Saturday, October 23, 2010

Down in South Africa

The team of stewards Tenth sent to help with the Lausanne Congress in South Africa met up with Rev. Bernard Sachie. He runs the prostitute rehabilitation program in Ghana we support with our Easter offering.

They write: "We have one more full day of the Congress, then a day to get packed and see one or two more things before we board a plane for another 16-hour flight back to JFK. Please be keeping us all in prayer - we are TIRED! However, things are going really well (God is on the move!) and we are meeting some incredible people. We can't wait to share more with you all when we get back!"

You can see more pictures and read more of the team's adventures on their blog.

Can you guess?

What is the object of everyone's attention? Renewed coffee hour (and everyone is waiting patiently for the coffee to perk)? Everyone awaiting the rescue of someone stuck in the new bathroom?

Does anyone know the answer?

Award-winning film coming to Tenth

Congratulations to Jitensha for winning Best Narrative (Short) Film at the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival earlier in October! It also won the One Title Section Grand Prix at the Sapporo Short Fest in Sapporo, Japan. What a busy month!

On Saturday, November 13, as part of our Global Outreach Conference, you can watch the award-winning film for FREE! We're showing it during one of the breakout sessions at Contextualizing Hope.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Elevator project photos

I posted several weeks' worth of photos of the elevator project, including another bricked up window we found this week. In all these photos, we are just missing all the people who get to use these spaces on Sundays. See the project page on the church's website.

Apartment for Rent

Beautiful, spacious and furnished one bedroom 2nd floor apartment available for sublet in University City (41st and Walnut) starting November 1, 2010 (or immediately) through May or June 2011 (possibility of taking over the lease on July 1, 2011 is available). Rent is $700 per month + electricity (gas and water included). Graduate Students and/or Professionals are desired.  If interested, please email William.

The Book Makes You Fall Down

So, I pick up the book being promoted for this year's Global Outreach Conference, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. Fortunately, I was sitting because I would have fallen down reading the first page. How's this for an opening sentence: "If Lia Lee had been born in the highlands of northwest Laos, where her parents and twelve of her brothers and sisters were born, her mother would have squatted on the floor of the house that her father had built from ax-hewn planks thatched with bamboo and grass."

Okay, I can handle this. I witnessed the birth of my two daughters. I read on.
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Ann Grasberger

We have learned that Ann Grasberger, a long-time member of Tenth before moving away, died in Colorado. She and her husband Homer were very active in the church.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Harvest Seminar

Harvest USA is having a one-day seminar for parents of children (young adults or teens) who are considering or embracing a gay identity. It is being held at the office in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, on Saturday, November 6, from 8:30am-3:00pm. For more information go to or call 215.482.0111.

Celebrate Japan Day on November 14

Sunday, November 14, is Celebrate Japan Day. This day commemorates the first visit of a delegation sent by the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan to the U.S. The delegation of 80 samurai received a warm welcome in San Francisco, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., New York, and Philadelphia.

As part of the festivities, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania will offer a special afternoon (1-5 pm) of activities celebrating Japanese culture.

Come to Tenth in the morning to learn from Dr. Michael Oh (president of Christ Bible Institute in Nagoya, Japan) and to meet a representative from Kurume Christ Church, a church planted in Japan 50 years ago by two of our partners. Enjoy an afternoon of Japanese activities for the whole family. And return in the evening to hear more from Dr. Oh. What a way to celebrate!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Little News

J.D. and Kit Little have welcomed a big baby boy (9 lb 10 oz) into their home! Son and mother are doing well. With so many marvelous names from which to chose (J or D?), they are thinking through all of the possibilities. Congratulations to big sisters Sallee Jane and Allison!

Memorize Now

Parents may be interested in this website which provides a memory aid tool to learn Bible verses. It comes tested with the "Seal of Approval" by Sylvia Duggan.

The site is
You cut and paste (or type) in a passage and then use their tools to aid memory. We like the option where it display's only the first letter of each word, but you can click on the letter when stuck and it will show you the missing word. It allows the student to review and self check. We used this site or to copy the verses on which we planned to work.

Kimberly Paterson Lang Lecture Series

The sixth annual Kimberly Paterson Lang Lecture Series will take place on Friday, November 5, at the Crozer-Chester Medical Center. The public is invited and medical professionals can obtain C.E.U.’s;for attending; Two topics near and dear to Kim will be discussed: understanding, valuing and maintaining compassionate care in a revenue-driven medical environment and understanding Alzheimer’s disease, including the care and ethical issues involved. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.

To register or learn more contact the Office of Continuing Medical Education at 610) 447-2739 or email

A whole new outlook

This is from a recent letter from African Enterprise, concerning God's work in the life of one woman and her family who were impacted by our Easter Sacrificial Offering.

Vida is a woman who has a whole new outlook, thanks to your generosity and prayers.

Vida thought life was going pretty well, until her husband divorced her. This left her with three young children in a small village with few job prospects.

What was she to do? No one was able to help her. And she was facing starvation and a dim future for her family. Since her village was not far from the big city of Accra, in Ghana, she moved there to look for a job. But she had no marketable job skills. Her search for employment was just an exercise in discouragement and futility.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Centurions Program

John and Lori Kempen sent me information regarding Chuck Colson's "Centurions Program" that they went through a few years ago. Click here to learn about it and see if it is for you.

The Covenant Journey

Liz Mosebrook passed this on to me:

November 26-28, the Merriam Theatre in Philly will host The Covenant Journey musical, produced by Remnant Ministry, a Christian Korean group. I'm really interested in this, from many angles, and thought that you and your families (it's over Thanksgiving weekend) may be interested as well. Here's a brief clip from the brochure:

Having been through tribulations just like other young people her age, Karyn is able to identify herself through the story of Joseph from the Bible, discovering the answers to the questions of who she is, where she comes from and how she must live her life. "The Covenant Journey" is a realistic drama that conveys a message of reconciliation and forgiveness for the older and younger generations through song and dance.

Here's a link to their Facebook page and to their website.

South Street Bridge Reopening

The South Street bridge is scheduled to reopen Saturday, November 6, sometime in the evening, following the reopening ceremony at 3:00. The public is invited to the ceremony. So, those of you blocked off from crossing for two years, will be able to drive or bike or walk over on your way to church Sunday morning, November 7.

The Gospel in the Mine

If you watched the Chilean miners coming up from the mine and wondered what the shirts they were wearing were about, read this CNN article and learn how the gospel enters into the depths of the earth.

Grab a copy?

By now, you've probably heard Anne Fadiman's The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down is the Global Outreach Conference book.

Perhaps you're ready to read the book and join the conversation but wonder just where you can grab a copy. Here are some suggestions:

Check the church library. Sylvia has added four copies.

There's been a run on the Free Library; current wait time is 3 days but the Montgomery County library still has 8 copies ready to go.

Want to own it? Barnes & Noble on Rittenhouse Square has it in stock and Amazon is selling used copies for $0.74 plus shipping.

But why wait? You can read the first 30 pages for free on Google books.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Car for Sale

A green 1996 Dodge Intrepid with 153,390 miles on it. Runs and drives great, may need new brakes and a system flush. One dent on the fender and some scratches. Has new tires. Asking $700 or best offer. Call Kari at 215-839-6397.

DC Football

Check out the Inquirer article about the new football team at Delaware County Christian School. Tenth member Jim Favino is the head coach, and, Caleb Favino is one of the running backs (all he did was run for over 300 yards in one game - yes, one game).

Broken-Down House

I have been asked the name of Paul Tripp's book I referred to in my sermon. It is Broken-Down House: Living Productively in a World Gone Bad.

Being a Grace Giver

The manuscript of yesterday's sermon on Ephesians 4:24-29, "Being a Grace Giver," is now available at DMC Resources.

Philadelphia Access Center Banquet

Join us on October 29 as we celebrate our Lord's faithfulness to the Philadelphia Access Center's ministry as we continue to provide help and hope to people in need. Come to hear testimonies of changed lives, and to learn more about PAC and how you can partner with this ministry.

Music - Delicious Buffet Dinner - Silent Auction - Free Parking
October 29 - 6:30 PM
Waterfall Room - 2015 Water Street - Phila. PA 19148
$40.00 per person (a portion of the ticket price will benefit PAC)
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New York Times and our GO Conference

This year's Global Outreach Conference, November 6-14, will focus on Asia, especially East Asia. It's a great opportunity to explore one of the largest unreached people groups as well as the persecuted church.

Turns out, everyone is talking about East Asia this days! The New York Times published a fascinating article yesterday--"Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened: Retrenchment offers the West a grim vision of the future" by Martin Fackler. Fackler examines economic life in Japan after their property and speculative stock bubbles burst a decade ago. (Kudos to Sue H. for passing this on--article submissions always welcome!)
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