Friday, April 06, 2007

Sunrise Service Inside

The Easter Sunrise Service will be moved in doors on Sunday due to (literally) freezing temperature. I had announced at the Good Friday Service that we would meet in the park, but learned that we would have to do so without music. The Brass could not play their instruments when the temperature dips to the freezing point. Please get the word out that the service will be held in the Sanctuary.

Today's Services Info

The sextons are readying the sanctuary at this moment for the noon service. Doors open at 11:30 (11:15 at the handicapped entrance).

For the evening concert, doors open at 6:30 and 6:15 for handicapped entrance.

Both services will be webcast live at the church website.

Onstreet parking is available for both the noon service and the evening concert one hour before and after each event. These are the parking parameters:
Both sides of Spruce from 17th to 18th
Both sides of 17th from Spruce to Pine
Both sides of 18th from Spruce to Pine

(Remember to observe all legal restrictions, including 25 feet of corners and 15 feet of fireplugs.)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Philly Carshare

I had my first experience yesterday using Philly Carshare. The church has an account that pastors can make us of to make pastoral visits. I got to drive one of those new hybrid cars. It took me a awhile to get use to it. I turned it off thinking it was never on; it is very quiet. Anyhow, am thinking of getting a personal accout as well. The Olsens have one and have liked it.

Phillie Phanatics

Thanks to Jonathan Olsen for treating me to last night's baseball game. It doesn't get any more fun than sitting in cold, windy weather watching the home team blow a lead in the ninth inning and losing in extra innings. But it was $1 a hotdog night! I also had good fellowship. Paul Tripp joined us, who seemed to take inordinate pleasure in listening to the crowd boo a certain player. Jonathan was dressed in shorts, a Phillie shirt and Phillie light jacket. At the end of the game, a roudy group of young men gathered behind us. (Rumor has it they were connected with TCU.)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Bible in Public Schools

The TIME magazine cover article for the April 2 issue is an endorsement of teaching the Bible in public schools.

God at Work

Bob Lang alerted me to the blog posting of Lauren Green of Fox News regarding "God at Work."

More fun than a barrel . . .

This Easter season, what could be more fun than purchasing and sending a barrel of needed supplies to our orphans in Liberia? This is a great opportunity for us to show the love of Christ to these children in very tangible, concrete ways.

All donations must be received by Sunday, April 15, because we will ship the barrel on Monday, April 16. Check out Christiana's recent post for requested items and enjoy shopping!

Friday Seating and Parking

Gate opening times for Friday:

Noon Service

Handicapped entrance: 11:15
Portico: 11:30

7:30 pm Choral Service:

Both handicapped: 6:15
Portico: 6:30

Handicapped parking will be available for both services.

Pancake Breakfast

The Maranatha Pancake Breakfast will start at 7:30 AM and will go until 9:00 AM on Easter Sunday (April 8) in Fellowship Hall. The cost is $5 for adults, $3 for children, and $2 for a refill. There will be Starbucks Coffee in addition to the delicious pancakes. All proceeds will support Maranatha Summer Missions.

We're hoping (and planning) to surpass last year in terms of the attendance and the amount of money raised for missions. With an international trip, we need to raise as much as possible. This will be a great breakfast and a wonderful way to start Easter Sunday. All of the money raised will go toward missions trips to Northern Ireland; Chester, PA; and Camden, NJ. We want to have a packed Fellowship Hall this Sunday!

Andrew Canavan

Community Dinner Help Needed

The Community Dinner will be held this Sunday as usual. Extra help preparing food and hosting tables is needed immediately following the service in FH as several of our regular volunteer staff are away for the holiday.

Helpers for setting tables should be there by 1pm. Anyone can help, even children, no prior experience needed. For people who feel comfortable with the thought of hosting a table together - that is always a great experience.

For serving and hosting, helpers should be in Fellowship Hall by 1:30pm for orientation and getting ready for the guests to come up at 2pm or shortly after. The dinner is usually done by 3:30pm, 4pm at the latest.

For questions or if people already know that they want to help, they can contact Simone Lehner at

Easter Schedule

Here is Easter's Schedule:

Sunrise Service in Rittenhouse Square, 7:30-8:00 am; if weather is bad, will be in Sanctuary
The Rev. Aaron D. Messner, preaching
Westminster Brass

Pancake Breakfast, April 8, 7:30 am, Fellowship Hall

Morning Worship, 9:00 and 11:00 am: “The Easter Sermon of Jesus Christ”
Dr. Philip G. Ryken, preaching from Luke 24:44–48

Bible School Classes for Adults and Children, 9:00 and 11:00 am; regular schedule of classes

(No children/youth evening events.)

Soli Deo Gloria, 6:15 pm
Evening Worship, 6:30 pm: “The Redemption of the Remnant”
The Rev. Aaron D. Messner, preaching from Micah 5:7–15

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are still needed for this year's PCRT on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April 26-28 (days and evenings). Those who serve for at least three hours will receive free overflow registration and complimentary CDs from the plenary sessions. If you are able to help with registration, book sales, hospitality, and/or child care, please contact Anne Davies at or x243.

Listening In

Hear Paul Tripp's talks on his recent speaking engagement at Southeastern Baptist Seminary last week. As a bonus, you can listen to Sinclair Ferguson as well. Click here.

Spring Cleaning

With CCA on spring break, we are taking the opportunity for some cleaning and sprucing up. Projects include: washing windows, shampooing carpets, painting, installing emergency lighting for the stairs leading from the narthex to the Catacombs, and installing a security camera in the 315 Building (CCA is providing).

We hope before PCRT to do restorative painting work in the sanctuary for the arches near the narthex. You have probably noticed the paint peeling off.

Second Chance at Women's Retreat

If you missed our recent retreat "Living the Gospel in Relationships" by Tara Barthel, or if you enjoyed it so much that you want to share it with someone, you have a second chance. CD's of the conference are now available.

To order one please provide your name, address, email, phone, and a DONATION of $12. Place all information in the Tenth Women box in the Delancy Lobby Mail Room by April 15. The CD will be mailed to you. More information on the retreat or Tenth Women is available on Tenth's Website.

Thank You,
Sylvia Duggan
for TenthWomen Council

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Trouble Tree

My sister sent this story:

We all need a tree

I hired a plumber to help me restore an old farmhouse, and after he had just finished a rough first day on the job: a flat tire made him lose an hour of work, his electric drill quit and his ancient one ton truck refused to start. While I drove him home, he sat in stony silence.

On arriving, he invited me in to meet his family. As we walked toward the front door, he paused briefly at a small tree, touching the tips of the branches with both hands. When opening the door he underwent an amazing transformation.. His face was wreathed in smiles and he hugged his two small children and gave his wife a kiss. Afterward he walked me to the car. We passed the tree and my curiosity got the better of me. I asked him about what I had seen him do earlier.

"Oh, that's my trouble tree," he replied "I know I can't help having troubles on the job, but one thing's for sure, those troubles don't belong in the house with my wife and the children... So I just hang them up on the tree every night when I come home and ask God to take care of them. Then in the morning I pick them up again." "Funny thing is," he smiled," when I come out in the morning to pick 'em up, there aren't nearly as many as I remember hanging up the night before."

Coffee Wars

This is the kind of email I get!

A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning. The wife said, "You should do it, because you get up first, and then we don't have to wait as long to get our coffee." The husband said, "You are in charge of cooking around here and you should do it, because that is your job, and I can just wait for my coffee." Wife replies, "No, you should do it, and besides, it is in the Bible that the man should do the coffee." Husband replies, "I can't believe that, show me." So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and showed him at the top of several pages, that it indeed says.........."HEBREWS"

Congregational Meeting Results

I have added a Capital Campaign blog to post relevant information. Click here to see postings of the motions approved at the congregational meeting, as well as the next steps that will be taken. For more complete information, go to the church website.

The Calvin 500

Phil sent the following link to the church elders: for their information. I will slip it to you.

Good Words

Remember the Good Friday service this Friday at noon. Phil's sermon title is "Seven Good Words from the Cross."

Requiem Devotional

The Brahms Requiem will be featured for the Good Friday Choral Concert which begins at 7:30 pm. I have taken the scripture text that will be sung and am writing daily devotions from it beginning today. You will find the devotions on the A Proverb a Day link.

(Note: If you went to the devotional earlier this morning, you may have missed the devotional and read a different one that I had posted.)

Back in the Saddle

I came in this morning and, as expected, have found chaos. Troublemakers are roaming the stairs and panic is in the air. But don't worry; I'll have law and order restored in a day or two. But first, let me get through the 202 emails (after removing spam) waiting me.