Saturday, November 17, 2007

Vacation Report

Ginger and I are enjoying our stay at my sister's home outside Ft. Worth, Texas. She and her husband live in an "underground" house he built into a hillside and that overlooks 40 acres of pasture and trees. Our daughter Jean and her husband have joined us and we went to the stockyards in Ft. Worth yesterday. Today, more family is arriving for an early Thanksgiving. Then we head off to Houston for another Thanksgiving on the real day. Today's weather calls for clear skies with temperatures in the 70's. Ahhhhhh...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Referral Needed

Andrew Hivner, a member at Tenth, recently broke his collarbone and is now recovering from surgery. He is looking for a Keystone-participating PCP who is accepting patients and who can give him an electronic referral to see Dr. Vanett at Temple on the 27th, despite the fact that he is not currently in the area (he's recovering at home in Lancaster). If you are able to help or if you have a suggestion for someone who might be, please contact Anne Davies:

New Life Imago Dei Cafe Information

An evening of great music and amazing art. Enjoy the ambiance, support the arts! In return, you will be aiding in the rebuilding of hope for men and women in need of recovery in Philadelphia and in the abolition of modern day slavery!

Saturday, December 1. Doors open at 7 pm. Cost $10 (refreshments & concert). At New Life Church, 425 E. Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19120. Door charge & free-will offering proceeds go to support the Whosoever Gospel Mission. Art Auction proceeds go to support the Not For Sale Campaign. For more information, contact Suler Acosta.

Food Drive Reminder

This Sunday (November 18) is the only day to bring food donations to benefit Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter in Center City.

Please bring your donations to Fellowship Hall for drop-off (non-perishable items in non-glass containers only.)

This is a great way to be part of Tenth's overall mission to the city. See the thoughts of one member on this oppportunity to serve here.

Ride to Tenth needed from Swarthmore

Christopher Green, son of long-term Tenth missionaries David and Ruth Green laboring at Lehigh, is a sophomore at Swarthmore College. He has recently started coming to Tenth, but getting here is a bit difficult for him. He can usually get a ride with the school van that is bringing students into the city to work with the homeless, but sometimes that doesn't work out. If you would be willing to offer Chris a ride when he needs it, please email him or contact him at 610.297.2109.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Philadelphia Marathon November 18

Sunday, November 18, is the Philadelphia Marathon. This may affect your route to church. Here's the route.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Opportunity to tell your story

Can you think of someone who has an amazing story to tell? Check out this 0pportunity—StoryCorps is now in Philadelphia! Stories may be broadcast and all of them are archived in the Library of Congress.

Congregational Meeting November 30

Our Congregational Meeting is November 30.

A Congregational Forum will be held November 25 at 12:40 pm in the Catacombs. All members are invited to hear and discuss matters that will come to the Congregational Meeting.

A 6:00 dinner in Reception Hall precedes the meeting—register by November 25 with number of adults ($10) and children ($6)—family cost is $25. Also include registration for child care available during the meeting—indicate how many children in these two age categories: 4 and under and 5–12.

Book-signing Event Tonight

Tonight is Phil's author talk and book-signing event (for the ESV Literary Study Bible). It is at the Rittenhouse Barnes & Noble and begins at 7 pm. This is an excellent opportunity for you to introduce your friends and neighbors to Tenth Church in a neutral setting. The talk will last about 15 minutes, and there will be a time for questions. The whole event should last about 30 minutes.

Monday, November 12, 2007

To Texas!

Ginger and I leave Tuesday morning for Texas - the home state of my father - to visit first my sister Jean, then my daughter Jean. We return the 27th. If you want something posted, send it to Dot ( or Nancy ( I expect to do some posting, but not the usual amount of material.

Don't forget the Philadelphia Marathon this Sunday. You will find a posting from last week about it.

Pray for the staff to somehow survive without me.

Today is both Pat Canavan's and Paul Tripp's birthday. There must have been some strange alignment of the stars that night!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thoughts from a Suburban Mom

The sermons on “The City Where I Have Sent You” occurred a little more than a year ago. If you are like me you felt challenged and encouraged to take part in serving the city of Philadelphia but perhaps a little frustrated as well. As a suburban mom with teen-agers and all of the activities that go along with them, time and distance seemed to be two factors that made being a part of Tenth’s current ministries impossible at this stage of my life. In talking to others at church in similar life circumstance I found that I was not alone in feeling this way. But as God so often shows us, He takes what we see as impossible and makes it possible.

This week at Tenth we are having a food drive for the Sunday Breakfast Mission. This will requires no additional time, energy, or driving on my part. All I need to do is place a few additional items in my grocery chart while food shopping and remember to bring the groceries to church on the 18th. This is a perfect opportunity to serve the poor and the homeless of Philadelphia. The mission not only addresses the aspect of physical hunger but also the spiritual need for a savior. Please consider being a part of serving the city where God has sent us by participating in this food drive. If you were unable to pick up a grocery bag on the 11th, just place your items in any bag and bring them to Reception Hall on the 18th. Please no donations of glass items or perishables.

In a recent devotion I found this,

“He who oppresses the poor taunts his Maker,
But he who is gracious to the needy honors Him.”
Proverbs 14:31

Praise God providing us with this opportunity to honor Him. Thank you for being a part of this outreach.