Friday, March 07, 2008

Spring Ahead

Saturday night "spring ahead" one hour. Otherwise, you will miss most of church.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Honda Civic for Sale

Tenth member, Rebekah Chatburn, is selling a 2000 silver Honda Civic EX, 2-door, 5 speed manual transmission, with 89,000 miles. Features include: driver and passenger side airbags; AM/FM radio; CD player; AC and moonroof; power steering, brakes, windows, and locks. The car has had one owner and has been well maintained. Asking price is $6500. Contact Rebekah at

Ministering to Addicted Persons

When we work in a ministry to addicted persons, homeless or not, we take up our crosses by being available to and suffering with those we seek to reach. Bearing the cross for addicted persons means holding them accountable for their actions. It also means that we are not totally responsible for their recovery. At the same time that we are ministering to their needs, it is vital that we consider the risk to us and our own vulnerability. For the rest of this article, click here.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sparrows Breakfast Saturday

All women and girls, age 5 and up, are invited to the annual Sparrows breakfast ($3 per individual or $5 per family) and craft/devotional Saturday, March 8, 8:45–11:00 am, in Fellowship Hall. The devotional speaker will be Susan McDowell. Our craft will be making beaded pin jewelry. Pre-register with Dori Baggs.

Boardman's Thanksgiving

Phil sent this to me:

Public prayer meetings were held in Philadelphia on January 1, 1863, to celebrate the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. The Senior Minister of Philadelphia's Tenth Presbyterian Church -- Henry Augustus Boardman -- rejoiced that "slavery might pass away, through the baptism of blood and fire" and "thanked God that might no more should make right."

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mice Templar Online

Hey all,

THE MICE TEMPLAR comic series that I write and co-created with Mike Oeming goes online Monday, 3/3 as a daily strip at

Each day, Monday through Friday, a new page of the series goes online (with back pages achived as each new page appears). This creates a fascinating way to learn what the Mice Templar is all about in a daily format, just like the comic strips with ongoing storylines you read in the daily newspaper.

The Daily Mice Templar will also contain many surprises, as we've had the opportunity to address several of the unexpected storytelling concerns that were hampered by the deadlines of our production schedule. So even if you have already read the individual issues, the daily strip provides an even more satisfying adventure!

Bryan, Mike, Wil, Jim & Tim are really excited by this new feature that truly compliments the ongoing published series, and should attract more new fans as well (perhaps even you!) ;)

Exciting Daily Adventures of The Mice Templar are only a mouse click away!

-Bryan and the rest of the Mice Templar team!