Friday, December 14, 2007

College student looking for place to live

I will be attending the Rock School of Dance Education on Broad Street beginning January 2008.

I need a room to sleep, a place to keep food, and access to public transportation. I would like to pay around $400 a month. I am interested in the area around the school and the church, but I am willing to travel some.

If you could help me out, please call my cell phone and ask for Ben. If I do not answer, call my mother’s cell and ask for Lynette. Thank you!!

Ben 1-612-703-6099
Lynette 1-763-639-7575

Kirsten and the Big Guy

Father and daughter at the Botanical Garden.

Faith, Politics, and the Constitution

The National Constitution Center is hosting a conversation about the role of religion in government this Monday, December 17. Authors Peter Lillback (President of Westminster Seminary) and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (eldest daughter of Robert Kennedy) will be discussing their recent books in a conversation moderated by John DiIulio. It is free but reservations required. Details for the event.

Tea Site

William & Britta Walker have started there own tea business. They purchase their tea only from recognized tea growers and manufacturers of the Ethical Tea Partnership; hand-package every tea bag, design their own labels and package their tea in a variety of presentations. Check out their website at

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Of Words and Rice

Want to avoid productive work, but not feel guilty? Go to, where you can provide free rice while taking vocabulary tests.

2008 PCRT

The theme for the 2008 PCRT has been released - Precious Blood: Christ's Atoning Work. Click the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals link on the right-hand column to see the brochure and even register early - maybe a Christmas present?



Got a request from a shut-in member of Parish 2 looking for a ride to one of the Christmas Eve services (either Sunday or Monday). Passed on info to parish Elders and council. Perhaps there are other shut-ins who would love to come to Tenth as well. Could you encourage members and regular attenders who may be able to give a ride to contact their parish officers to see if there is anyone looking for a ride?
Joe Brydges

I'm Dreaming of Macaroni...

During Christmas, some families decorate with lights and tinsel and evergreens. And then there is the Ryken family who pull out their boxes of macaroni...

With the exception of the Vietnamese hat, all the decorations on the Ryken tree are of macaroni.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Theater of Romance

John Voorhis sent this tip in:

Audio is available from the CBS’s Theater of Romance radio show. They did a short story of the composing of Handel’s Messiah, (although not accurate). It was performed by Eddie Arnold, at the end of which he exhorts us to daily Bible reading!

The Messiah

They also have several other Christmas radio shows.

Of Marriage and Tithing

Late, but still timely. My sermons preached last August on marriage (As Christ Loved the Church) and tithing are now available on Sermon Audio. Here are the links:

As Christ Loved the Church

The Tithe

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Screwtape for Christmas

Screwtape on Stage for Christmas time (or after). Check out the website.


For two weeks, Hannah Cohen has been in CHOP receiving treatment. She may be in yet another week. Please pray for the treatment she is receiving to be effective that she is able to return home.

Cards may be sent to:
Hannah Cohen
c/o Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
6E, Room 19
34 Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Christmas Celebrations

City Center Academy is having its Christmas program festivities Thursday night at 7:00 in Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited.

Also Spruce Christian School is having its Christmas program Friday night also at 7:00 in its chapel at 4115 Baltimore Ave.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome, Elijah!

Tom and Dana Kim happily announce the birth of their son Elijah on November 22 (Thanksgiving) at 9:00 pm.

Of Prayer and Trains

Men in Parish 4 are invited to a prayer breakfast and playtime with the Lionels Saturday the 22nd, 8 - 10 AM at the Reimolds, 419 East Manoa Road in Havertown. Please RSVP at 610-446-0146 or if planning to attend. Please note: you have to pray before you play!

Welcome, Zachary!

Lori and Dan Schantz are pleased to announce the birth of a new son, Zachary Addison Creed, December 7.

Coming Home

I am told that Paul Tripp is back from his trip and even was at the service Sunday night. Phil and Kirsten are due back on Wednesday. Paul preaches next Sunday both morning and evening. In the morning - "Infant Lamb" (Isaiah 53:7); in the evening - "Investment Strategies" (Matthew 6:19-34).

Let Me Tell You...

I know you are making plans to attend the Eve of Christmas Eve service on the 23rd or the Christmas Eve service on the 24th, but have you been making plans for the New Year's Eve service?

The service runs from 9:00 - 10:30 and is composed of testimonies and hymns. We then break for an hour of refreshments and return to the sanctuary at 11:30 for a half hour Communion service.

Typically, people drift in throughout the evening, though the more early on, the more opportunity for testimonies to be shared and heard. There is no agenda, other than the Spirit leading whoever comes to testify what the Lord has done in his or her life during 2007. For a church that is not considered a let-me-share-what-the-Lord-has-done-for-me type, this is the one time of the year in which that is all we do.

So what has the Lord done for you this year? What does he have for you to share? Pray now about that and come tell your brothers and sisters what the Lord has done for you.

Celebration - a Christian Perspective

I see that Paul Jones is speaking at the Bridge Builders luncheon this coming Sunday on the topic of celebration. That seems a fitting topic for Paul. Everyone is invited. Lunch begins at 1:00 in Fellowship Hall East. Four dollar donations suggested for the food.