Thursday, August 05, 2010

Acknowledging God's Goodness

From James Boice in his sermon on Psalm 9:

Let me tell you about one thing I have started to do as a result of my study of the psalms. Recognizing that they are open in their praise of God (as well as emotive in their articulation of pain or grief), I decided to make a point every day of acknowledging God’s goodness in some area to some person. That does not seem like much. But when I began to think along these lines I realized how much time frequently went by without my having praised God for anything. And I discovered something else. Once I had begun to make a point of acknowledging God’s goodness, I began to think of his goodness more often, and I actually developed a more positive and spiritual frame of mind.

Felix Cartagena

The father of Gigi Figueroa (Felix Cartagena) passed away earlier this week. Services are being held at Rodriguez Funeral Home, 1101 East Erie Avenue in North Philadelphia (corner of “J” and Erie).

There is a viewing and service tonight from 6:30-9:00, as well as a brief service and viewing Friday morning from 9:00-10:00.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Dr. Clay Quarterman, President of Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine, gave greetings to the church last Sunday. The website for the seminary is

Space for moms

The C6 room in the catacombs is set aside for nursing moms during both morning services and allows them to view the service on the TV monitor in privacy. This room has been arranged for this use during the elevator and nursery construction.

Housing Request

HOUSING NEED- I am a twenty-one year old male who very recently was accepted into the City Year program in Philadelphia. I need to find housing by the 16th of August. I am looking for a Christian roommate or a room with a Christian family. I will be working /volunteering full time in inner city schools Monday through Friday. I am quiet, enjoy the arts and literature, and prefer a non-smoking roommate. I need to be able to access public transportation for my commitment to the City Year program. City Year program does provide a stipend for living expenses. Please contact Caleb at

Thirty-One Years

Thirty-one years from today on a very hot Saturday I watched my bride walk down the aisle (with her back veil flowing in the breeze coming through the door). Well, I watched until she got to the front and half the attendees flashed their cameras blinding me. Anyway, when the spots cleared up, I wedded a beautiful bride who somehow has managed to become more beautiful over the years. (She needs to start looking her age since I look older than my age!)

Twenty-two years later, Jonathan Olsen watched his bride walk down the aisle. August 4 is a very good day, as far as Jonathan and I are concerned.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

South Philly House for Sale

3 bedroom home in Girard Estate. Great neighborhood, semi-finished basement, wood floors, updated bathroom and kitchen. Please see listing.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Welcome, Eva!

Kevin and Nina Harper are pleased to announce the birth of Eva Lucia, July 27. Keep Eva in prayer, as she was born five weeks early.

Housing Request for Eric Mason

Pastor Eric Mason (the pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in North Philadelphia) is selling his house and there’s a 3 week gap between when he sells this house and when he will be moving into his new house.  Eric and his family will be without a place for those 3 weeks.  With attempts to keep them unified, we’re praying that the Lord will raise up a place for them to crash together.  Their closing date is August 2 and they will need a place till approximately August 21.  If there’s someone who is able or has knowledge of any accommodations that could meet these needs, he’s Dr. Eric Mason, Epiphany Fellowship.  Thank you.

Avoiding the Junk Label

Three emails sent to me recently went into my junk mail box. What they all had in common was that the subject line either formed a sentence or had more than five words. All this to suggest that if you want to assure that I get your email, just use a word or two for the subject line. Certainly don't use it to replace your text.

Housing Request

My name is Nils Wessel, a recent Covenant College graduate with a degree in Economics. I am currently looking for work as well as a place to live somewhere in Philadelphia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Men's Prayer Breakfast

There is a men's prayer breakfast being held August 4 and 18, led by Tom Elliott. They meet at the Corner Bakery in Suburban Square, at 7:00 a.m.

Corner Bakery, Suburban Square, 2 Coulter Ave. Ardmore, PA 19003

Minivan Need

The Olsen family is in want of a minivan (or anything with 7 seats) from Aug. 8-Aug. 18 for a trip that they are taking to Ocean City, NJ. Please email them if you can help.

High Anxiety

I was keeping this quiet, but now that the ordeal is over I'll reveal what happened. Someone kidnapped my daughter Jean and forced her to jump from an airplane. That's the only way I can explain it. If you want to look at pictures, check them out here.