Friday, October 05, 2007

Cool Apple

If you haven't yet, check out David Apple's cool new look on his blog.

Christmas Pageant

Did you know we are going to have a Christmas pageant this year? Julie Peterman and Kirsten Ryken proposed the idea and have taken the initiative to recruit adult leaders. They have brought in the heavyweights - Vivian Dow and Bryan Glass. This will be the children's Christmas program and is scheduled for December 2 at 4:00.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Calling One, Calling All!

Looking for a fun way to learn about God's work in the world, meet new friends, and get a free dinner? Volunteer for Missionopoly on Saturday, November 3, 2007, for 4-8:30 pm at the church. Missionopoly is a life-sized, interactive game, and many volunteers are needed to make it an enjoyable, memorable experience for the entire church body. For more info, contact Liz Mosebrook at

Sparrows Kickoff and Global Outreach Poster Contest

New on our website with links on our home page and below—two things for children—tell your friends:

Sparrows Kickoff October 13

Global Outreach Poster Contest for students in grades 1–6; deadline October 28

Christians in Seattle?

Know any Christians in Seattle? Tobias and Jessica Klauder would like to hear if you have any Christian friends or family in the Seattle area? They are considering a possible job transfer and will be visiting Seattle next week to visit Christian schools, churches and neighborhoods. Please email with any information. Please pray that we would follow God's direction for us and walk in step with the Spirit as we consider this move.

Christ Our Life

Communion will be served this Sunday. In preparation, consider this meditation written by John Calvin:

But since the Lord not only reminds us of this great gift of his goodness, as we formerly explained, but passes it, as it were, from hand to hand, and urges us to recognise it, he, at the same time, admonishes us not to be ungrateful for the kindness thus bestowed, but rather to proclaim it with such praise as is meet, and celebrate it with thanksgiving. Accordingly, when he delivered the institution of the sacrament to the apostles, he taught them to do it in remembrance of him, which Paul interprets, "to show forth his death," (1Co 11: 26). And this is that all should publicly and with one mouth confess that all our confidence of life and salvation is placed in our Lord's death, that we ourselves may glorify him by our confession, and by our example excite others also to give him glory. Here, again, we see what the aim of the sacrament is, namely, to keep us in remembrance of Christ's death. When we are ordered to show forth the Lord's death till he come again, all that is meant is, that we should with confession of the mouth, proclaim what our faith has recognised in the sacrament, viz., that the death of Christ is our life.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Church History

Dr. Diane Poythress, a member at Lansdale with a Ph.D. in Reformation History and Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary, is organizing a series of six weekends where women may receive a Certificate in Women's Ministries. The instruction forms a condensed version of a seminary curriculum. The weekends are especially designed to equip the wives of pastors and future pastors, but are open to all women. Click here for more information.

Of Esther and Peter

Women in the Westminster community are invited to hear Dr. Karen Jobes October 19-20

Dr. Jobes models her love and depth of understanding of God's Word and her love for Christ. Her expertise in the books of Esther and 1 Peter will be launching points for understanding how we can approach scripture more effectively. Why was it written the way it was? How does it fit with the rest of scripture? What difference does the cultural backdrop make? How does it point us to Christ? What does it mean for us today?

October 19 3:00 p.m. A Literary Approach to Interpreting Esther
October 19 7:45 p.m. Reading Esther in Its Redemptive-Historical Context
October 20 10:45 a.m. Historical/Cultural Context in 1 Peter.

These sessions will be held in Rust Auditorium in Van Til Hall at Westminster Theological Seminary and are part of a larger conference, Women in the Word: A Workshop. While the other sessions are closed, the plenaries are open to women in the Westminster community at no charge.


After shooting the photographer, this madman was seen running down the street screaming, GO PHILLIES! Who could he be? And why is Jonathan Olsen not answering his phone? I know Rachel left him home with the children.

Item to Buy; Item to Borrow

Josh Ryken is looking to buy a decent light-weight touring bike (not a mountain bike) to enable him to keep pace with his training for cross country without exacerbating his arthritis.

Phil and Lisa Ryken are looking to borrow a paint sprayer to stain their backyard fence.

If you are able to help with either item, please contact Phil:

Pastors' Breakfast

We had an excellent Pastors' Breakfast this morning at the church, hosted by CCA and SHCS. Ruth Naomi Floyd provided music with Randy Pendleton, the Music Director of City Church in the University City area. Seth Cohen gave a presentation of the school's motto "Lux Urbi," Light to the City, which many of you will recognize as the continuing motto of CCA. If you want to receive the school's newletter, send an email to

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Please Help....

A couple from Costa Rica are in town with their daughter who needs to go to CHOP three times a day. Hopefully they will have a car available to them (unless someone kindly makes one available…hint), but it would be great if they were close enough to walk.

If anyone can help, call Carroll Wynne at 215.460.2847. Thanks.

Handyman Work Wanted

One of the men in my Bible study, Bob Frazier, is looking for work as a handyman, general laborer, or custodian. He's trustworthy, dependable, and willing to work hard. If you have any leads, please let me know!

Welcome, Raegen!

Kesha Beale delivered a baby girl Friday morning, Raegen, 5 lbs. 15 oz.

Working Retreat

Next Tuesday, October 9, the church offices will be closed as the staff takes a one day retreat. No, we are not sneaking over to watch the Phillies. This is the annual retreat in which I whip the staff into shape for the new church year. It is hard work and takes courage and wisdom; so be praying for me.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Phillies' Rally

Jonathan Olsen invites everyone to be his guest at the Phillies' Rally today, noon, at City Hall.