Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Next Generation

Sent in by proud parents John and Nancy:

On Saturday, May 26, 2007 our son Jeremy Allan Brandenburg graduated from West Point and was commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the United States Army. Jeremy graduated having been on the Dean's List for all eight semesters and served as the Captain of the Mountaineering Team. More importantly, Jeremy was the CIC (Cadet in Charge) for the Navigators. We attended the Navigators Banquet during graduation week and I was truly overwhelmed when a young plebe from Lancaster County approached me and introduced himself. He explained that he just wanted to thank me for Jeremy's help to him during a very tough Plebe Year and said that he wouldn't have made it without Jeremy's help. Later that week at a barbecue at Major Hoyman's house a second Plebe echoed these same sentiments to me.

We also attended the "Pinning Ceremony" which was held by the Navigators next to Eisenhower Hall. What was truly impressive was the opening remarks by Major Cameron, where he explained what the Navigators stood for! Other pinning ceremonies were taking place all around us but here at the Navigators was the only mention of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jeremy is currently traveling in England but will leave for Fort Benning, GA on July 25, 2007.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tenth family abroad

Be in prayer for our congregation members who are scattering far in the coming days. The Maranatha team to Northern Ireland left today. David and Karen Walton are in Asia, Mary Robin Kreamer in the Middle East, and Sharon Bain is in Odessa, Ukraine.

I'm attaching a picture of Sharon standing in a wheat field near the Ark center outside Odessa, Ukraine. The Ark center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, a ministry of the Presbyterian church in Odessa. The choir and other musicians will be visiting there on Thursday, June 28. (The choir and Westminster Brass leave on Thursday, June 21.)
Be in prayer for ongoing ministry here in Philadelphia as well. We still need volunteers to help with neighborhood outreach with All Nations Church in Southwest Philly. Contact us in the missions office if you're interested in helping out.

Applying the Principles

Drew Hammell sent this in:

I have lived in New Brunswick for seven years now, and have interned at a small church plant for three. I wanted to let you know that the messages that Aaron Messner used to teach on the Nehemiah Project inspired me a great deal. Tim Keller also preaches about the importance of community a lot in New York. I've tried to apply the godly principles that Tenth and Redeemer emphasize.

We have been praying about revival and a stronger community in New Brunswick for several years now, and we are happy to see how the Lord is working. We have Bible studies every Tuesday night, and this summer we have been hosting weekly bbq's for the community. Last night 15 people came out in the pouring rain!

It's really cool to sit back and watch my friends grow spiritually. When you lead a Christian group, you don't get to choose who comes; I'm happy when anybody shows up! Our group is probably one of the most random groups of people you could imagine -- we have homeless people, terminally ill people, mentally ill people, college students and working professionals. This is the point, of course; God uses the random people of the world to carry out His will. Our group struggles with a lot of problems, and we don't really have good answers to help each other. We all kind of go through it together. It's tough for us to relate sometimes since we lead very different lives. In the big picture though, we see God working and shaping us into who He wants us to be.

I wanted to give you an update to encourage you and the church. The Nehemiah Project is a wonderful idea, and I've tried to teach the book and share the ideals as best I can (with plenty of help from Boice's commentary). Tenth and Redeemer are both so big and they influence many people. I've desired to live in either Philly or NY for a very long time, but for some reason the Lord has kept me in New Brunswick. I am certain it is because He wants me to be inspired by the big churches and share the ideals with this smaller church.

Thanks for the work you are doing, you never know who you will influence!

Fahrenheit 451

Some of you may find this interview of Ray Bradbury interesting. The author of Fahrenheit 451 says the critics misunderstood his book. It is not about censorship, but TV.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kim-Jones Interview

David Kim and Paul Jones are doing an interview about their CD "The Lord Is My Shepherd" today, June 14, at 3:00 EST on VCY-America's program "Crosstalk." It is 60 minutes in length. It will also be archived there later in the day for downloading as an MP3. Click Crosstalk on the left-hand column of the site.

Doll House

Marion - I am looking for a home for a four room log cabin doll house. Do you think anyone on your blog site would want it? I can be reached at or 215-545-5258.

betty snader

CCA Graduation

City Center Academy's graduation is this coming Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Everyone is invited to attend.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

GA Webcast

It took me a long time to figure it out, but I can now view General Assembly live. It doesn't start again until 11:30 our time. At byFaith I found a page to register to view GA. Fill out the form and you should be able to get on. Today is the day (at 3:00 EST) that the Federal Vision will be debated.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

MCO Administrator Position

Medical Campus Outreach is searching for a new Administrator to provide logistical support for our ministry to Philadelphia medical students and professionals. Qualifications include attention to detail, ability to multi-task, a relational ministry philosophy, and ability to learn Access, Excel, Word, Quickbooks, and Frontpage. Position starts November 1, 2007. If possible, interested applicants would join us for a small portion of our Summer Medical Institute (June 28-July 30) to better understand the essence of our ministry. Please contact us at or 215-843-3312.

Sermon Posted

My Sunday evening sermon, "The Stewardship Mandate," is now posted on DMC Messages.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Long Flight Aid

The Stoudt family will be leaving for the Summer Medical Institute (SMI) mission trip in just 2 weeks. They are looking to borrow a few items to ease the long flights for their children, especially their autistic son. Specifically, they are looking for a portable DVD player (ideally with an extra battery). Also, other portable electronics (gameboy, other quiet video game toys, etc.). If you are able to lend these items (from June 24th through July 31st), please contact Sharon Stoudt at or at (484) 458-1206.


Phil and Lisa Ryken celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last week, and Pat and Holly Canavan celebrated their 30th. This coming Sunday Bill and Char Elliott celebrate their 40th. Is there a 50th coming up? That happens July 20 for Jay and Jane MacMoran.

Out and About

General Assembly is this week, being held in Memphis. Phil left today. Bruce is also going. Paul Jones is also heading down. He has been asked to give a seminar. Cora has left for vacation through June, and Nancy is gone this week. I believe Paul Tripp returns sometime from his England/Ireland trip and heads straight down to General Assembly as well.


Here is a group shot of Tenth Sparrows.

Benefit Concert

New Life Dresher is hosting a benefit concert for relief efforts in Uganda, Friday, June 15, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Suggested donation is $5.

New Life Church, Dresher
2015 S. Limekiln Pike in Dresher
(Limekiln Pike and Susquehana Roads)

Artists include:
Todd Bellinger
Joyce Johnson
Dave Rawlings
Brent Ellison
Susan Piper
and others