Friday, September 23, 2005

Another Blessing

David and Tracy Smith are pleased to announce the birth of Katherine Leigh Thursday morning (1:57 to be precise).

Of Bugs and Website

Thanks for the quick comments regarding the new church website. We want to hear about bugs encountered, critiques, and recommendations. Send those comments to Dot at

Team Going to Gulf October 1-9

Philadelphia PCA MercyNet team are going to Biloxi, Mississippi October 1 and arriving October 2. They have 20 slots open. Work will continue through October 8 and arrival back home on October 9. Work includes tree and debris removal... although I hear there are all kinds of things to do. They are taking teens, people with nursing backgrounds, construction, etc. Needed Provisions are water for the entire week (both to drink and to wash with), non-perishable food for the entire week (canned food, spaghetti, and the like). Also toiletries, tools (chainsaws, hammers, nails, crow-bars, rakes, heavy brooms, generators, etc.) . Medical needs: health insurance, updated tetanus (required) and hepatitis A if possible. Email by Saturday, September 24 if you are available or if you can supply any of the above.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lost and Found

That is the theme of the Fall Bible Conference for Trinity Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, Alabama Sunday through Tuesday. The topics of the messages are The Lost Sheep, The Lost Son, The Prodigal Father, and The Lost Brother. The speaker is Phil Ryken...Wait a minute! These messages sound strangely familiar! He's also speaking on Inner-city Ministry of Tenth Presbyterian Church and Christianity and American Culture. Phil covets your prayers for his teaching ministry at the conference.

Blastoff Scheduled

The new Tenth Church website, barring unforeseen technical problems and weather conditions, will be launched tomorrow after months of planning and preparation. Be sure to check it out.

Another One on the Way

Jonathan and Rachel Olsen, with thanksgiving to God, are delighted to announce that another baby is on the way to join Anna Maria and Gabriel.

Remembering Elmore

That is the title of this Sunday's Tenth Press article written by Paul Jones. This very day, the 22nd, marks the twentieth anniversary of Robert Elmore, the man responsible for making music a distinguished feature at Tenth Church. All the music music you hear Sunday will be his original compositions. The last hymn we sing will be his favorite hymn. We learned that Dr. Boice had scheduled the hymn to be played the Sunday nearest Elmore's death for all the years until we changed hymnals. I don't remember what the hymn is, but it will be printed and inserted in the bulletin for Sunday.

Service Sunday

This coming Sunday is designated Service Sunday. There will be an insert in the bulletin that will be a survey for you to fill out regarding your interests, gifts, and availability for service in the church. Vince Spragins and Mimi Warburton (representing the diaconate) will speak at Living Church on the subject. David Apple and Pat Russell are the planners of the Sunday and follow-up. Please take time to fill out the survey over the week. For years we have thought of doing this, but really did not have the capability to do the proper follow-up with the information if we had collected it. We now have the database capability to store this information and make practical use of it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bible School

Our combined attendance for Bible School this past Sunday was 719. 304 were children and youth up through high school. What a blessing to have so many covenant children receiving biblical instruction.

Heid in Physicians

Tenth member Mark Heid, a professional artist, recently completed a portrait of Dr. Koop which will be hung at the College of Physicians. Congratulations to Mark, who, as reported earlier, celebrated the birth of daughter Liv.

City Center Academy

I got this update on City Center Academy from the principal Ray Withers last week:

We are doing well as we enter the end of the first full week of classes. Enrollment of full time students should be 62 by Monday; we have enrolled 12 Curtis students, in addition to the 62*. (The Curtis enrollment is at an all time high.) I continue to receive calls and schedule testing.
The faculty appear to be in good spirits. There is a fantastic level of seriousness among the students. The school is very peaceful, and it is good to have started another school year. We are revamping electives so that performing arts becomes a more reasonable segment of extra-curricular school life. Sculpting and foreign language are among the new clubs.

As a board member, let me note that the school is in need of donations. You can make checks out to City Center Academy and mail them to the church address: 1701 Delancey Street, 19103.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

MIssions Coordinator Hired!

Christiana Fitzpatrick has accepted the position of Missions Coordinator. She will begin her new duties in mid-November. We are very excited to have her join us, and I believe she will make a significant contribution to the missions enterprise at Tenth. You may note already a change in title, from Missions Assistant to Missions Coordinator. This moves the position from being simply one of carrying out directions of the Missions Minister and the Missions Commission to being a partner with them in determining direction and priorities, as well as exercising leadership in certain projects. One example is that she most likely will lead some mission trips. Again, we think Christiana brings strong gifts to the position, one of which is a zeal for missions. She is already a member of the Missions Commission and has been on mission trips.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Desire Street update

Rev. Mo Leverett informs us that Desire Street Academy will be relocating as a boarding school to Camp Timpoochee, in the panhandle of Florida. Their restart date is October 3rd, anticipating that 100 students will travel there, each with a very long list of needs. For more information on how to help meet these needs, send an email to To learn more about Desire Street Academy, click here.

Disaster Relief

Tenth is registered with PCA Disaster Relief to provide help and materials. They will alert us as to when and how we can best help. As we wait and pray check out other postings for things to do now.


New babies!
Andrew Joseph to Andy and Meg Owens on Thursday;
Liv Isabella to Mark and Jessica Heid also on Thursday;
Emma Katherine to Steven and Karen Lengkeek on 9/8;
Eliza to Brad and Eden Copeland on ?

Making the News

Tenth will be making the news soon for its cutting edge technology. No, not my blogsite, alas, but our webcasting. Channel 6 will be interviewing Tobias Klauder and Phil on Wednesday. Will let you know when to expect a broadcast.

Crossword Help

I need more crossword help:

"Fantasia 2000" format - 4 letters
Nitrous oxide, for one - 3 letters, second is "A"
Minuscule - 5 letters, fourth is "N"

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Staff Development Day

The church office will be closed Tuesday as the staff takes off for a training day. Pray for us as we examine how to work as a team for the service of the church. Pray for me as I prepare and lead the day.

Proverbs Devotions

Thanks to Paul Duggan and Joel Garver for posting devotions in Proverbs while I was away.