Friday, April 07, 2006

Translation Tangles

Hope we have better translation for our sermons. Someone sent this into Reader's Digest:

During the Cold War, I was an interpreter in the Air Force. We were testing a computer that purportedly could translate Russian into English, and vice versa. We began by uttering this English phrase, "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." The Russian translation came out, "Vodka horosho, no myaca slabie." Or, in English, "The alcohol is good, but the meat is poor."

New Carpet

Update from Tenth curators:

7/5/1871. The curators reported that in pursuance of a resolution of the board they contracted with Biles and McClellan for the erection of Infant School and Bible Classroom, for 1485$. The rooms are completed and ready for use. They have contracted with Fuchs and KÜmme for retouching the ceilings of the galleries and other parts of the church for 200$ to be executed while the church is closed. A carpet of the church will also be put down during the recess. The entire exterior of the church as been repainted and the front sanded in the best manner at a cost of 500$ and the curators are glad to be able to report that the buildings are in better order than they have been since they were placed in their charge, as far as known the new roof in an entire success.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Since Marion does it

Since Marion tells you his paint color, I'll let you know about the Wynnes adventure: We are off to Chicago for the week to look at U Chicago and Wheaton (I've heard there is a college there) for our son David to visit. His interests in Turkish, Arabic and Archeology have spurred this jaunt and we look forward to joining Holy Trinity for their worship service on Sunday near the UC campus. Plus we get to see friends along the way as well as hob-nob with some of Wheaton's finest (nee Brooke McDowell).

See you at the Pancake Breakfast Easter morning!

Faithfully done

Did I tell you about Nahum? He works with children in Honduras. We (the Maranatha team) met him last summer and were excited about his ministry. At the end of our trip, we heard he needed $120/month to continue ministry rather than getting a job to complete the needs of his family financially. Our teens asked if it might come out of our youth budget, but that was just not an option. "But you can do it. If ten of you give up your weekly coffee run twice a month, that's $120!" The teens promised Nahum to support him...and they have dones so faithfully. Not from money from dear old mom and dad, but from their own resources. [Celebrate our teens!]

Prayer right away

Just got word that Ave Bremerman is in ER at Jefferson with very high blood pressure. Please pray for her and Ralph.


If you have considered adopting or are now involved in pursuing adopting a child, you may want to consider attending the "If You Were Mine" seminar June 10 at Church of the Savior. It will be a great place to meet adoptin and foster care representatives, learn more about the process both for domestic and international adoptions and to network with others. You can register on line at or look in the narthex and delancey lobby for brochures.

Death of Christ Site

If you haven't yet, check out my website developed two years ago about the death of Christ (link on right). It was developed to take advantage of the Passion of Christ movie. My church in Florida advertised the site on the movie screen ads which ran before each showing of the movie.

Arizona on my Mind

Am taking this afternoon and tomorrow off to paint. We're going with Arizona Heat in honor of Aaron. Will still keep you posted.

Building Report

Dot Boersma sent old building related records to the Building Committee. I've snitched them and will post a daily exerpt. Here is the first:

4/19/1859. The committee appointed to contract for and superintend the erection of the organ of the West Spruce St Church respectfully report to the Board of Trustees, that their labors are now completed. An organ of the first class has been finished and placed in the church by Jardine & Son of N.York and is universally admitted by disinterested and competent judges to be at least equal to any instrument heretofore erected in this city, and as your committee believes gives entire satisfaction to the congregation. They take great pleasure in bearing testimony to the uniform liberality and faithfulness to his engagement of Mr George Jardine who personally superintended the erection of the organ, whose only desire appeared to be to please and satisfy your committee without reference to his pecuniary loss or gain. The contract price for the organ was $3800 which was paid to the contractors on its completion and their receipt in full accompanies this report. This amount has been made up by voluntary subscription, a list of which in detail is also annexed to this report. The building of so large an instrument necessarily required considerable alterations in the gallery and advantage was taken of that fact to construct a choir gallery, which in requisite space and completeness is everything that can be desired, and affords pleasant accommodation for a large number of singers. The carpeting and upholstery of the choir has been presented by G. L. Benson; the chairs and organ seat, all of superior quality by J. C. Gould. The church is thus put to no expense except the carpenters and gasfitters bills, the incurring of which was an absolute necessity.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To the Highways and Byways

Okay, faithful blog readers, I need help. Last minute cancellations are putting us in a bind for the CCA banquet this Friday night at the Warwick Hotel. We need to fill three tables (30 people). I am going to the highways and byways (that means you) to bring in folks who would like to enjoy a good evening and seeing what God is doing at CCA. The meal is free. Dinner begins at 7:00, registration at 6:30. If you can donate funds, great; if not, you will still help us by being enjoyable guests who will pray for the school. Call me or email me quickly. I've got to have names today. The church number is 215.735.7688x245; email address is

Fickle Weather

Snow...sun...snow...sun. Will the weather make up its mind? It's shifting every 15 minutes.

Pancake Breakfast

The pancake breakfast Easter morning will start at 7:45 in Fellowship Hall. Prices are $3 for children and $5 for adults. Proceeds will go towards support of the Maranatha Summer Missions team.

Overture Time

With General Assembly coming up in June, it is the season for overtures. To keep up with the resolutions being proposed for GA, click the link on the right for PCA E-zine. You will then see a link for overtures on the left column. I tried to provide a direct link, but can't seem to get there.

Ryken Thanks


Please thank everyone who prayed for our visit to Covenant College. Lisa and I were very warmly received and had a great time teaching together. We were very impressed with what is happening at Covenant -- especially with the spiritual atmosphere on campus.


Financial Help

Met Monday night with some folks (Bryce Bartruff, Steve & Cindy Kimmey, and Janice Roberts)to discuss ways of helping church members with financial management. The major event coming up is a Sunday School class on the subject in the fall. You will be hearing more about this as we make a push to get a strong attendance. Bryce Bartruff, who has been teaching on the subject for years in the pre-marital class, has already worked up the course outline and will be securing teachers. We are thinking of following that up with a seminar next spring. Meanwhile, you should be aware that the diaconate has a financial assistance team (headed by Janice Roberts) whose members will meet one-on-one with you. If you would like to get matched with someone, email me at

Snow! Oh No!

As I write, I am watching snow come down. Snow! It's April 5. And I do not want my daughter in Gainesville calling me up from her pool side where she is relaxing in the warm sun!

Actually, I'll be calling her to congratulate her finishing up her night job and being able to do some relaxing when she gets home.

Three in a Row

I finished the college basketball season with all three teams I was rooting for winning. Last night the Maryland Terrapins came back from 13 points behind to take Duke into overtime and then win the women's NCAA basketball championship. Ginger's parents went to Maryland is the reason for my support.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Steaming Clean

You will be pleased to know that carpet throughout the buildings will be steam cleaned next Tuesday in preparation for Easter and PCRT.

Another Homerun

Now that college basketball is over, it's time to see what's going on in college baseball. Well, look at that - South Carolina has just moved up to #1 in the rankings. 2006 is turning out to be a good year.

Out to Lunch

If you call in to the church between 11:30 and 1:00, you may not be able to reach us. The staff is taking Carroll Wynne out to lunch to celebrate his upcoming birthday on Friday. Normally we don't go to such measures, but Carroll is reaching a significant milestone. He and his family are taking off on Friday for a trip to look at colleges for David. Yes, David is that old and Carroll is that old.

ESO Donations

People are already starting to give to the ESO (Easter Sacrifical Offering) causes, for which we are thankful. Please understand, though, that contributions will go into the ESO fund and then distributed among the ministries as determined by the Missions Commission. If you want your donation to go specifically to one organization, you would need to seen it directly to that organization. To view the full list, click here.

Celebrating last night -- better than Gatorville. (Sorry Marion!)

Last night rather than watching "the game", Kimberly and I were celebrating the best in town: World Impact's ministry in Chester. Who? World Impact ( For 18 years WI has been ministering in Chester through Fredrick Douglas Christian School and start-up churches. For 9 years our teens have gone to Chester working alongside WI under the banner of Scripture Union. Refuge in Christ Church (where we have run children's programs) was established with the help of WI. And plans to establish another church in the Highland Gardens area (one of Maranatha's favorite neighborhoods) is moments away from being realized.

Disclaimer Notice

For some of these postings, you may wonder "what's he saying?" At such times, check to see who did the posting. Carroll Wynne has access to the blogsite now.

Victory Again

I wore my Florida Gator shirt and my Florida Gator hat and did my part to help the Gators win the basketball championship. Christiana was pulling for UCLA. I warned her what happened to Jonathan when he pulled for Michigan against my South Carolina Gamecocks. My teams don't just win; they dominate.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Rykens on Marriage

The keynote speakers today and tomorrow at Covenant College's Windgate Conference on Marriage & Family are Phil and Lisa Ryken. To see their schedule and topics, click here.

Sermon Posted

Sunday evening's message is now posted on the DMC Messages blogsite. See right hand column listing.

My Lucky Day

This seems to be my day to receive email scams. I've gotten two already. One from yet another wealthy widow who believes I should be the recepient of millions of dollars. This other one is new. I am one of "the 45 lucky consultation prize winners Your email ID identified with coupon No. PBL2348974321 and was selected by our E-games Random Selection System (ERSS) with entries from the 50,000 different email addresses enrolled for the E-game. Your email ID was included among the 50,000 different email addresses submitted by our partner international email provider companies. You have won a consultation cash prize of US $ 500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars) only.

Am I lucky or what!

Prayer Study

I was asked my opinion about a new report of another scientific study on the effect of prayer in healing. This research, supposed to be the most extensive yet, actually revealed negative results of prayer. If Phil hasn't yet, we should get him to do a Window on the World message about it. But I will go ahead and weigh in, knowing that he would agree with these thoughts.

A study which revealed positive results would be more detrimental to the gospel than the one above. All of these studies do not differentiate between the prayers of those offering up in faith in Jesus Christ and those praying otherwise. Indeed, one of the prayer groups in the above study was Silent Unity, a metaphysical religious group. None of the groups were identified as evangelical Christian. But even if they were, let us understand that God, like us, refuses to have his promises tested by scientific experiment. God is not a mechanistic force who grants answers to prayers based on experimenters putting together the right set of conditions.

We do not pray because a scientific study gives us heart to believe in the effectiveness of prayer. We pray because our Lord told us to pray and assures us that our Father hears our prayers. If a nonChristian brings up to you the report of this study, tell him, "Thank goodness. I am pleased to know that my Father who is the supreme Creator and Ruler of the Universe cannot be reduced to a cause and effect study made up by creatures. Prayer has to do with a relationship, not with magic."