Friday, February 24, 2006

Christianity Explored.

Mark the dates of May 9 & 10 on your calendar for a Christianity Explored conference sponsored by New Life Northeast. I don't know if I will be able to attend, but I would like someone from Tenth to go and report back. You can check out info about this evangelism program by clicking here. I've asked Bob Willetts, pastor of New Life, to send some information.

Of Mercy and Justice

Had a profitable time at the CityNet retreat this week. It looked like about 50 were in attendance, mostly from PCA churches. The subject was "A Love of Justice Expressed in Mercy." Bill Senyard, pastor of Peace Valley PCA presented a provocative message in understanding justice from a relational-obligation perspective as opposed to a legal-retributive view, and how Christ's work meets the obligations of injustice committed against us. David Apple also spoke, presenting stories of mercy to illustrate three aspects of mercy ministry: making oneself available, forming a relationship, and offering hope. Susan Post of Esperanza also spoke, and Bill Krispin (our featured speaker for UMC) closed.

There was some irony to having a theme about mercy. After having fun beating Phil yet again, Bob Willets and Greg Haubaugh, two PCA ministers, played a "friendly" game of ping pong with me and another graybeard. We beat them easily; then they wanted to play the best of three and (surprise!) suddenly turned into pros. Bob then handled me one on one. I think my problem was the paddle he loaned me. It didn't feel right. I should have been suspicious at the beginning when Greg pulled out his special paddle from a case.

Parish Elders Meeting

At 5:00 Sunday, I am meeting with the parish elders to begin a review of the parish system and start preparations on helping elders provide pastoral care. Please be in prayer for us. We will be accessing the information gathered from the strategic planning surveys and considering all the comments submitted by the congregation.

Receiving New Members

This Sunday, elders are meeting with individuals desiring to join the church. We listen to their testimonies, read the questions for membership, vote, and receive them then. If they are baptized, they become communicant members at that time; if not baptized, their membership becomes effective at public reception when they are baptized. For more information from our Book of Church Order on this, click here and scroll down to chapter 57.

TenthWomen Conference

Do not forget the TenthWomen's conference tomorrow. You can walk in and register. For tomorrow's schedule, click here for the brochure.

Another Passing

Mike Waltz's father passed away Thursday morning. His funeral service is Friday, March 3.

Garver and Proverbs

Thanks to Joel Garver for posting the proverb devotionals while I was away. Good words on the subjects of bribery and responding to anger.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

With the Lord

Please be in prayer for Lance Lewis and his family, as his mother died yesterday morning after a long illness. The funeral is set for Thursday, March 2. The viewing is from 9 until 10:30 a.m. with the service following at 10:30. It will be at Holy Temple Church of God in Christ located at 60th and Callowhill Sts. in West Philly. For those who wish to visit the family or send cards, Lance's sister's address is (Dawn Lewis Robinson) 6042 Columbia Ave., Phila PA 19151.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Checking Out

I am taking off for a City Net retreat. Will be back in my study and posting on Friday morning. Joel Garver will post the next two A Proverb a Day devotionals.

Parish 6 Meeting

The next "Town Hall" meeting is Thursday night, 7:30, at the Hill's residence (Parish 6). RSVP to Fred.

Bible Study Lunch

There will be a church lunch this Sunday for everyone who leads, attends, or would like to attend a small group Bible study. Call in to the church to make a reservation: 215.735.7688.

Hosts Needed

For Easter, TIF would like to match Tenth hosts with internationals desiring to have a meal in an American home. If you are willing to host, contact Eunice Wong at

Of the Lord's Supper

I've posted all three of my sermons on the Lord's Supper in the DMC Messages blog. You can click the link on the right to get to them. Here is the Calvin quote I read for Communion:

(Book IV, Ch 17, Sec 42, Henry Beveridge translator)
[L]et us remember that this sacred feast is medicine to the sick, comfort to the sinner, and bounty to the poor; while to the healthy, the righteous, and the rich, if any such could be found, it would be of no value. For while Christ is therein given us for food, we perceive that without him we fail, pine, and waste away, just as hunger destroys the vigour of the body. Next, as he is given for life, we perceive that without him we are certainly dead. Wherefore, the best and only worthiness which we can bring to God, is to offer him our own vileness, and, if I may so speak, unworthiness that his mercy may make us worthy; to despond in ourselves, that we may be consoled in him; to humble ourselves, that we may be elevated by him; to accuse ourselves, that we may be justified by him; to aspire, moreover, to the unity which he recommends in the Supper; and, as he makes us all one in himself, to desire to have all one soul, one heart, one tongue. If we ponder and meditate on these things, we may be shaken but will never be overwhelmed by such considerations as these, how shall we, who are devoid of all good, polluted by the defilements of sin, and half dead, worthily eat the body of the Lord? We shall rather consider that we, who are poor, are coming to a benevolent giver, sick to a physician, sinful to the author of righteousness, in fine, dead to him who gives life; that worthiness which is commanded by God, consists especially in faith, which places all things in Christ, nothing in ourselves, and in charity, charity which, though imperfect, it may be sufficient to offer to God, that he may increase it, since it cannot be fully rendered.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Your Restaurant Guide

Ginger and I ate at La Fontana for Valentines. We quite enjoyed it. I had veal and she salmon, both of which were excellent. Good friendly service. We give it a two thumbs up. Tried Ted's Montana Grill for lunch today with Sarah. I enjoyed my bison meatloaf. Ginger had a bowl of chili and Sarah a hamburger. It's a place for people with big appetites, (which must be why Aaron Messner recommended it). I'd say it's more of a man's restaurant. Half expect to see animal heads on walls. Instead, there are quotes by Ted, John Wayne, and Will Rogers.

Walk on In

It is still possible to register as a walk-in to the TenthWomen conference on Saturday. By being a walk-in registrant, you will need to have lunch at an area restaurant or pack your own lunch. (There is ample time to eat lunch at a restaurant and return.)

Clark on Boice

This coming Sunday, I am speaking at the Presbyterian History class. My subject is James Montgomery Boice. If you are a Tenth veteran, come and reminisce with me. If you are new, this is a good opportunity to learn about one of our great pastors.

Of Good Music

A great concert Friday night with Stuart Neill and Kristine Mattson. You should be taking advantage of these concerts. It is one thing to listen to good music on a recording; another to go to a concert hall; but even another to be up close as these concerts allow you to be. The next concert to mark down is for Good Friday, presenting parts 2 & 3 of Handel's Messiah.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Rebelution

Carroll Wynne sent notice of this blog for teens to me:

Blog: The Rebelution