Friday, December 30, 2005


I am home today. Church offices are closed. At 3:30 will be watching my Carolina Gamecocks play Missouri in the Independence Bowl. Hugh Taylor, my fellow Gamecock elder, will also be pulling for our team. How did Tenth get blessed with two South Carolina Gamecocks? Jonathan Olsen, though not an official Gamecock, grew up in Columbia, SC, the blessed home of the real USC.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Funeral Info

Here is the information on Wasyl’s mother’s funeral:

There will be a viewing Wednesday night from 7:00pm-9:00pm; there will also be a viewing on Thursday morning from 9:00am-10:00am with a short service following that. This is going to take place at Kociubinsky Funeral Home, 305 E. Girard Ave (between Marlboro and Columbia). Aaron and Jonathan are planning on attending Thursday.

Sunday Parade Info

Thanks to "Anonymous" for providing the following information about Sunday's Mummers Parade.

The parade route is South Broad Street (between Oregon Ave. and City Hall). Different divisions of the parade begin at different times and locations, with everyone marching northbound. The details: Comics begin at Washington Ave. at 9:00 am, Fancies begin at Snyder Ave. at 10:30 am, and String Bands begin at Oregon Ave. at 10:00 am.

Just received three more helpful emails. Here is a good website to go to for map and info:

From the 1982 Annual Report

1982 saw the ordination and installation of three men called by the congregation:
Glenn N. McDowell, Associate Minister, March 28, 1982
Bradford E. Allison, Assistant Minister, May 30, 1982
Linward A. Crowe, Associate Minister, December 12, 1982

The growth in all aspects of the work created a pressing need for space. The purchase of 1701 Delancey Place was completed. We will fully occupy the building in the spring of 1983.

Dr. Boice continued the studies in the Book of Genesis on Sunday mornings...On Sunday evenings Dr. Boice concluded the series on "Great Chapters of the Bible" and returned to the studies in the minor prophets - Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai and Zechariah.

For the Session,
R. Clive Stockdale

To You and...

I've heard enough limericks to last me a year. How about entering your best New Year's Eve non-limerick toasts (expressions of sentiment, not burnt bread) for us all to enjoy. Use the Comments section.

Info Help Needed

Can anyone find out the route and time of Sunday's Mummers Parade. I have gone to the Mummers site, which has nothing about this year's parade, the city government site,, KYW and no one lists what would seem to be this basic information.

On the Field

Found this voice mail waiting me this morning.

"Marion Clark, it's the Mississippi team calling. We want to be on the blog. We don't have internet access that's easy to get here and so thought we would call. We are here at the motel and the main task at the time is putting a roof on a woman's home...for three generations. We are all healthy and it is 70 degrees." (Then a kind of "aaahhh" sound. I think it was Sue Hoyt's voice.)

Prayer Request

This was sent in by Jonathan and Chun

Pray for Wendy
Recently Chun Shin emailed a Chinese friend who lives in his apartment building: "This is Chun from apt.203. I have a friend who has a Bible in the Chinese language. Would you like to borrow the Chinese Bible so you can read it?" Amazingly, this was her reply, "Hi, Chun, It's so nice for you to do that for me. Yes, I'd like to learn more about the Christ. Thanks. Best Wishes, Wendy." It's all God's work; our job is to just make ourselves available.

With the Lord

Wasyl Semkiw’s mother went home to be with the Lord yesterday morning. Funeral arrangements are in process.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

On-Line Economics

Okay, you internet game players. Read this article on the online game industry and give me your response. Should I be worried about you?

Wealth through Worship

Click here for an interesting sociological study on the ties between church attendance and personal wealth. Providentially, you will find today's proverb devotional (written before seeing this article) discussing the ties between wisdom and personal wealth.

Center City Renaissance

The Inquirer has been running articles on the "renaissance" of center city for the past two days. You can also read them online, though you may need to subscribe (for free). Go to and look under "Business" for "Center city retail resurgence." You will find yesterday's article about residential growth as well on that page. One news of interest: Philadelphia has the third largest downtown population (88,000) in the country, behind only New York and Chicago.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

With the Lord

Just received news that Bill Drury, founder of Teen Haven, died Friday morning morning, the 23rd. He was for many years supported by Tenth. We presently support Tenth member Ann Deschler who serves in the ministry.

Homebound Worship

Cora sent this news of a shut-in able to worship with Tenth though homebound.

___ told us how she “goes to church” each Sunday. First of all she downloads the bulletin from the Tenth website on Saturday and reads the Scripture passages, then she looks up the hymns in the hymnbook. When the webcast starts on Sunday morning, she considers that she is “in church.” She sings the hymns with us, prays with us, and soaks up the teaching in the sermon. The webcast is a vital link to the church and to worshipping with God’s people in this place. She also makes very good use of the website, sharing “Windows on the World” with her internet friends, and sending on tapes that she has already listened to.

New Babies

Am editing this Sunday's bulletin and just came across this "Praise God for" item:
The births of Naomi Frances Auerbach, born to Jeff and Amanda on December 20 and Hudson Timothy Powell, born to Hunter and Laura on December 26.

New Christmas Carol

If you missed Sunday evening's service, you would not have gotten a copy of Phil's new Christmas carol, composed by Paul. Here is the text:

Joseph, see the Holy Child born to Mary, mother mild;
Call Him Jesus, Adam's son- now in Christ our God has come;
Call Him brother, close of kin - human nature, without sin.
Born to us, a fallen race, God Incarnate, gift of grace.

Shepherds, run to Bethlehem, seek the babe outside the inn;
Shepherd in the manger lies, born to comfort all your sighs;
Unto you the Savior lives, for the sheep His life He gives.
Born to save our sinful race, Jesus leads us by His grace.

Eastern kings, your glory bring, royal treasure for the King;
King of all, the Son is giv'n, destined for the throne of heav'n;
Raised on high, the Christ will reign, conquer sin and death and pain.
Born to govern Adam's race, Jesus rules, the King of grace!

Jesus, Brother, Shepherd, King - sinners, let your voices ring!
God made flesh, the Living Word, King of Kings and Mighty Lord,
Faithful Shepherd, David's Son, Christ, Messiah, Holy One.
Born to save His chosen race, Jesus gives us grace on grace.

Sunday Sermon

I will be preaching Sunday morning from Psalm 78:1-8, taking my title, "We Will Not Hide Them," and focus from verse 4: "We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done."

From the 1981 Annual Report

During the past year a long-standing goal of the Bible School was realized with the incorpoartion of a course in apologetics into the Senior High curriculum. Through the combined efforts of Mrs. Boice and Mr. and Mrs. Barackman the students were challenged to examine their faith so as to be able to give a reason for the hope that they have. The preparation was designed to counter the ideological challenges that they face after they leave the shelter of Tenth's fold.

Ronald J. McCaully

Monday, December 26, 2005

Testimonies Desired

Saturday night is the New Year's Eve service of testimonies. It is a time for you to share what the Lord has done in your life this past year. And we need to hear. We need to encourage one another with the truth of God at work in our lives. We are a forgetful people, prone to remembering the trials and failures in our lives better than the blessings and successes. And so all the more we need to hear the whole truth about God's faithfulness, about God's goodness to us. We need to be reminded that God is at work now.

So be thinking now about the story you will tell to encourage your church family, to point us to our hope in God. Pray now about what you will share. And those of you unable to come, you can begin sharing now in the Comments section. Let us hear from you who are near and far.

Tenth Abroad

I would like to hear from our Tenth members who are abroad how you spent your Christmas. Let us know through the Comments section.

Church Schedule

Church offices are closed today and Friday. If you have announcements for the bulletin, they must be in by 10:00 a.m. Tuesday. Send them to

Thank You

I know that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day required lots of work for musicians (Paul Jones in particular), the Deacons/esses, and the sextons. But if the fruit of one's labors is the reward, then they are well rewarded indeed. Being in church, more than anything else, is what blessed my Christmas experience. I had the delight of attending every service. We Christians have it best to worship the Lord whose birth we truly believe. And we cannot outgrow this Christmas story; only grow in awe of its mystery. Thank you to all who put much labor to make this Christmas one of the most delightful and meaningful experiences I have had.