me the honor to request for publication, was written
amidst the varied and arduous duties incident to the pastoral care of a large congregation; but, as you have been pleased to express the opinion that its circulation, in a printed form, may conduce to the object for which it was prepared, I do not feel at liberty to withhold it. A copy of the discourse is herewith placed at your disposal.

I remain, gentlemen,
With great respect,
Your friend and servant,

To read this discourse from our first pastor, click here.

Volunteers Needed

From Maranatha Chung who is church planting in Northeast Philly:

Dear Friends,

I am looking for immediate help for Youth In Action and our ESL program.

(1) Nurses - We need one or a few registered nurses next week who can help us during the Youth In Action program. We need one nurse each day at the camp. If you are a registered nurse and can help us for a day or more at Austin Meehan Middle School (the site where the camp will be) between 7/7 and 7/11, please call Karen at (215)331-6344.

(2) Nails - We have a sister who has committed to teach cake decoration next Wednesday morning to the parents during Youth In Action, but we are looking for a person who can teach ladies to do NAILS. We are doing this in order to build relationships with the ladies who are dropping off the children at Austin Meehan Middle School during the Youth In Action program. If you are able to come help us teach one class next Thursday (starting at 9am), call me at (267)240-3326. The person needs to teach in English and we will find translator for him/her.

(3) ESL Teachers - We are planning to expand Northeast Church Plant's ESL program to include people of different ethnicity (was mostly for Albanians). We are looking for ESL teachers. If you can help us teach ESL classes in the evening starting in September, please contact Jason at (215)280-0176 or Karen at (215)331-6344.

In Christ,

Like Elvis

"The Body of Christ is disabled when it attempts to operate without all of its parts. God's greatest gifts to his Church often come in the most surprising packages - not with seminary degrees- but dressed like Elvis." Stephanie Hubach, Director of Special Needs Ministries for the PCA spoke to General Assembly participants at a breakfast attended by Phil and Carroll. Read what they heard...more.

The Shack

I received an email, asking about The Shack, a popular Christian fiction work. I have not read it, but you can read a review on byFaith online, that includes responses. byFaith is the PCA's magazine.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Third Millennium

Here is another resource to consider. Check out the website of Third Millennium Ministries. Headed by a PCA professior, Richard Pratt, it produces seminary level DVDs and other formats, primarily to send free overseas, but you may also purchase for your own education.


One organization about which Phil passes on information to me is The Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood. If you would like to see the work this organization does, go to

Regarding Ryken

Phil is gone for six weeks! Two weeks he is teaching a course on preaching OT narrative at Regents College; another week is study leave; and three weeks are vacation.

I think its time to make a few changes around here...

Room Needed

Rachel Kuipers, graduate-level Curtis student in viola, will be moving to the area from Minnesota and is looking for housing in the Rittenhouse Square area. She is open to sharing an apartment or house with other single women or a family. If you have any leads for her, please contact her at

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Chronic Pain: the hidden illness

Did you know that most of those who suffer from chronic pain hide it well? Assistive devices--canes, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, braces--tell of an illness or disability. At times, body language will reveal that someone is in pain. If we don't know that a person deals with chronic pain, we cannot show compassion by offering appropriate help. Find out more about invisible illnesses at

Sam's Book

Mix a photographer from India with youth from Northern Ireland; add in Maranath youth, with a sprinkling of Tenth members; then top it off with Messianic Jews. This recipe makes up the photography book of Sam Thomas.

Weather Report

Check out the weather/time icon on the right. It will take you to the local weather. See how sophisticated I am getting with technology?

God and Sin

"[Sin is] when we're sitting on the throne of our own lives, calling the shots, acting as our own boss, daring God or anyone else to interfere or get in the way." Sounds like a quote from a sermon. Actually, it is from an editorial in

Monday, June 30, 2008

Future Phillies

Pat Canavan sent this report in:
The Men & Boys ministry had an enjoyable and thorough tour of Citizens Bank Park. Our group of almost 60 was able to go into the Phillies' locker room, dugout and many other areas of the park. We got to hold some of the players' bats and see how the players keep their lockers. Could there be any future Phillies in the group?