Thursday, September 22, 2005

Remembering Elmore

That is the title of this Sunday's Tenth Press article written by Paul Jones. This very day, the 22nd, marks the twentieth anniversary of Robert Elmore, the man responsible for making music a distinguished feature at Tenth Church. All the music music you hear Sunday will be his original compositions. The last hymn we sing will be his favorite hymn. We learned that Dr. Boice had scheduled the hymn to be played the Sunday nearest Elmore's death for all the years until we changed hymnals. I don't remember what the hymn is, but it will be printed and inserted in the bulletin for Sunday.


Blogger Donna Moore said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Dr. Elmore's ministry at Tenth! I am one of a handful of us who were choir members at the time of his death and remember the events vividly. There was a newspaper strike that week and so no obit was printed but so many to contact to participate in his service. Martin Troutman was our choir president and we all pulled together to make it a memorable time to remember him. About 100 choir members were present (past and present at that time) to sing Brahms "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place". It was a moving tribute to Dr. Elmore and many tears flowed. Tom Elliott gave a eulogy for the music community, Wayne Brauning for the choir, I believe, and an elder - don't remember who now - spoke for the session and church. I'll always remember Dr. E. telling our group to "get up on your hind feet" when needed to sing better. I could go on and on but I am sure that there must be others who have stories to tell also.

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