Thursday, July 08, 2010

Playground Volunteers Needed

The Garrett-Williamson Foundation (where we have our annual church picnic) has received a playground is looking for volunteers to put it together. They write:

Date: Saturday, July 17th Time: 8a – 3p
Place: 395 Bishop Hollow Road, Newtown Square, PA

Great opportunity for students looking for community service hours. Food, music and lots of fun while you help build an entire playground in 1 day and help children with autism and disabling communication disorders!! Ribbon cutting immediately following completion.

We need 200 volunteers – no experience needed – age 16 and older. Please contact Mike Abramson at 610-356-5566 or email Mike@

Part-time Ministry Opportunity

Woodland Presbyterian Church in West Philadelphia has a position open.

Position Opening - Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries

We seek a part-time Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries to start by September 2010. Please contact Lee Huang at 215 386-7162 or for a copy of the position description.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Grace and Peace Worship

This Sunday is the inaugural worship service of Grace and Peace Community Church in South Philadelphia. Pray for Jonathan Olsen and the core team as they reach out to their neighborhood. We are asked not to attend before the fall, so that they will have room for worship and more effectively reach out to their neighbors.

The Final Volume

I've just ordered the 7th and final volume of Hughes Oliphant Old's (we know him as Scoti) multivolume history of preaching in the Christian church from Westminster Bookstore. This is a great accomplishment in a distinguished career of a person recognized as the foremost authority on the history of Reformed worship. The series is The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church.

Sign Sing Camp

Our evening Deaf Signer, Rosalind McKelvey is putting on a Sign Sing Camp July 18-July 22, 6:00-8:00 p.m.. It is for all ages. $10 registration. It is being held at Advocate St. Stephen's Church, 5213 Germantown Ave, across from the Family Dollar. Contact Rosalind at 215.848.7279.

August Apartment Available

Studio Apartment Available August 1 - 22

Looking for single tenet to sublet furnished apartment for $400 - 500 (flexible). Full kitchen/bath. Washer and dryer in unit. The bedroom is separate from the living room area - but it's very small. Twin sized bed. Hardwood floors - nice windows. The building has a shuttle that will take you directly to center city/public trans. Small gym and internet access within building. Contact Alisa if interested -

New Boice Series

The Alliance has released a new series of messages by James Boice that have never been broadcast: "The Battle of Egypt: The Life of Moses." Tenth members will remember Dr. Boice preaching the series as preparation for studies being prepared for Bible Study Fellowship.

Construction Impact

I come back from a nice lunch and find this email from Pat Canavan to the staff:

Dear staff,

I wanted to give you advance notice that it will become noticeably noisier here beginning next week as the workers begin constructing the elevator shaft. You will soon know why relocation was necessary for a few of you. The work will be practically at our office doorsteps as they build the shaft vertically through our building.

It will be unpleasant at times, but relatively short term as the workers need to have this phase of the project completed by August 8, the day the elevator is scheduled to arrive on site.

So buckle your seat belts because we may experience mild to moderate turbulence in the next few weeks.


Pat's thinking particularly about the west wing side of the Delancey building where he is on the second floor and Bruce McDowell is on the third floor. Liz Mosebrook has already moved to the fourth floor to get out of the way. On Sunday you will see a temporary handicap ramp on the 17th Street side of the front entry. The alleyway will be broken up to prepare for the extension of the middle building ground floor. The ramp had to be on the 17th side rather than the preferable 18th street side because of code restrictions.

Phil's Last Worship Service

John Voorhis has posted the complete worship service of June 27 at vimeo.

Of Anniversaries

Today, July 7, marks two anniversaries. James Boice would have been 72 years old today. Twenty-two years ago today, David Apple walked into the church on his first day of work. He was greeted by Glen McDowell who handed him a black arm band to mark Jim turning 50.

Three more men would take new positions. Ken Larter took the newly created position at Harvest to minister to persons afflicted with a new disease called AIDS. Later that year Carroll Wynne would be hired to take over Maranatha and take on visiting duties. I stepped off the street to become the principal of City Center Academy.

Saving the Flag

A good story for the 4th of July week.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tenth Videos

A video of the commissioning and gift ceremony for Phil and Lisa Ryken is now posted. Click here for the video. You will also find at this site other Tenth related videos, including THE wedding, and the funeral of Phil Beauford.


The poem Liam Goligher closed with on Sunday:

Indwelt, by Beatrice Clelland

Not merely in the words you say,
Not only in the deeds confessed,
But in the most unconscious way,
Is Christ expressed.

Is it a beatific smile,
A holy light upon the brow?
Oh no, I felt His presence while
You laughed just now.

For me, 'twas not the truth you taught,
To you so clear to me so dim,
But when you came to me you brought
A sense of Him.

And from your life He beckons me,
And from your heart His love is shed,
Till I lose sight of you and see
The Christ instead.

God With Us

I am working now on a year-long devotional, drawing from all of Dr. Boice's works. Here is a sample, which I think you will find applicable to all our transitions at Tenth.

God with Us

Genesis 48:12-22
I am about to die, but God will be with you (Genesis 48:21).

Jacob is dying. His testimony is that God has been with him all his days. That is a great thing. But as he dies he looks on Joseph, Ephraim, and Manasseh, who would also soon have their hard times, and says that God will be with them as he had been with him.
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Hogar La Providencia

This is the latest newsletter from Pastor Jaime Leal, whose ministry Tenth supports.

Grace and peace from our Lord Jesus.

We appreciate very much your prayers and support to care for the boys and girls that live in Hogar La Providencia in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Presently we take care of 32 children that live in the Hogar. Their ages range from 5 to 17 years old. We provide shelter, health care, clothing, education, food and recreation. We also care for children of the neighborhood. On Saturdays we have an evangelistic program and around 50 kids, ages 3 to 12 years old attend. We teach them the Word of God, give them lunch and recreation. (Children of the Hogar attend this program as well.)

With your contributions we have been able to carry on this mission that the Lord has designed for us, in the areas of justice and mercy through our church in Santa Marta. In the month of May four new children were accepted at the Hogar. Today we want to tell you something about Brayan, a 9 year old boy.
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Monday, July 05, 2010

Sermon References

Dr. Goligher made reference to two writings in his sermon yesterday. If you are interested in further reading, they are A Terrible Beauty: A History of the People and Ideas that Shaped the Modern Mind, by Peter Watson. That book's title comes from a poem by W. B. Yeats, "Easter, 1916," from which Dr. Goligher also quoted.


This is Paul Tripp's summary formula from his sermon last night on Mark 6:30-44, the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000: DP + DC = EYN. Divine Power + Divine Compassion = Everything You Need.

Scot Detwiler

We have learned that former Tenth member Scott Detwiler died last Monday, June 28, of a heart attack. He was 48. The funeral will be on Tuesday, 7/6 at the Zion Mennonite Church, 149 Cherry Lane, Souderton, PA 18964.