Saturday, May 07, 2011

Race for the Cure Sunday

The "Race for the Cure" is Sunday, 7-11am. The route runs along the Ben Franklin Parkway to 15th Street to JFK to 20th Street to Market to 32nd/31st to Spring Garden and back to the Art Museum. Here is the route map.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Community Dinner

We have an opportunity to serve and share the Good News of Christ with our homeless neighbors at Sunday’s ACTS Community Dinner. Help is needed after the 11:00 service in Fellowship Hall with food preparation, table/chair setup, and hosting. Help clean up at 3:00. If you can help, send David Apple an email.

The American Academy

The American Academy, Philadelphia's Classical Christian K-12 program and winner of the 2010 national Salvatori Prize for Excellence in Teaching, invites you to call for an appointment to learn more about their rigorous program. Please see their new marketing video on their website or call (610)-864-6288.



Appropriate for Mother's Day, we will be baptizing two covenant children this Sunday. At the 9:00 service Eric and Tiffany Birkholz are presenting Lilly Elaine, born June 16, 2010. At the 11:00 service Jeff and Jane Jue are presenting Autumn Karis, born October 10, 2010.
We also have the joy of baptizing and receiving two new members from our international community during the 9:00 service.

Welcome Sign

When you come to church on Sunday, check out the sign on 17th street which presents Liam Goligher to the neighborhood. Nine days to go!

Parish 3: Apartment For Rent

Large One Bedroom Apartment in Lansdowne, $900.00
Located just outside of the city of Philadelphia in Lansdowne, PA. Features include a large eat-in kitchen with updated appliances, walk- in pantry, full bathroom, bright, sunny living room & bedroom with high ceilings, large energy-efficient windows throughout. Hardwood floors, ceiling fans and spacious common area with stained glass windows.
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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Krispy Kreme Opening

Not that I would ever disparage our new senior minister, but insisting on a nearby Krispy Kreme store seemed over the top. However, through my tireless efforts, I have arranged for the opening of such a store on 16th Street just above Chestnut. It is now open with a line spilling outside. But Liam is going to have to walk there. I am not doing delivery!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

KJV@400 Conference

The other Ryken - Leland Ryken - spoke at a conference in Hudson, Ohio commemorating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. His talks are available at Grace Presbyterian Church's website.

Holloway New Book

Tenth member Trey Holloway is coming out with a new book on Andrew Melville. Who is Andrew Melville, you ask. Well, follow this link to read about the book, scheduled to be published this June.

The Gospel in Film

Bruce McDowell sent me this Wall Street Journal on the impact of films about the life of Christ.

Forging Bonds

Men, check out this men's ministry website - Forging Bonds of Brotherhood. It is directed by PCA minister Gary Yagel, who also serves as the PCA Men's Ministry Coach.

Liam's Words to Tenth

Just received a Tenth Press article from Liam that will be in this Sunday's bulletin. In case you didn't know, the bulletin is posted on the church's website each Friday. So, if you can't wait until Sunday to read it... Looking at what he has to say, I think his arrival means the end of my afternoon naps.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Chip Off the Spiritual Family

My friend Chip Stam died on Sunday. Though I would never wish Chip back here because he has his heart's desire to see his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, yet I would like to tell you the impact Chip and the Stam family have had on my life.
The Stam family were a part of my life growing up in New Jersey. Paul & Jane's house at Smoke Rise was a magical home! The game room was well stocked (fondly remembered), the food was a-plenty (yum), the musical talent amazing (singing and playing multiple instruments), and the laughter continuous. The stories of their family from living overseas were spell-binding and culturally hilarious. But it was not until years later that I discovered the wellspring of such fellowship was drawn deep within the spiritual legacy of their family.Read more »

Surprise Visit, Part Two

So, as the staff is sitting around in Jonathan Olsen's office, listening to him share about the ministry of Grace and Peace, who walks in but Phil Ryken. This is what I had been expecting. I knew after about a year he would be ready to come back. But I had to be firm. No amount of pleading would avail. He had to learn the hard way what it's like to be without my assistance. So, I am sending him back to Wheaton. He can stay long enough to watch his son play baseball, but after that he's got to get back on the plane.

Surprise Visit, Part One

The staff just returned from a surprise visit with Jonathan Olsen at Grace and Peace Community Church. We had a great time hearing from "Pastor John," as he is known by everybody in the community. His office, which also serves as the sanctuary is located on the corner of 18th and Alter Street, a half block south of Washington Avenue. Jonathan had already had 15 visitors dropping in throughout the morning. At 3:00 about a dozen kids from the neighborhood will show up, as they do Monday - Thursday.

Pray for worship space. Worshippers literally spill out onto the sidewalk.

First Sermons

Twelve days to go. Liam has sent me the sermon titles and texts for May 15. In the morning he will preach from 1 Samuel 1:1-20, "When He Is Most Invisible"; for the evening it will be Acts 1:1-8, "The Acts of Jesus."

Monday, May 02, 2011

Thankful to be thankful (and at Tenth)

‎"We will bore holes in his skull to relieve the pressure, but there is little hope your son will live." If he does, he is sure to be a 'vegetable.' " So said the doctor to my mother after I was hit by a car on May 2 at age 5. Thankfully, God saw all this and said, "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy" and saved me. Amen. Thank you, Lord! Yes! Praise you, Lord, for your mercy!

Preparing for Liam

All right Tenth members, we need to be prepared for our new senior minister. First of all, we have got to get his name right. His last name is Goligher (GOLL-uh-ger). It is not gal-uh-ger. If you can't remember, just say to yourself he is not a gal. Everybody say it with me - GOLL-uh-ger. Very good!

Second, do not stare at him when he uses a UK idiom. Just make a mental note of it. We will be using Jonny McGreevy as an interpreter. He will be able to explain what Liam is saying.

By the way, all is looking good to get his visa "stamped."


The countdown begins. Today is May 2, thirteen days from Liam Goligher's entry onto the pulpit of Tenth Church. Here is the Tenth Press article I wrote for yesterday to give an update and plans.
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