Saturday, August 20, 2011

we is got him

Tenth member Carrie Hagen (whom I know personally) has had her first book published  – we is got him: the Kidnapping That Changed America. Although Carrie’s grammar skills evidently need sharpening, she has received rave reviews about the book. Here is one example from Publishers Weekly: “Hagen’s first book re-enacts with literary confidence and fine detail America’s first documented kidnapping…Hagen’s writing balances journalistic sincerity and dispassion with exciting precision.”
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Friday, August 19, 2011

One to One

A book that looks interesting is One to One Bible Reading, which encourages two individuals getting together for Bible study. It is by David Helm, who in his spare time as a church planter and pastor, also heads up Simeon Trust, a ministry devoted to sharpening the expository skills of preachers. Our annual Workshop on Biblical Exposition is a Simeon Trust event, and David has often taught the sessions. Indeed, he will be at our next one in February.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the Shelf

Copies of Come to the Waters are now in the church bookstore and will be available for purchase this Sunday.

Memorial Service Posted

The memorial service for Doris Ferner is now posted at Vimeo at this link.

Tenth Member available for Afterschool Childcare in Parish 2

I am a high school teacher at an alternative school, looking to supplement my income during the school year by providing afterschool childcare for a local family.  I am both elementary and secondary school-certified, and have worked with all age groups.     
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Of Shepherding

I was Professor Clark this morning, speaking to a Westminster Seminary Class in "pastoral theology," i.e. "how to do church." I presented Tenth's system of providing shepherding care. Yes, there is a system. I've done this twice and feel a bit awkward, as I'm cautioning - "these are our goals"; "this is what we are trying to achieve," etc. It's the same way I feel in teaching on marriage. "Practical" lessons have a way of unnerving the teacher who is honest in how well his practice truly fits his teaching.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Am reading the 17 testimonies from the summer New Members class. Always encouraging. The common pattern through most of them (and in the majority of testimonies over the years) is the influence of Christian parents, SS teachers, and Bible-centered churches. Another common theme, though not to the same extent, is the following pattern - I came to faith as a young child; when I entered high school or college I strayed; conviction of sin and/or hard experiences led me back to a deeper faith. The most common reason for straying is falling out of fellowship.

Another common pattern of testimonies in general is: I attended a nominal Christian church and viewed being a Christian in terms of living right; I finally heard the gospel and understood grace.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drivers and hosts needed

With the beginning of the school year, Philadelphia receives thousands of international students and scholars who study here for several months to several years. Highly educated in their home countries, they often come here for advanced training.

Tenth International Fellowship welcomes international students, scholars, and professionals. We provide free English tutoring, social events, and Bible studies. But TIF needs YOU to welcome the students here!

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Special Communicants Class

We are quite excited about the three Tenth covenant children being received as communicant members this Sunday during the 11:00 service. They are Laura and Josiah Bracey and Maria Matejova. They attended a communicants class especially designed for special needs children. This is a fitting ceremony to mark the culmination of the past few years dedicated to nurturing our special needs children. Kristen Harnly has been the driving force and leader of this ministry. There will be an insert in the Sunday bulletin explaining the ministry and this particular communicants curriculum.