Friday, December 12, 2008

“Love Bundles” Needed

For the Community Dinner ACTS needs 75 more “Love Bundles”-- ziplock bags containing deodorant soap, deodorant, wash cloth, face towel, toothpaste, toothbrush and candy cane. Please leave them in the mailroom this Sunday morning, December 14.

Weeping with those who weep...

Many of you have heard of the recent violence in Jos, Nigeria. Here's an update from Compass Direct News:
JOS, Nigeria, December 11 (Compass Direct News) – The murderous rioting sparked by Muslim attacks on Christians and their property on Nov. 28-29 left six pastors dead, at least 500 other people killed and 40 churches destroyed, according to church leaders. More than 25,000 persons have been displaced in the two days of violence, according to the National Emergency Management Agency. What began as outrage over suspected vote fraud in local elections quickly hit the religious fault line that quakes from time to time in this city located between the Islamic north and Christian south, as angry Muslims took aim at Christian sites rather than at political targets. Police and troops reportedly killed about 400 rampaging Muslims in an effort to quell the unrest, and Islamists shot, slashed or stabbed to death most of more than 100 Christians killed. Among Christians killed was Joseph Yari of the Evangelical Church of West Africa. The Rev. Emmanuel Kyari, pastor of Christ Baptist Church, Tudun-Wada, told Compass that Yari died helping other Christians who repelled Muslim fanatics bent on burning down his church building. “Yari was standing beside my wife when he was shot by Muslims,” Rev. Kyari said. “In addition to Yari who was killed, there were also three other Christians who were shot, and two died instantly.”
For more information, click here.

O Christmas Tree...

Before our modern-day atheists, it was the church that had trouble with Christmas trees...more

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Co-music-ing this Monday night

Instead of resting following the Christmas busyness, a small group of Tenth musicians will be traveling to Odessa, Ukraine. Members Paul Jones, Sharon Bain, Celeste Golden, Robert Joubert, Sondra Payne, and Gary Seydell will help our Ukrainian brothers and sister celebrate our Lord's birth through a series of concerts. Pray that many unbelievers attend and hear the true meaning of Christmas!

Since this is such a busy season in our church calendar, we will be commissioning this short-term team on Monday night at the very beginning of choir rehearsal (6:30 pm, in Fellowship Hall). Everyone is invited to attend! If you're very quiet, you may even be able to unobtrusively hang-out and catch a sneak peak of the upcoming Christmas Eve extravaganza!

Special Services

Are you inviting folks to the following?

December 23 - 7:15 pm Carols and Lessons Service

December 24 - 4:30 pm Tenth Family Christmas Service

December 24 - 7:15 pm Carols and Lessons Service

December 31 - 9:00 pm New Year's Eve Watchnight Testimony Service

December 31 - 11:30 pm New Year's Eve Communion Service

Newsweek Knows the Bible?

Newsweek says the Bible is not a good source for opposing gay marriage. Albert Mohler disagrees...more

Stephen Gloucester

Stephen Gloucester was a former slave who became a Presbyterian minister. Why did Frederick Douglass denounce him?...more

The Staff Christmas Party

Happy Birthday, David. Each of the four candles represents a decade (and then some!).

Why is Nancy speaking to Anne's crow? It's a complicated story.

Jonathan may have gripped his present tightly, but it would not be tightly enough.

Intern Dan Halley might come with a smile on his face, but when it comes to a Yankee Swap, the smile is put away.

Of Carols and Worship

Paul Jones has made me aware of two things:

1. He is making four new Christmas carols available on his website for free download.

2. A website of Church ministry resources. Looks like it is primarily a resource for worship and music (Paul is a contributor.)

Lighting Broad Street

Next week Broad Street is turning on the Christmas lights. Check it out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Eagles Are Landing

Josiah and Noah Cohen will become Eagle Scouts on Monday, December 15 at Aldan Union Church. This is Scouting's highest rank (only around 4% achieve the rank) and involves a great commitment on the part of the young men as well as their family. Currently there are just over 1 million members of this elite rank since its inception in 1911. Involve in the ceremony will be Dr. Ryken and Rev. Wynne and family members.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Book Signing

Bryan J.L. Glass will be signing copies of his MICE TEMPLAR Vol. 1 HC:
Wednesday, December 10, 5-7pm
Olde City Store--
2nd & Market Sts.
45 N. 2nd Street

Capital Campaign report from the Congregational Meeting

This report is available at the church's website.

Help for planning your giving is at

Online giving to Tenth is available—link from our home page. You will also find:
  • Instructions
  • Frequently asked questions (and their answers)
  • A sheet to download that will help you if you want to calculate your tithe and allocate it in proportion to the church's three budgets—all you have to do is enter your income
  • Other stewardship information

Prayer for the Persecuted Church

This month the Prayer for the Persecuted Church Partners will lift up the Christians and the churches of Belarus and Pakistan. Sunday, December 14, we will pray for Belarus. We will pray for Pakistan on Sunday, December 28.

We meet from 4:00-5:15 in the toddler room off Reception Hall.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Sidewalk Resources

If you didn't get a copy of the "Sidewalk Resources" handout at last night's dessert reception, here is the list of suggested books, articles, etc. --


Culture Making by Andy Crouch

Sidewalks in the Kingdom by Eric O. Jacobsen

Urban Ministry: The Kingdom, the City, and the People of God by Harvie Conn and Manuel Ortiz

Chameleon Christianity: Moving beyond Safety and Conformity by Dick Keyes

Seeing beyond Cynicism by Dick Keyes

Foundations of God's City: Christians in a Crumbling Culture by James Boice

A Christian in Today’s Culture by Charles Colson

Making Room: Discovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition by Christine D. Pohl


ministry to city articles by Tim Keller

article by Tim Keller

Tim Keller sermons available under “City”