Saturday, January 02, 2010

Testing God

My sermon from Sunday, "Testing God," is now available in manuscript at DMC Resources. Click here to go to the link page.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dear Editor

Bruce McDowell has a letter to the editor in today's Philadelphia Inquirer. Check it out here.

Prayer Request

Be in prayer for Bob Jones and his family, especially his parents, as they grieve the loss of his sister Janice recently from cancer.

Sanctuary Pictures

Sanctuary Pictures

Report from the Work Captain


Thank you all for your hard work on Monday and Tuesday to help remove the carpeting from the sanctuary of Tenth.  As you all know by now, the carpet was removed rather quickly from the main sanctuary--with more time needed to remove the stiff carpeting on the stairs. AND THE STAPLES!  Thanks to all who cut and pulled up and ran carpet to the pile and swept and vacuumed and removed staples and covered musical instruments and prayed and provided food and loaded the dumpsters and swept the alley and uploaded the trucks and lived in the dumpster........

I really felt the spirit of God at work while we, as a body, together worked.

The final numbers are not in, but YOUR hard labor saved the church almost $13,000.00 in funds!  Not bad for a couple of days worth of work.

God's blessing was felt too when ALL of the tile arrived while volunteers were present to upload the shipments! Take a look at the mosaics stored in the amen pews on Sunday--stunning.

Thanks again and GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU!

Greg Berzinsky

Oh, and yes, I don't know what we would have done without Marion Clark. Boy, did he work hard!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moorestown Home for Rent or Sale

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Urbana Report

Dear friends,
Greetings from St. Louis and the Urbana conference, which officially began Sunday night.  Most of the people who planned to be here have arrived, some after long delays due to weather, including Judy Shelly, who is the leader of my prayer team.
The prayer team to which I have been assigned is called "Global Connexions" and our focus is to pray for the exhibitors, of which there are hundreds.  Every major Christian organization has a booth in the exhibition hall, which covers several city blocks.  Yesterday we went through the hall, booth by booth, praying with whichever exhibitors weren't fully absorbed in conversation with students.  Actually the conversations with students are the most important thing that they do.   
I have met several people with connections to Tenth Church.  A woman named Candy, who works with World Impact in Chester reminded me of the Tenth connection there as Maranatha has worked with her group.  He great statement was, "I just LOVE Carroll Wynne!  He really loves the Lord!"  A woman named Karissa from Dordt College sends greetings to Dot.  Karissa attended Tenth Church while she was in Philadelphia. Ruth Kiehlmeier sends greetings and is doing a great job with AWM, who have a really great exhibit, which I think is supposed to be a nomad's tent, and a great place for conversations.
It's time to go to the "Dome" (where the St. Louis Rams play) for the morning meeting.  They told us to bundle up well since the heat is off in the dome due to a broken water main.  Is this part of the spiritual battle? Being on the prayer team here is a wonderful experience and I rejoice for the privilege. 
More later,

Urbana 09

Urbana '09 is now in conference. This is a large global outreach conference that meets every three years, primarily for college students. Several Tenth people are there. The ones I know of are:
Abby McDowell, Barbara Matejvo, Anna Taylor, Ruth Kiehlmeier (representing AWM) , and Cora Hogue (serving on the prayer team). To learn more about the conference click here.

Busy Bees

The floor is bare! The volunteers are incredible. By 9:30 they were moving at a swift pace up the front of the sanctuary. When I returned by 2:00, all the carpet in the sanctuary was gone! Still were lots of workers, all of whom actually working even! (Well, I did catch Ken Olson and Aaron Snethen loafing a bit in the alley, but I quickly took control of that situation.)