Thursday, December 27, 2007

Giving Numbers

Pat Canavan sent me these budget figures:

We were $33,856 over budget for church ministry last Sunday (12/23). This places us at 91.6% of budget (first time we have been over 90% all year). We have jumped 5 percentage points in just 4 weeks. We need just over $216,000 to meet 2007 income projections, but only a week to do it. These numbers do not include any stock gifts we may receive.

The Global numbers were $20,678 above budget last Sunday. We are at 88.3% of budget there. With one week to go we need about $130,000 in offering for Global. We have jumped by 4 percentage points in the last 4 weeks.

Building was almost $2,000 over budget last week, bringing us to a YTD total of $219,017, almost 89% of budget. We need close to $32,000 to meet 2007 income projections. We have jumped over 1 percentage point in the last 4 weeks.

Please contiinue to pray for end of the year income. (We should meet our Church Ministry expenses for the year. Global feels the shortfall more keenly, as commitments are made to partners that should be kept.

By the Numbers

Here are the results of having two nights of Carols and Lessons services:

12/23 823
12/24 976

The numbers represent an overall increase of 400 attendees. Last year, over 1,300 showed up for the one service.

New York Expedition

Tomorrow, Ginger and I head to New York to experience the Christmas present our daughters, son-in-law, and my brother gave us - tickets to Radio City Music Hall. Does anyone have a restaurant to recommend nearby? Email

Ping Pong

So, how many Rykens does it take to put together a ping pong table?

Three: the father to supply labor; the mother to figure it out; and the son (Jack) to supervise.

New Year's Eve

I hope many of you will make the New Year's Watch Night Service next Monday evening. Testimonies begin at 9:00; we break for fellowship at 10:30; then return into the sanctuary at 11:30 to close out the year with a communion service.

What do you have to say to your brothers and sisters about what the Lord has done for you this year? As we enter into a new year, what word to you have about the faithfulness of God to encourage us about the future?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Family Bonding

Our offering ushers took on a family theme last Sunday at the 11:00 service. The Brubakers and the Reimolds split the sanctuary floor responsibility and the Kanaks took the balconeys. Collecting money is a good way to bond as a family.

Good Morning

"Good morning, Tenth Church."

"Hello, could you tell me what the sermon will be Sunday?"

"I Forgot."

"Can you look it up?"

"I told you, I Forgot."

"Yes, I know you told me. Why don't you look it up?"

"I don't need to. I've already told you the sermon title, I Forgot."

"You are so frustrating! At least tell me about the evening service."

"All You Need Is Love."

"What I need is a straight answer!"

(I suppose I am not the best person to be answering the phone for the church. I am preaching Sunday morning, by the way, and again dipping into Psalm 78, specifically verses 9-11. If interested, you can read my previous two messages in that psalm at my link DMC Messages. You will find the first sermon under the January 2006 archive link. The second sermon will be the first one you see at the site.)

Sunday Evening

"All You Need Is Love," according to Paul Tripp. At least, that is the title of his sermon for Sunday evening on Matthew 7:15-20. (If you are in your 50's, you now have the Beatles' song playing in your mind.)

Yes, we are having Sunday evening service. It was somehow missing in last Sunday's calendar, leading some to think we were not having a service. My, my...Tenth skip a worship service on a Sunday? I don't think so.

In January, Paul begins a series in the epistle of James.


I just posted my devotional on Proverbs 28:1. I must admit I am excited entering into the final lap, so to speak, of these devotionals in Proverbs. I started in May of 2005 and should be finished around Easter time.

By the way, City College and Career will be studying Proverbs in the new year.