Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Moving: items for sale

-34" JVC television in great condition although it has a minor scratch and one input channel doesn't work. Altogether, it has 2 working input channels and it's cable ready. It's a little heavy, as it is not a flat screen, but it's a great tv. We are asking $100 for this, but can negotiate with interested individuals.
-17 piece Farberware Classic Series cookware set (never been used): 3 piece bowl set w/ lids, 9x13 cooking sheet, 9x13 cake pan, 8" and 10" nonstick skillets, 1 qt, 2 qt, and 3 qt saucepans, 4 qt covered sauce pot, 8qt covered stock pot. We are asking $100 for this as well (it is valued at $175 at stores and online), but can negotiate.
-Ask about clothing, too
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Looking for Furniture

Dan Halley, one of Tenth's interns for '08-'09, is looking for some pieces of furniture-- if you have or know of a chest of drawers(5 or 6 drawers), bookcases, a bed, and/or a desk (hopefully one that might have some drawers for office materials), please contact Dan:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday book sale

The library is having a book sale Sunday, August 3, between morning services! Go to the Catacombs, just outside the library.

Monday, July 28, 2008

mereBreath Drama

Since 1995, mereBreath Drama has produced thought-provoking original dramatic productions that illustrate the truths of scripture, under the sponsorship and guidance of Tenth Presbyterian Church.
MereBreath Drama avoids the trite formulas so prevalent in Christian theater-often two dimensional characters in clichéd situations offering shallow answers to unrealistic portrayals of life-and replaces them with gripping narratives and strong performances of real people caught up in the worst a fallen world has to offer, and finding their peace and release in true Biblical answers.
By dramatizing the genuine struggles of the Christian walk, and the reality of Jesus Christ manifesting in the lives of ordinary people, mereBreath performances have challenged, encouraged, convicted, comforted, and inspired thousands.
Asylum asked where is our lord in the midst of our suffering…
Perfect Justice explored the often-profound struggle to forgive…
Edifice flung conflicting ideologies into collision amidst disaster…
Skit portrayed those in ministry service as sinners in need of a savior…
The Eschaton envisioned a future where Christians are imprisoned for their faith in Christ…
The Inner Room revealed souls haunted by the sins of their past…
"I'd love to get involved, but..."
The success of mereBreath has, in many ways, also proven to be it's greatest hindrance. A frequent comment at Tenth Church has been, "I appreciate the work the ministry does, and I would love to get involved, but all of you travel so so hard...perform for so long...etc."
The director, stage manager, and pastoral staff have spent the last year exploring how mereBreath Drama could best adapt to fit the new emphasis of Tenth Church's outreach to the city of Philadelphia.
Local performances * Month-long seasons * Ministry-sponsored outreach performances * A commitment to excellence
If you have ever considered getting involved in this acclaimed drama outreach--as a performer, art, costume or set designer, sound or light technician, or even stagehand--this marks a new beginning and a fresh opportunity to use your talents for our Lord's kingdom.
To schedule an audition or to learn more, please email the ministry. Visit mereBreath Drama on the web.