Friday, June 13, 2008

In Search of Housing

Jenn Herron is looking for someone to rent out housing with or for someone who is in need of a roommate ASAP. She has just moved to the area to work with an urban ministry. Please contact Jenn.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Philadelphia Overture Decision

The Philadelphia overture was turned down by General Assembly, as well as the minority report which offered a substitute version. The reasoning of the Overtures Committee is as follows:

That Overture 9 (“Erect Study Committee on Deaconesses”), p. 47 in the Handbook, be answered in the negative, and that presbyteries are reminded that appropriate ways to
bring these issues before the Assembly are through presbytery overtures to amend the BCO, or by way of reference (BCO 41).

BCO 7-2, chapter 9, and especially 9-7, provide a sufficient answer to the issues contemplated in Overture 9; the presbyteries should work through the implications in their own local contexts. This is always subject to the actions noted in the text of the response.

Look for an update tomorrow that will likely summarize some of the discussion.

Housing Available in East Oak Lane

Room for Rent: Tree-lined East Oak Lane, 1/2 block from SEPTA 70 and 56, 8 minute walk from subway (BSL) and Regional Rail, 15 minutes to Westminster, 20 minutes to Center City

Male or Female, Single or Double, possibly Couple

Kitchen and laundry available, full access to shared living areas including library and game room.

Male room: 33 x 15, shared bath

Female/Couple room: 14 x 14 with additional walk-in closet and balcony, private bath

Willing to negotiate

Contact Tim or Priscilla

Overture Alert

I expect the Philadelphia overture to come to the floor within the half hour, about 3:00 your time.

GA Business

We are moving ahead of schedule in carrying out business. However, we have yet to come to overtures. The Philadelphia Presbytery overture requesting a study committee to consider issues related to women and the role of deacons/deaconesses will be reported in the negative by the Overtures Committee. But there is a minority report coming from the same committee that will recommend a study committee. I expect a "hearty" discussion on the subject. You can watch the proceedings live. Go to the GA website and follow the directions for webcasting. I'll post when the discussion of that overture begins, probably sometime this afternoon.

GA Update

Here is the latest General Assembly update. I must say that Phil's sermon last night was excellent. I understand he had practiced it on you last Sunday. It was very well received here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seminary Report

Bryan Chappell of Covenant Seminary is speaking now. Did you know that Covenant offers free online much of its seminary curriculum? You can access the same lectures offered in their courses. Check them out at the seminary website. You will be one of 40 million visitors to their site, three million of whom are downloading their courses.

Jerry "Tiger" McFarland

Went to lunch with Phil ("Do we have to walk far?") and Jerry McFarland. Jerry likes his new situation at Peace Presbyterian in Cary, NC, though I am concerned he has not fully integrated into his culture. He doesn't like grits and will not even try boiled peanuts. I did get him to take a bite of catfish, which he surprisingly found tasty. He greatest new adventure is golf. He still treats the club like a baseball bat. Pray for him to control his wrist action.

byFaith Report

"They see a kingdom promoting magazine rather than a denominational promoting magazine." (Dick Doster, the editor, is giving a report right now.) This is what the critics of the Evangelical Press Association say about byFaith, our denominational magazine. byFaith has won the "Best Denominational Magazine" award two out the past three years (came in second one year), and one of the top three best designed among all Christian magazines. It is also singled out for its depth of writing.

Because of lack of subscription, it is also being changed to a quarterly paper, until subscriptions rise. You can subscribe by going to this site.

Maranatha Missions Training

Maranatha Missions training is Saturday, June 21, 9:00 am–12:30 pm, in Fellowship Hall. All team participants are expected to attend and are asked to bring a packed lunch. Spruce Hill team members will remain at the church until 5:00 pm for program preparation with the Irish team. Contact Jonny McGreevy with any questions.

Tenth Men/Boys Ministry Event

Tenth’s Men/Boys ministry will enjoy a tour of Citizens Bank Park, home of the Phillies, on Saturday, June 28. We will meet at the Park by 10:15 am (tour begins at 10:30). You may park in Lot S directly across the street. Enter through the Majestic Clubhouse store and go to the second level to meet our tour guide. Bring food/beverage to participate in a group lunch after the tour. An accurate head count is important so please email George Strohlein by Thursday, June 26, and inform him of the number in your party who are age 12 and under and the number older than age 12. The cost for attendees 12 and under will be $2 each and over age 12 will be $5 each.

Moderator Elected

Paul Kooistra, Director of MTW, was elected moderator last night for General Assembly. Click here for more info.

Except Paul Tripp

As typical, Paul is the exception to the rule. I am sitting in the main assembly area for Paul's seminar on unproductive people in the church. I should have known not to take the bait. I thought I was going to learn how to get the rest of you to be productive, but all he wants for us to do is to examine ourselves for sin and how we deceive ourselves. Now he's moving to God's grace. He started with 2 Peter 1:3-4. Now he's turning to Hebrews 10:19-31.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maranatha food and housing needs

Remember the Maranatha Missions Donations Drive this Sunday in Reception Hall after worship services. You can pledge to cook a meal, to provide lunch food (meat/bread/fruit) and drop off donations (lunch snacks, cookies, chips, drinks, breakfast cereal, etc...)

Also we still need hosts for the Irish Team...3 Irish girls and 2 guys (for June 20 & 21 and June 27 & 28). If you are willing and able to help the Maranatha Missions Team serving at Spruce Hill Christian school, please contact Jonny McGreevy.

Crafty Gals!

All women, teen gals and girls ages 5 years old and up are invited to the last Sparrows of the school year this Saturday, June 14 from 1:00-3:00 in Fellowship Hall. Our devotional speaker will be Morna Dombach. Our craft will be decorating a small canvas bag with fabric paint and markers! This Sparrows event also marks the end of the Secret Sister program for the year. If you have been a Secret Sister please try to come Saturday to meet the girl you've been praying for! If you are unable to attend please call her before Saturday to let her know, so she will not be expecting you!
We will be celebrating the end of the year with a special dessert! Yum!
Please feel free to invite a girl friend!
If you have any questions you can contact Dori at

GA Report

I am heading off for the briefing of commissioners serving on committees. I am on the committee for Retirement and Benefits. I think Carroll is on the committee for Covenant College. Can't remember the one Phil is serving on. Have not seen them yet, though I did run in to Gene Betz. Hope to have supper with him and his wife Margie.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Aiding Myanmar

Last month's cyclone caused widespread devastation in Myanmar. News reports have chronicled the difficulty of getting aid to those who need it. But thanks to the World Reformed Fellowship, we now have a way to directly aid Christians in Myanmar.

In a recent letter, Rev. Robert Luai, General Secretary of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Myanmar, reported that their Bible College and 13 churches were damaged as well as many church members' homes. Over a hundred people fled to the campus of the Bible College for refuge and a daughter church set up a a refuge camp for about two hundred more. At the time of his letter, Rev. Luai was unsure of the number dead or injured but he commented, "One thing, because of many dead, thousands of children automatically become orphans. I do not know what we are going to do." If you want to help bear the burden of our brothers in Myanmar, you can donated money through the World Reformed Fellowship which has established a secure way to transfer funds to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Myanmar. Instructions for contributing can be found here.

Tenth joined the WRF last fall. It's an organization affiliated with the PCA and "formed to encourage understanding and cooperation among evangelical Presbyterian and Reformed denominations and institutions, and to link those institutions having ministry resources with those possessing vision but few resources."

Roommate/housing wanted

I am looking for someone to rent out housing or is in need of a roommate. I will begin my studies at Westminster Theological Seminary at the end of the month and am looking for housing. I just moved back to the east coast after working with RUF in California for the past two years. Contact Lexie.

Wanted: house to rent

We are moving to PA and will be attending Tenth starting in July. We are looking for a 3+ bedroom house to rent somewhere near West Chester and Tenth. Contact Lesley.

General Assembly Webcast

Phil Ryken, Marion Clark, Carroll Wynne, and Paul Tripp are all at General Assembly this week. All of the public sessions will be webcast, including Dr. Ryken's sermon on Wednesday night. Visit to listen in!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Welcome, Kaitlyn!

Bill and Char Elliott are pleased to announce their birth of a grandchild - Kaitlyn Louise Elliott - on May 29.

Oh Boy!

Michael and Pearl Oh are pleased to announce the birth of Michael Son Tek Oh (unofficially Jr.) who was born June 5 at 4:26 am. He was 7 pounds 11 ounces and 20.2 inches long. Son Tek means "choose" or "chosen" in Korean. Nickname will be "MJ." He looks like a fine mix of his older sisters.