Friday, January 19, 2007

Turn Your Radio On

David Apple will be appearing on WFIL AM 560 with Mark Daniels Monday, January 29 at 4:00 p.m., discussing the MercyNet ministry.

Memorial Fund

We do not have particulars yet about a memorial service for Lib Soule. However, the family has asked that gifts in memory of her be sent to Tenth to be placed in a memorial fund. The trustees will then determine with the family how best to use the money.

MCO Winter Retreat

Here is a brief report from MCO (Medical Campus Outreach) Director Bryan Stoudt regarding last weekend's winter conference.

God did use our speaker, Dr. John Patrick, to really challenge and encourage those who attended. He reminded our healthcare students and providers that it is possible to practice truly Christian medicine, and to have a faith that is vibrant and growing amidst the intense pressures they sometimes face.

The small groups times were excellent – by all accounts, there was a great deal of honesty, vulnerability and encouraging times of processing and applying the talks.

There were reports of many feeling truly “understood” in their struggles. This was energizing and encouraging for those who are facing many challenges.

Many were thankful for the break from their busy routines, and found refreshing fellowship with God.

Communion Participation

I am preaching Sunday evening for the communion service. The text is 1 Corinthians 10:14-22. I will be focusing on what the phrases "participation in the blood of Christ" and "participation in the body of Christ" mean. If you want to do your own word study, the Greek term for "participation" is "koinonia."

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Amazing Grace, the Movie

Amazing Grace, a major motion picture about the work of William Wilberforce will open in theaters across the country on February 23, 2007. It is based on the life of antislavery pioneer Wilberforce and John Newton, author of the hymn, Amazing Grace, who was one of his confidantes and who inspired him to pursue a life of service to humanity. To see clips and background on Wilberforce, Newton, and the move, go to

Olsen at 10th

Jonathan Olsen is preaching at 10th this Sunday, that is, at 10th and Wesley streets in Ocean City, NJ. He is filling the pulpit at Ocean City Baptist Church for their morning and evening services. Please pray for safe travel for the whole family as they leave tomorrow and spend the weekend there, as well as for anointed preaching.

To check out the church, click here.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Flat World

So, I'm reading an insightful review in Modern Reformation (Nov-Dec issue) of the book, The World is Flat. I read the last paragraph: "In Friedman's world we are evolving to some utopian future state where humanism enabled by technology will deliver us from pre-technology ignorance and deprivations. However, we know that the future history is already written for 'a great multitude that no one can count, from every nation, tribe, people and language' (Rev. 7:9). This represents a 'flat' world and you don't need Google or Yahoo! to discover this truth."

I then read the identity of the article's author: "Brian K. Esterly is a Ruling Elder at Tenth Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Philadelphia and serves as Senior Vice President for Corporate Development with excelleRx. Inc." Hey, I know that guy!

Libby Soule

Cora just got a telephone call that Libby Soule died this morning from a stroke. The family expects to have a memorial service in a couple of weeks and will let us know when that is arranged. Libby was 91 ½.

Commissions Night

Our first Commissions Night was held last night. On the third Tuesday of the month, all three commissions will meet: Kingdom Discipleship-Spiritual Care (known as Discipleship), Center City-Philadelphia (known as City), and World Missions (known as World).

From 6:30-7:00 we meet together; then break up into our groups from 7:00-8:30; then the leaders regroup for a debriefing from 8:30-9:00.

We had a good positive start and anticipate greater collaboration and coordination of activities by the three commissions. This is also the night the Trustees meet, which allows for closer communication with them as well.

I'll try to get specifics about what each commission discussed in a later posting. Communicating with the congregation is a priority. And we are determined to implement the Mission Statement in such a way this year that the church will experience significant improvement in shepherding and discipleship, as well as a boost in outreach to the city and globally.

Sneak Preview

Want to get a sneak previous of Tara Barthel, this year's TenthWomen Conference speaker? If you go to the conference information area, there is a link in the middle of the page to a 15-minute excerpt from an interview with Tara.

Remember: This year's conference is "Living the Gospel in Relationships" and will be held on Saturday February 24. Registrations can be made in Reception Hall on Sundays Jan 28 through Feb 18. Or just mail in your registration.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Chaplain Messner

Yesterday, Aaron Messner announced to the congreation that he is accepting a call to Covenant College in Chattanooga, TN to serve as College Chaplain. This move will take place in mid-June.
Aaron and Nancy are in Chattanooga this week. When they return, Aaron will write up a report to place in the bulletin and website.

We will be planning events and other means for you to express your appreciation and good wishes to the Messners. I will start by posting an announcement on the DMC Forum blog for you to send in comments. I recommend posting your comments on that blog, as the posting will remain on the same page through June.

If you are not familiar with Covenant College, our only denomination's college, check out their website here. You will see that they have just posted an annoucement of Aaron's appointment.

However much we may sense our loss, Covenant College clearly will reap much benefit from Aaron's service. It is easy to anticipate the influence that he will have on the next generation of college students. They will be exposed to his weekly expository preaching, his passion for urban renewal, and his conviction that every Christian is to give him/herself fully to Christ's service. Little do those students know what is about to hit them when the school term begins next year!

Billy Graham Legend

I have received my third email story in the last two months reporting that Billy Graham at a crusade in New Orleans led the crusade crowd to Bourbon Street on a mobility scooter to preach the gospel.

This is an "urban legend," a fictional story that gets started on the internet and makes the rounds for years. Focus on the Family still has to disclaim a story that's been around for a decade about its efforts to fight a FCC ruling.

To read about the story click here. I encourage all my readers to please check out all stories that come to you by forwarded email. Just google "internet hoaxes" and check out a couple of sites dedicated to researching the truth of such stories. Please do not automatically forward any story without checking into it.

Baby Esmond

To see baby Esmond Dombach and get a health report click here which takes you to Maranatha's home page.

Philadelphia Access Center

The Philadelphia Access Center is a Christian, social service agency which provides free counseling, needs analysis & referrals for clients to appropriate faith-based agencies. See their website for more detailed info.:

If you are looking for a way to put your life experiences to good use, the Access Center is always in need of persons who would be willing to walk alongside their clients to help support and encourage them. If you have experience with some of the issues identified below and would like to help, please contact the Director, Jim Laverty at 215-389-1985.

Joe Welch, a Tenth member, works there and receives support from the church.