Friday, May 09, 2008

Girl Friday

Amy Carpenter has a great business in center city providing practical services to residents and workers downtown. Take a look at her service list by visiting her website. She has also started a monthly newsletter that gives practical information and tips.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Traffic Alert

The Commanding Officers of the Central Police Division, Inspector Kachigan, Captains Wilson, Korn and Whitcomb asked that we distribute the following traffic advisories in advance of Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski's funeral services. Authorities expect some delays, brief road closures and traffic congestion both this evening and tomorrow. Please seek alternate routes where possible.
This evening a viewing for Sgt. Liczbinski will be held at the Givnish Funeral Home which is located on the 10900 block of Academy Road. Traffic will be extremely heavy on Academy Road and there maybe intermittent closures between Comly and Red Lion Roads beginning at 6:00 PM.

On Friday, May 9th, between 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM a funeral procession with a horse drawn carriage will travel from Philadelphia Police Headquarters at 8th & Race Streets to the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul at 1723 Race Street.

Between 7:00 AM and 1:30 PM the area surrounding the Basilica will be extremely congested. The viewing will begin at 7:30 AM at the Cathedral Basilica. The center lanes of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be closed until the funeral cortege departs to Resurrection Cemetery. The block in front of the Basilica will also be closed from Race to Vine Streets.

Parking for elected officials and police officers will be on the 1800 block of Vine Street, the northeast side of Logan Circle, the 1600 -1800 blocks of Race Street, 200 N. 17th Street and the 2000-2200 blocks of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.After the funeral mass, a large motorcade will proceed to Resurrection Cemetery in Bensalem. This motorcade will follow Vine Street eastbound to 676 eastbound to I-95 northbound. All cross streets will be closed during the motorcade (which may be lengthy). Expect the following closures to allow the funeral cortege to proceed including:
Vine Street from Logan Circle to I-95 entrance on Broad Street.
Interstate 676 east at Interstate 76.
Detours will allow for exit at Washington Avenue and I-676 west.
Interstate 676 west exit at Broad Street will be closed for the procession.
The viewing, services and interment are open to the public.

New on our website:

Accessibility (thanks to Mim Carter for suggesting it and to Lois Denier for reviewing and suggesting additional content)

Children's ministry home page updates and Children's memory program summary

Ministry handbook, aka "How to Get Things Done"


Olympic Resort Condominium
Gorgeous modern condo in beautiful Lake Placid , New York – only $ 550./ week !!!!
- 2 bedrooms
- 3 baths
- 37 inch wall mounted HD flat screen TV with HD cable and high speed cable modem and open network wireless router
- Washer/dryer/dishwasher

Other condos at this resort are asking $2500./week

The reason for this low, low price? It was made available to a Lake Placid Sinfonietta member to use as housing for 5 weeks for the summer season, but, the member had a change of plans.
The condo is now available to sublet, either 1 week or all 5 weeks.

This is an incredible deal with the opportunity to experience the beauty and fresh air of the Adirondack mountains. Located on the edge of a golf course, 1 block walk to town. Hiking, boating, Olympic venues, great restaurants, movie theatre, art galleries, concert hall, something for everyone. It is an easy 6 hour drive north from Philadelphia. We can also recommend churches to visit while you are there – wonderful, friendly people who love the Lord.

Contact Charlie & Lisa Hammell 856-234-1472

Availability –the weeks of June 29 – August 11, 2008

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Once a Nursery Worker, Always a Nursery Worker

The nursery staff is finalizing the summer nursery schedule. We are in need of additional workers. If you have been on the nursery schedule and are not currently serving, but would be willing to do one or two slots during the summer, or if you are interested in being added to the nursery workers list, please contact Lisa Ryken at


We have a number of baptisms this coming Sunday. At the 9:00 service:
Cielo Vu, daughter of Peter and Alma Mai; Madeleine Grace, daugther of Andrew and Sarah McInnes; Nicholas Dante, son of Aaron and Shaun Snethen; and Abigail Ruth Elisabeth, daughter of Jim and Deborah Weidenaar.

At the 11:00 service:
Angelina Mercedes Maria, daughter of Jonathan and Rachel Olsen; and Jonah Ptrick, son of Andrew and Megan Owens.

We will also be receiving a new communicant member, Vivia Wang.

Doing the Right Thing

Want to feel good? Read this story of sports(woman)ship.

Kitchen Cabinets

In renovating our house, we were given some nice, solid oak kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately for us (but perhaps fortunate for you or your ministry) they did not work out in our kitchen.

We’ve contacted some area ministries directly, but they did not need/want kitchen cabinets at this time. So, if you or your ministry needs some kitchen cabinets, these are very solid and have a number of years left in them.

The height of the lower cabinets (which most of them are floor cupboards) are all 34 1/2” which will be 36” inches when the counter tops are on them. We hope someone can give them a good home!

· Cabinet with working electric cooktop/4 burners, with two pull-out drawers (72x24)
· Corner carousel cabinet with 2 shelves (outside edges 35”x35”, inside corner 12”x12”)
· Cabinet with sink (included) (45.5x24)
· Hidden storage (corner) cabinet with 1 shelf, (48x24)
· Free standing shelf with working wall electric oven (24x84x24)
· Two upper corner cabinets with glass doors, diagonal face inside is 15”, outside length of back is 24”, 12” deep at the edges.
· One upper cabinet for over the refrigerator with floor support on one side, (37l x 12d x 16h)
· All that would be needed is the countertop.

We’re looking to move them fairly quickly, so if you’re interested, please call Greg and Kathy Hobaugh at (215) 438-2305.

Of Presbytery and Licensure

Presbytery meets this Saturday at Tenth. Three of our men will be examined for licensure. They are Nick Batzig, Luke Herche, and Chris Seah. What is licensure? you ask. Here is your answer, straight from The Book of Church Order:

19-1. To preserve the purity of the preaching of the Gospel, no man is permitted to preach in the pulpits of the Presbyterian Church in America on a regular basis without proper licensure from the Presbytery having jurisdiction where he will preach. An ordained teaching elder who is a member in good standing of another Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America maybe licensed after being examined as to his views... A ruling elder, a candidate for the ministry, a minister from some other denomination, or some other man may be licensed for the purpose of regularly providing the preaching of the Word upon his giving satisfaction to the Presbytery of his gifts and passing the licensure examination.

By the way, The Book of Church Order is available online at the PCA website. Click here.

House for Sale

Jesse and Suzanne Hubley are moving (not far) and selling their house. Click this link for their house.

The Reason for Commitments

Below is a progress report from Phil Ryken on the capital campaign. We are heartened by the progress made - 86% of our goal (3.8 million out of 4.4). Since Sunday, we have already had another 30 or so gifts and commitments made, though I don't have totals. This follows the pattern of the Easter Sacrificial Offering, in which most donations come in on Easter Sunday, then more follows in the coming weeks.

There are several reasons for delayed commitments and gifts. One simple reason is that some people are away. They place their commitments and gifts in the offering plates when they return. Another reason has to do with the signficant commitment being requested, in this case a sacrificial commitment stretching two years. It takes time to think through how much to give and where the resources will come from. Then there are some who prefer to see what the initial giving is and with that information form a commitment.

But knowing how I feel, I suspect a good number of people wish they could commit more than they are able for now and thus intend to give without submitting a commitment. That is okay to do, but it is better to submit a commitment form of a small amount than none at all. Unlike the church budgets where we can reasonably predict how much money will come in based on history, we do not have the same ability to forecast accurately how much will come in for the capital campaign. Meanwhile, we need to make decisions about moving along on the proposed projects. That is why the commitments are important.

Let's say you know you can give $200, but you are hoping to give more; you just don't feel right about making a larger commitment that you cannot meet. Then commit the $200. You can always give more and always increase your commitment. At least we know to expect the $200. You can commit anonymously, but it is better to identify yourself because it allows us to have a clearer understanding of how well we are communicating and what kind of support we have from a cross-section of the congregation. We can also send you the bi-annual reports for your giving. Only 2-3 persons know the amounts of individuals. Neither Phil nor I request to see them.

You don't have to put your commitment forms in the offering plates. You may mail them directly to the church. If you have questions, feel free to contact me (

Capital Campaign Report

Phil Ryken writes:

I praise God for the excellent progress we are making together in the capital campaign for Tenth Church. As reported on Sunday, May 4, already we have at least $3.8 million in gifts and commitments... more

Resource Directories

David Apple sent me this resource directory for SE Pennsylvania and one for NJ.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Examining Prayers

Remember in prayer college and graduate students this and next week. They are in the midst of exams.

Ryken on the Flyers

So, I wonder what Phil "The Sports' Prophet" Ryken predicts for the Flyers in their next series? So far he is 0 for 2 in his predictions. Let's hope he chooses the Penguins!

Car Needed

Joe and Sharon Pyfer were in a car accident Sunday which left their car totaled. If you know of someone with a used small car to let go of, give them a call at 856.205.2654 (they live in Pittsgrove, NJ) or contact me at the church.

Bethany Christian Services Employment

Foster Care Case Worker:
Serving Phila. & Surrounding Counties
This full-time position provides case management services for abused/neglected children, delinquency wards, in foster care and for their families. Case management services are goal oriented and time limited. Qualifications: BSW or BA/BS in human service field. Demonstrates professional verbal and written communication skills. Eligible to obtain professional licensure in the State Pennsylvania.

Case Aid:
Serving Phila. & Surrounding Counties
This part-time position assists caseworker or other designated individuals by providing transportation, assisting with supervision of agency visits, monitoring aftercare visits. Qualifications: High school diploma, strong organizational skills, ability to relate well and work with others.

State Adoption Case worker:
Serving the Greater Delaware Valley
This full-time position conducts family home studies, matches waiting families and children, conducts post placement supervision, and post permanency services. Qualifications: MSW or equivalent M.A. preferred. BSW or equivalent or equivalent academic major accepted. Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills.

Temporary Admin. Assistant:
Serving in the Ft. Washington, PA Office
This position is responsible for the day to day administrative support for the State Adoption Program. Qualifications: High School Diploma, 2-3 years experience preferred, strong organizational skills, ability to relate well and work with others.

Birth Parent Counselor:
Serving the Greater Delaware Valley
This full-time position is responsible for providing ongoing counseling to birth parents and families with unplanned pregnancies; the objective being to first protect the life of the unborn and to then provide ongoing support and resources while helping to plan for the child’s and birth parent’s futures. Qualifications: MSW or equivalent M.A. preferred. BSW or equivalent or equivalent academic major accepted. Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills.

International Adoption Social Worker:
Serving the Delaware and South Jersey
This part-time position is responsible for a portion of the day-to-day operations of the International Adoption Program. Responsible for adoption services including information meetings, family assessments, education classes, post-placement supervisions and services, administrative duties and public relations activities as assigned. Qualifications: MSW or related degree in human services field preferred, BSW or BA with adoption experience, experience in child and family services preferred. Excellent assessment and clinical skills, demonstrates effective written and verbal communication skills.

Email your letter of interest & resume to Jen Standen: or call 215-628-0202
· Excellent benefits
· Supportive work environment
· Positions require computer literacy, driver’s license and car

Moving South

Dwaine and Diane Whitley are moving soon (June, I think) to Charlotte, N.C. Catch them before they leave.

Healthcare Fellowship

Tenth's new healthcare fellowship group will be having a luncheon in the Catacombs after the 11 on May 18th, 2008. There will be a short talk on our "acceptance in Christ" and what that means for us in healthcare. Healthcare professionals will be asked for a small donation to cover the cost of the luncheon, but students eat for free! Please RSVP to to sign up.

Going Up

1st class postage will go up one cent beginning May 12. The new rate is 42 cents.

Free Language Resource

Did you know that you can access free foreign language courses online? The Foreign Service Institute offers a variety of learning materials for a range of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. Whether you're moving or traveling to a foreign country (or preparing for the mission field)—or simply enjoy the challenge of learning a new language—take advantage of this resource.

Crown Test

Crown Financial Ministries has an interesting test that shows how your personality and spending habits match up. Check it out here.

Centennial Celebration

SEPTA is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of 69th Street Terminal and the Route 100 Norristown High Speed Line. A centennial celebration ceremony will be held at the 69th Street Terminal Grand Hall on Saturday, May 10, 2008, at 11:30 a.m. and festivities will continue from 12 Noon to 3:00 p.m. There will be refreshments, a historical display and live music. Visitors are also invited to take a Free Ride on the scenic Route 100 Norristown High Speed Line from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Keep in mind that the Market Frankford Subway Elevated will be using shuttle buses between 40th Street and 69th Street Terminal all weekend, so plan your trip to 69th Street Terminal accordingly.

For Rent or Sale

Beautiful, Completely Renovated 3 Story Row-home in the “greater brewerytown” neighborhood of Philadelphia. Perfect home for folks wanting classic philly architecture and a modern, open, spacious interior. Ultra-clean, rehabbed home just 2 blocks West of Temple University and 2 Blocks North of Girard Ave. EVERYTHING in this home is less than 4 years old - framing, sub-floors, drywall, central air, furnace, electrical, roof, windows, water heater, dishwasher, range and more!

This is an 1800+ square foot single family home with three very large bedrooms, one full bath and one half bath. Laundry closet on the second floor and a spacious office area on the third floor. The kitchen is 20’x12’ with tons of cabinet space and plenty of room for prep. The basement is very clean and houses a small (10x10) music/song-writing studio (easily converted to any other hobby room). This home is 1 block from the Public Transportation (SEPTA bus #2 > Center City) and 2 blocks from the Trolly (to East or West Philly).

SALE PRICE: $219,000
RENTAL PRICE: 1450/mo.
If you are thinking about purchasing, please contact Stacy at Solo Realty (215.564.SOLO)
For information on renting... getting an application - please contact Dave at 215.850.8583

Monday, May 05, 2008


Please be in prayer for Howard and Emmagene Vos as they mourn the death of their daughter Valerie from cancer. She died last night, May 4.

My Rebirth-day

Over fifty years ago my parents celebrated a new birthday. It was my rebirth-day. May 5th, three days after suffering a massive skull fracture in an auto accident--three day's on the threshold of life and death--I arose from a coma. And for the next twenty years our family celebrated this rebirth-day. This deliverance was the precursor to my spiritual rebirth many years later. Praise God!