Thursday, December 21, 2006

News from the Third Floor

I'm very pleased to announce that Liz Mosebrook has agreed to come to work with Bruce and me as a part-time assistant for Missions. She'll work two days a week with us and help with the front desk on Fridays. We're delighted that she is bringing her gifts and talents to Tenth in this new way! Liz will start in January.

Tenth Dining

Sometimes it pays to be late. I just add a pleasant experience. The Wynne family provided a delicious brunch for the staff, which I couldn't get to until near the end. Besides the grand food, I had the Wynne family to myself for company, and then Paul Jones and Sam Hsu came in for dual piano rehearsal. Fine food, fine company, and fine music. Not a bad deal.

Of Movies and Movie Stars

Movie critic Rick Philips gives his review of "The Nativity," and entertainment columnist Phil Ryken reveals some news about movie star Sylvester Stallone. Click here to go to the reformation21 site.

Offices Closed

Here is a reminder that church offices will be closed Friday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Four former Maranatha studenst will be heading out for the Urbana Conference in St. Louis. Anna, Brooke, Kelsey and Kirsten will arrive before the first meeting on December 27.

Urbana '06 draws together universtiy students around the world to consider God's Word regarding Jesus Christ to the world. Former held at the Unveristy of Illinois in Champlain/Urbana (with wonderful volunteers!!), the conference has been moved to a larger facility in St. Louis so as to double -- yes, double -- capacity. 25,000 to be approximate. Being the first year, the costs were a bit more and the statistical odds of logistical kinks astronomical.

Pray for the safe travel of many who attend, heart open to the Spirit of God and new friends who join in purpose and worship. Ask for God's protection of the speakers (especially our InterServe friend, Jim Tebbe!) as well as the staff who work around the clock all week.

If you want to see the conference schedule, go to

Free Seminary Courses

Christiana has posted on the Tenth Missions blogsite (see on the right column) information about online free courses offered by Covenant Seminary. Check it out.

Christmas Devotions

If you are looking for Christmas devotions, check out the Proverb A Day link on the right, where I have been writing devotions in Matthew.

Flying In

My daughter Jean and her husband Lucas come in tonight after midnight. Please pray for a safe flight.

Mt. Hood Blog

To keep updated on the climbers lost on Mount Hood, Carolyn James, wife of Frank James who has been the spokesperson for the families, has set up a blog for updates and prayer:

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Search for Christian Schools

RE Harold Naylor, a member of Faith PCA in Wilmington Del., works for a Christian school in Pennsylvania, and along with others has developed a web site to connect parents with the Christian schools with a 7,000+ school database that can be searched by zip code. The site also provides a biblical apologetic for why parents should think and pray about placing their children in a Christian school. For more information, click

Philadelphia Community Church

The pastoral staff is visiting Philadelphia Community Church, a church plant at 3rd and Callowhill that includes a mercy outreach called The Dream Center. Chuck Paul, who also serves as an intern for Tenth, leads this ministry. Click here to check out the church and ministry. Consider worshipping there some Sunday. Service is at 11:00 (it has 12:00 at the site, but that has recently changed). Also consider giving support as you are so led.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mt. Hood Men

Andrew Canavan sent this in:

Hi Rev. Clark,

I was reading about the climbers who are lost on Mt. Hood and I found out that all three are believers and one - the man whose body was found yesterday - is the brother of Frank James, the president of RTS Orlando. I thought you might want to put a call to prayer on your blog for their families and for the two men who remain missing. Here's the link where I found the story.