Friday, June 19, 2009

Turkey Festival

Check this website about a big Turkey festival next weekend in NYC.

Ben "Seinfeld" Carter

I don't know. Luke Urish alerted me to Ben Carter winning a Jerry Seinfeld imitation contest. Is that something to be excited for or a cause to inquire about his spiritual state? You decide. Here's the news from The Inquirer. (I never get in The Inquirer).

Car still needed!

A family of four, who partner with us in Southeast Asia, will be arriving in early July. They need a car to use for a few weeks while they look for lodging and a car of their own. If you have one you can make available, please contact the Global Outreach office.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Community Dinner Need

Beginning July 12, ACTS Ministries needs someone to assist at the Community Dinner ministry. The time required is one hour once a month (second Sundays) assigning hosts to tables and welcoming/orienting the servers (youth groups). Training is provided. Contact David Apple, 215-735-7688 / or Gwen Plut,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Twitter Overview

John Voorhis has posted a quick overview on how to get value out of Twitter for The PCA GA.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Laser Printer Available

Jesse Hubley has a Lexmark Optra E+ compact laser printer with an unused toner cartridge to give away. Evidently it needs some kind of repair. You can email Jesse about it.

Roommates Wanted

Available August 1st. Three female (3) roommates wanted to share 2nd/3rd floor apartment near 20th & Fitzwater – a short 10 minute walk to Tenth Church. We’re looking for 2 roommates to share a larger bedroom at $375/month each and one to rent a smaller, private bedroom at $425/month. Must also share in electricity and gas costs – water/sewerage and Internet are provided. Apartment has large living room, smaller kitchen and dining room and one full bathroom. College students or young professionals preferred – preference given to Tenth members or regular attendees. Please contact Alex @ (815) 761-0507 or by email.

Maranatha on the Grill

Maranatha is having an all-church cookout this coming Sunday after church. It will be $4 a person ($20 per family) for burgers, hotdogs and sides. It will be a great time for fellowship and to find out what Maranatha's missions teams are up to this summer. All proceeds will go towards those trips.

Welcome, Andrew!

Carl and Jen Krott are pleased to announce the birth of Andrew Robert, Friday, June 12, 8lbs 14oz.

Overtures on Role of Women

Each year at General Assembly, the Committee on Overtures reviews overtures sent to GA by the presbyteries and churches. Two of the overtures requested a study committee to consider the roles of women in the church. This article reports on the committee's recommendation.

Liam Goligher This Sunday

Dr. Liam Goligher will be preaching the next two Sundays. This will be his third summer in a row with us. His messages will be:
Revelation 4: A Throne in Heaven
Revelation 5: The Book of Destiny

Dr. Goligher is pastor of Duke Street Church. Here is his church's website.

Welcome, Joshua!

Kevin and Vivian Field celebrate the birth of Joshua last Thursday, June 11. Your prayers are requested for his safety and strength, as he remains in the hospital.

Monday, June 15, 2009

GA Twittering

Someone is twittering (tweeting?) General Assembly. I've been trying to find info about webcasting, but have had no luck. Here is the website. If you find more info, let me know. So here's a twitter(?):

Dr. Phil Ryken of Tenth Pres in Philadelphia is elected chairman of the Overtures Committee. Bruce McDowell is there, as well as Paul Tripp.

Pew Advances

Did you know that all of the pews have been refurbished? It happened over the weeks leading up to PCRT. You can sit in any pew without praying that it will not collapse. Now, an added feature is being installed this week. No, not coffee cup and water bottle holders - communion cup holders in every pew! Worshippers Sunday evening will be the first to try them out at communion service.

As Servants of Christ

The text to yesterday's sermon on Ephesians 6:5-9, "As Servants of Christ," is now available. If you want to read or listen to the previous three sermons covering the roles of husbands and wives, and parents and children, click here.

Community Dinner Assistant Needed

Beginning July 12, ACTS Ministries needs someone to assist at the hospitality dinners for our poor and homeless neighbors. The time required is one hour once a month (second Sundays) assigning hosts to tables and welcoming/orienting the servers (youth groups). Contact David Apple at 215-735-7688 or