Friday, February 22, 2008

Hospital Visitation Tips

Visitation is an important part of showing how we care about someone. Sometimes, however, visitation means going to a hospital when the person is sick and that makes many of us feel uncomfortable. For tips on how to do a hospital visit, click here.

Women's Conference Saturday, February 23

The women's conference at Tenth on Saturday, February 23, will go on as scheduled and will not be cancelled due to weather conditions. We advise you to leave early and take precautions while traveling. Please pray for the safety of all who will attend. For more information, see the conference brochure.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Got Small Group?

Nick Batzig is updating our small groups list. We want to have a record of every small group Bible study. If you have not received an email from Nick, that means he does not know about you. Send him an email at

Sunday Singing

Morning hymns:

297 - All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name
131 - Children of the Heavenly Father
347 - The Church's One Foundation

Responsive Reading: Psalm 3:1-8
Scripture Reading: 1 Kings 12:1-24
Sermon: A House Divided

We will be having a number of children baptized this Sunday, as well.

TenthWomen Conference - The God of All Comfort

Have you been sitting on the fence? You can still come to the 2008 TenthWomen Conference this Saturday with Diane Langberg and Ruth Naomi Floyd. You can register as a walk-in starting at 9:00 am. To expedite the registration process, please complete your form in advance. You can obtain one here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rafiki Village

This is Sarah from the Capital Campaign blog. I'm stopping in to encourage you to visit the campaign blog after you catch up on the posts here. I just posted a story about Survivor, a little boy living in the Rafiki Village in Liberia. As you may recall, part of the campaign is focused on global outreach, including continued support for the Rafiki Village. Click here to go to the post.


You will soon be receiving a cool enewsletter, providing we have your correct email address. We hope to get it out this week. It will present primarily news about the capital campaign. If you do not want to receive more editions, you will be able to unsubscribe with a single click. I do, however, encourage you to keep receiving them. As time goes on, and the campaign winds down, the news will shift to other happenings in the church. (Yet another attempt to rival my blog, but I don't worry.)

Guides to Giving

As I walked through Reception Hall this morning, I saw a rack filled with twelve brochures, each presenting practical information about charitable giving. I am sure this is sponsored by the capital campaign folks, but looking through them, they cover the broader subject of giving. Here are the topics:

Charitable Remainder Trusts
Gift Annuities
Gifts of Securities
Outright Charitable Gifts
Charitable Gift Annuities
Gifts of Real Estate
Basic Estate Planning
Gifts of Life Insurance
Effective Bequests
Making a Will
Memorials and Endowments
Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets

I'm glad to see this information. I can teach from the scriptures about the importance of giving and the spirit in which to give, but I have little knowledge about the various means of giving. Regardless of the capital campaign, I encourage you to do what I am doing and read these practical materials.

Managing Your Money

From the Capital Campaign blog:

"On March 1st you will have the opportunity to attend the Managing Your Money seminar at Tenth. (Contact Nancy Hala at to register.) One of the speakers is Bryce Bartruff. Bryce has attended Tenth since 1980 where he has taught regularly on personal finance and has also served as the treasurer of the diaconate. He recently provided me with some more information, provided below, on the content of the seminar...more"

Saturday Help Needed

We need help doing paint touch ups at the 315 Building and installing molding this Saturday. If you can help, contact Jane Cappeller at 215-704-4069 or by email,

TenthWomen Conference

The TenthWomen conference has 306 registrations with 166 signed up for lunch.If you still want to register contact Loren Gleason at The conference is this Saturday, February 23. Walk-in registration begins at 9:00 a.m. and the talks run through 3:45. Click here for a brochure with the schedule.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Taxing Day

So what have I been doing on my day off? I've completed my taxes! Think I will go out an enjoy the nice weather now.

Bike Wanted

I'm looking to purchase a bike for getting around in the city. Mine was stolen. If you have one to sell, email me at

City College and Career Rocks

We had a great evening last night following worship. City College and Career sponsored the first "Coffee House" gathering that will take place the third Sunday of each month. It was well attended and there was much fellowshipping of Tenth members and many people I did not know. The "City" team provided the food.

This was not their only event hosting. They also provided the Friday night reception for the Four Loves concert. Several also helped Audrey Stockin who provided the reception on Saturday following the burial service.

Chuch Steps Accident

If you walked into the church from Spruce Street, you may have noticed one gate closed with the railings missing and that a stone corner piece was sitting several feet over. Saturday morning, as visitation was beginning before the funeral, a car swerved onto the church apron, crashing on the stairs. By God's merciful providence, no one was hit and the driver and passenger escaped serious injury. The deacons and sextons acted quickly, as did the emergency personnel. By the time the funeral was over, everything had been cleared.

Offices Closed

The church offices are closed today. I am writing this from home. We will be back in tomorrow morning.

Last Thanks

Thank you to all who helped with and attended Hannah Cohen's funeral Saturday. I think we had about 500 in attendance, and all would agree that it was a wonderful time of worship. Thanks to Cresheim Valley Church whose members provided childcare, then to each person who when contacted immediately offered his or her services.

The most thanks, however, goes to the Cohen family who exhibited before us the example of a Christian family who love their Savior, love one another, and are moved by an undying hope in the resurrection.