Friday, October 29, 2010

Reformation Worship Service

A Scottish Hymn Festival
by Paul Jones, Organist and Music Director

2010 marks the 450th anniversary of The Scots Confession (1560) and more generally, the Scottish Reformation; it is fitting to celebrate this in our Reformation Hymn Festival.

Our prelude begins with a solitary bagpiper intoning a traditional Scottish song that carries the flavor of the ancient country and sets us in the Highlands, as it were, for all that is to follow.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sinclair Ferguson

Our guest preacher for both morning and evening services this Sunday is Dr. Sinclair Ferguson. To give you a taste of his preaching, here is a brief clip from a Desiring God conference.

Michael Oh on the Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World

Hall of Fame

With the upcoming Reformation service Sunday evening, I did a little research into Scottish preachers and found this interesting Scottish Preachers' Hall of Fame website, giving info on preachers of the past.

Friday Night Lights

Last Friday evening I dropped in on the Friday night English tutoring class. I was going to write a post about it, but Martin Whittaker emailed me with a much more comprehensive of the class. To make an understatement, Martin is enthusiastic about Friday night tutoring. Here is his report (and yes, he will take more volunteers).
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Fall Back! Later!

It's good to know I have faithful readers keeping a keen eye on my announcements. Don't fall back this Saturday for EST. Wait a week to November 6, then fall back (though fall back on something soft).

Help Needed

My friend recently had a leg amputed as a result of diabetes. He lives alone in the Philadelphia Art Museum area (in a three-level home) and would benefit with relationships, attention to needs in his apartment [organizing, cleaning, help with laundry] as well as providing a ride to Tenth's worship. Currently, he uses crutches and is being evaluated for a prosthesis. This is a great service opportunity for a Bible study. Please contact me at if you would like to help.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Register for International Banquet today!

On Saturday, November 6, at 6 pm, we will FEAST on an amazing banquet of Chinese food. Several of us visited the restaurant that will be catering the meal (Joy Tsin Lau in Chinatown), and the food was great! This is one meal you will not want to miss!

As if the meal were not enough, we will have a special guest speaker sharing about the persecuted church in Asia. And we will have nursery and a special children's program after dinner.

So don't delay, register today! Visit here for more information.

Open house at DCCS

Delaware County Christian School invites you to our fall open house on Saturday, November 6 from 9-11 am. DC exists to educate students who will serve God and impact the world through biblical thought and action. The school partners with Christian parents in helping students to engage their unique design for optimum achievement and impact.
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Reformation Worship Conference

Last week Paul Jones and Scotti Old were out of town participating in the "First Annual Reformation Worship Conference," held near Atlanta. Here is an article reviewing the conference.

The Maverick

Stuck in traffic? No problem. Just fly away. That is what Steve Saint wants to allow missionaries in remote areas to be able to do. Check out his invention.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome, Dylan!

Jesse and Suzanne Hubley are pleased to announce the birth of Dylan Roy, born Monday, October 18, at 6:42pm, 7 ibs 8 oz.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Man Gets Around

Stephen James Little not only has a name, he made his first appearance at church yesterday! He was born on Wednesday, home on Thursday and in church on Sunday -- this Little man gets around!

Special Performance

We are thrilled to announce an extra event in the Tenth concert series. Maestro F. R. Awg has agreed to conduct our musicians for a performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Here is a clip of him conducting in his native land.

Looking for Apartment

Professional Christian artist, 24 years old, would like to rent in Philadelphia or nearby with other Christians. A graduate of Messiah College. Please email Eli Smith or call (717-329-6591 after November 8).

Being a Forgiver

Yesterday's sermon, "Being a Forgiver," is now available in manuscript at DMC Resources. That concludes the series in Ephesians 4. It has been a joy to preach the series, and I thank everyone for their kind comments.

Commissioned to Pray

Our own John Patrick Canavan wrote this short article for the World Reformed Fellowship about the Lausanne Congress. It's articulate and thought-provoking, and if you ask nicely, John may even sign copies of it when he and the team return on Wednesday.