Friday, October 08, 2010

The Mita-Ben Personality Test

This past Tuesday we held a staff retreat. As typical, I led a highly professional development workshop, including a sophisticated personality profile test. Below is the test. I will include the scoring and interpretation in the comments section.
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House Renovation

A Christian ministry, Community Capital Advisors owns a single-unit house in East Mt. Airy that was donated. The house was converted into a duplex and the downstairs unit had damage from fire. They have gutted the inside of the entire house and want to renovate the property to house two low-income families who are currently facing shelter problem and to use the property to kickoff an affordable housing development project for the community in the wake of the current economic downturn. They are looking for carpenters, masonries, electricians, plumbers, and repair people, and would also be grateful to anyone who would donate items.

To volunteer or donate items, contact James Kerkul, 267-644-6584.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

1040 Showing on 10/14

1040: Christianity in the New Asia will be showing at the University of Penn on 10/14 at 7 pm. This documentary looks at the rise of Christianity in Asia and its impact on gospel work around the world. The showing is free and features a guest appearance by the Jaeson Ma, a pastor featured in the film. For more information, email here.

A Haunting Question

Al Mohler, who spoke at this year's PCRT, has written a thought-provoking piece for Christians regarding the recent suicide of Tyler Clementi.

Made for This Moment

I can't let this day go by without acknowledging one of the greatest moments in the history of Philadelphia sports - Roy Halladay's no-hitter last night. (Not that I got to see it, Jonny McGreevy, because I was attending Bible study.) To read a great article that captures the joy of the moment, check this out from Jason Stark.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tenth photos needed

We need to update the photos on the tops of our webpages. If you have or will take people-photos that we may use for this, please email them to me. We need pastors in action, too. Thanks!

Found at Tenth: SEPTA pass

If you recently lost an October SEPTA pass at Tenth, please contact us and claim by identifying:

  • Gender
  • Type of pass/zone

Last Call For Bible Studies, Sunday School Classes

Wednesday, October 13, is the last day to register your Bible study or Sunday School class for a visiting Global Outreach partner. So don't delay; register today! Visit here to register.

2010 GO Conference book...

And the winner is...
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman! This book chronicles the cultural clash that occurs when Lia Lee, a young Hmong immigrant with epilepsy, receives medical treatment in America. This book clearly portrays the misunderstandings that can easily occur when members of two different cultures relate.

Reading The Spirit Catch You and You Fall Down will stimulate our thinking about how to contextualize the living hope of the gospel in other cultures. Pick up your copy today at your favorite book store and get ready to share your thoughts at the discussion group on Saturday, Novembe 13!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Old Self

Sunday's morning sermon manuscript, "The Old Self," is now posted at the DMC site.

Seeking House to Rent

Tenth family of six (3 adults, 3 children) is looking for house to rent within a 20 minute radius of Concordville/202/Rt.1 area in the $700-800 range. Would consider doing yard work, etc, in exchange for reduction in rent. Email Patrick and Georgina Kocher.

CC Apartment Available

Located at 16th and Lombard. $880 per month. Only 2 month’s rent needed at signing. The apartment contains 1 bedroom, 1 sitting room, and a separate kitchen. Please email Kameisha Vann or call at 215-735-6028.

Volunteer Staff Needed

ACTS Ministries has an opening for a host/server Coordinator at our monthly Community Dinner--a banquet for homeless persons established in 1985. The Dinner is held Second Sundays only, from 1:00-4:00 at Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philly. The Coordinator will work closely with me. Contact David Apple,, for job description and specs.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Elevator and Ramp

October 17 is our revised date for the elevator being in operation. We should also then have the permanent ramp ready to be used.

Staff Retreat

Tomorrow, offices will be closed as the staff takes its annual day retreat. Pray for us that it will be a useful time of encouragement and development.