Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Name Has Arrived!

Christiana sends this long awaited report:

After much deliberation, the Olsens have decided on a name for their new baby girl:

Christabella Sophia Maria Olsen

She and Rachel are being discharged from the hospital this afternoon.

Ryia Reporting

I'm learning a lot about the country's healthcare system and its development over the past 5 years. The more I study the more I learn about how the degrees I will be earning apply in the real world, which was priority number 1 for this experience. My time here is helping me clarify how I would like to participate in the world of international public health. Please think of these concerns.

1. I need a place to live from July 2 until August 21 or so. It needs to be in Philadelphia and public transportation accessible (less than 3 miles, although 2 is better) so I can get to my class at Community College of Philadelphia.

2. Still no visas and this is starting to be a problem. I really need a visa in time to visit friends in the beginning of June, and Kyrgystan the last two weeks of June.


Al Groves

Al Groves, professor of OT at Westminster has been diagnosed for awhile with cancer. If you would like to keep up with him, click here for his blogsite.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Meals Needed

Beth Stoddard is organizing meals for the Olsens following the birth of their daughter. She is looking for folks to make enough food for two adults and two kids for two dinners. Contact her
with questions and/or to arrange a date at: or 215.271.8717.

Urgent need!

Marcella is from Michigan coming to CHOP for a lung transplant. His mom is with him and can stay in his room, but that doesn't help the father and four-year-old sibling who arrive Sunday night/Monday morning. Can anyone offer housing for them (until Ronald MacDonald House might have an opening)? Because they are flying in, nearby walking or very close (uncomplicated) public transportation (could tokens be supplied?) would be necessary.

Anyone can help? Call Carroll at the church immediately or email:

Get Your Date In

You may have seen the announcement in the bulletin or on the website home page about scheduling for 2006-2007:

Please check for scheduling information and a request for ministry leaders to plan for September 2006–August 2007 (link from home page). Information is due to Dot’s mailbox by May 28. You can download room request forms from the website, along with the list of recurring events (the latter of which is all some of you will need to deal with).

Let Dot ( know if you have any questions.

Take note: If you do not schedule your activities for the above time period by May 28, we cannot later bump others who did schedule for the same dates.

Housemate Wanted

Housemate wanted: We're a young married couple looking for a single person to share a house with us in Northern Liberties, a great area just north of Old City Philadelphia. Rent is $500. House has a yard and a deck and plenty of space. Call Nick or Sandi at 917-679-2167 or 215-965-8738.

Westminster BBQ

Danny Bombaro will be performing at Westminster Theological Seminary Friday, May 5, after the annual BBQ dinner. There will be softball from 4-6pm, then food, then about 45 minutes or so of a pleasant time of music.


At 8:00 am the doors open and the first of the PCRT guests walk in. Pat Russell, the Alliance staff, sextons, and volunteers worked all day Thursday to be prepared. Tulips are out! Phil gives his seminar today on the church.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Finally Arrived

Baby Olsen arrived! A girl. I think around 8:30 pm. No other news. Will report in the morning.

Car Buying

I'm looking to buy a car. It is a necessity for my commute to work. My price range is between 4-7 thousand. Preferably a standard and in good condition. If anyone is selling their car or if anyone has leads of where I should look, please let me know ASAP. cell: 215-796-5855

Thank you-Elizabeth Buckley

50th Invitation

Timothy Academy invites Tenth friends to attend their 50th anniversary celebration worship service to honor faithful service by staff and board members. The service is Thursday, May 18 at 6:30 pm here at Tenth. RSVP to Timothy’s office at 215.423.0416 or email Come and celebrate the Lord’s blessing on Timothy Academy. There will be a time of fellowship and refreshments after the service.

Drivers Needed

Needed: Van and driver(s) to transport eight people and luggage to and from Philadelphia and JFK airport on June 16 and 28. The short-term team traveling to Morocco and France would greatly appreciate your help and would pay for gas and tolls. If you are interested, contact Laura Layer at

Labor Alert

Delivery is on the way. Just received a call from Jonathan Olsen that Rachel is in labor at Penn. He says she is doing great (though he doesn't want to trade places).

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Summer Sublet

I am a member at Tenth, and a student at UPenn, so I will be subletting my room this summer in West Philly (43rd and Pine). It is an 8 bedroom house with 2-3 rooms available. It is fully furnished with a shared living room, dining room, kitchen and basement with a washer and dryer. A cleaner once a month is included in the rent. Price negotiable around 00/month/room.
Rent could be from June-August. Contact Abigail Brice or 610-331-3816.

Skeel Behind the Hedge

Pat Daley reported this:

In this week's UPenn Almanac, the following appeared on the "Honors" page: Dr. David Skeel, professor of law, won the Excellence in Financial Journalism award from the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA) for an article he wrote for the magazine "Legal Affairs." The article, "Behind the Hedge," was an exploration of the unregulated world of hedge funds to help explain why the funds have the potential to devastate the market and millions of ordinary investors and to evaluate possible reforms.


I have significant news to announce, and my blog readers get it first!

Many of you by now have heard of CityNet, a network of churches and ministries, most of whom are PCA or Reformed, dedicated to furthering the kingdom in Philadelphia. (Click the City Net link on the right column for more info.) MercyNet is an arm of this network whose focus is to encourage mercy ministry in the churches and throughout the city. MercyNet has been desiring for the past year or so to take on a full-time coordinator who would do basically what David Apple does at Tenth - come alongside churches and help them develop mercy ministries and strengthen their diaconate ministries. MN had hoped by now to hire a director, but has been hampered by lack of funds. One obstacle in fund raising has been not having a coordinator who could set the vision and demonstrate what a coordinator could do. To meet that need, the Session has offered to loan David to MercyNet for one year beginning August 1. David would remain on Tenth's payroll and staff and his office remain here, but his duties would be shifted to MercyNet. In essence, what is happening now while he is on sabbatical would take place for that year.

We think this is a win-win situation for everyone. It enhances David's ministry and makes good use of his experience and expertise. It certainly benefits MercyNet. Because David is already involved with CityNet, is known among the other churches, and furthermore knows how to establish the position, he can get the ministry position set up quickly on a solid foundation. Finally, we benefit by strengthening our connections with our sister churches. This is an exciting unexpected development and we trust is the moving of the Spirit.

Wedding Vows

I've working on the vows for Jean and Lucas to repeat. How's this for Jean?
I, Jean, take you, Lucas
to be my wedded husband
to have and to hold from this day forward
for better for worse
for richer for poorer
in sickness and in health
to love and to cherish
till Dad needs a visit.

Drivers Needed

CCA has need for several van drivers for Friday, May 5, all day, to either Gettysburg or Manhattan. The school is renting the vans. Now they need drivers. If you can help, contact CCA at 215.731.1930.

In the Kingdom

From our Temple Bible study:

This week the Lord has been moving mightily in our study. Last week Andy, our friend from China who is studying at Temple, accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior at our study last Thursday! It was quite an emotional event but we are happy for him as we can now call him brother! Also Kelly's friend Leah who I met last week, had for some time felt that she should get to know Christ but was putting it off, well she over the weekend accepted Christ and we can now call her sister! What a glorious time this is and how the Spirit moves to call his people!!! I encourage everyone to just pray for Andy and Leah as they begin a life long journey of being purified and strengthen by the Cross.


News from Session

News from last night's session meeting:

John Leonard received his doctorate. Ken Ziegler is engaged. We officially approved Crispin and Karen as full-time workers. We approved revising Jerry McFarland's job description to focus on ministering to marriages. Bill Langford will be joining Phil Ryken on his trip to Trinidad June 23-25. We established a "Parish Effectiveness Task Force" in connection with the Strategic Planning Initiative. I will be chairing it and David Collins serving as Manager (meaning he makes us do our work). Worship attendance is overall lower this time than last year, but giving is higher.

John Leonard is speaking at the Easter international dinner May 6. (Contact the TIF office ( if you would like to attend. The Missions House Re-Dedication is set for May 20, 2-4 pm. (Did you know that 90% of people who enter career service spent time on a short term trip?) ESO totals are up to $128,505.

Maranatha continues its series on the Basic Questions of Christianity based on the Westminister Confession of Faith. Drew DiNardo is bring some students with him to join Maranatha's mission work in Chester.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Moving Help

David Apple is moving his daughter Anne-Cara out of her Penn dorm (English House) on Friday, May 5 from 2-5pm. If you can help, please let him know. Due to recent back pain, he cannot do any lifting. You can reach David at

This just in...

Have you heard the buzz? (I've been so busy I thought everyone would have heard about it before I got to post it.) Marion Clark can dance. Not that shuffling around or bopping up and down, he really moves. Mispent youth? Who can say? But he was fluid elegance on the dance floor. I was completely ashamed to be in the same ballroom with him.

Honoring our Staff

The pastoral staff is celebrating and honoring the support staff today at a noon luncheon. We give thanks to God for staff that serve us and the church ably with servant spirits. If you want to add your thanks, feel free to use the comments section.

PCRT Report

Phil rated this past weekend's PCRT conference as the best on-the-road PCRT he has been involved with. Good spirit by the host church, good turnout, and even good messages! The finale comes this weekend.

Gettin Hitched Site

Is this the latest trend? Kate Williams and Justin Mills are getting married August 19. (I am officiating). Follow their story from engagement to wedding at Men, take note of the correct way to win your intended's hand in marriage.

Alpha 25

At Alpha's banquet Friday night, the ministry celebrated its 25th anniversary by inaugurating an annual award called the "Church Partner Award." Tenth is the first recipient. Linda Boice accepted a plaque on behalf of the church. It reads: "For initiative and vision, encouragement and leadership, under the ministry of James M. Boice. For continuing and current faithful support, under the ministry of Philip G. Ryken."

I'll have it placed in one of the narthex cases for this Sunday. Also recognized were the founders of the ministry: Wayne and Joan Brauning, Chris Felser, Robin Kamp, Jacqueline Kamp, Frank King, Ken Madgin, David and Yoshin Swank.

If you would like to support the ministry through donations or as a volunteer, contact Alpha at 215.735.6028. Their hotline number is 215.545.HOPE.

Proverb Posted

Today's proverb devotional is posted. Had difficulty posting yesterday.

Monday, April 24, 2006

It's Arrived!

After more than nine months, this long overdue baby has come - I mean Paul Jones' book, Singing and Making Music. It is a collection of issues on music, worship, composers, and hymns. And just in time for PCRT. Look for it at the booktable.

Countdown 26

26 more days to Jean's wedding. Her fiance is Lucas Hilliard, a Lutheran. I don't know about this. Wasn't it Luther who said to sin boldly? And you should see the huge stein of beer he carries around with him. Maybe I should do a little more background check.


Timothy Academy is celebrating its 50th Anniversary May 18 at Tenth. When I get more info, I will post.

Looking for Roommate

My name is Monica Sawyer, and I will likely be a law student at the U. of Penn in the fall. I am from Colorado Springs, CO and I attend First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) there. I recently graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois, and I am looking for a female Christian roommate in Philadelphia. If you know of anyone who is looking for a roommate or if you have any suggestions regarding finding a roommate, please let me know: Thank you very much.

Chronicles of Caleigh

Talk about proud parents: Dan and Lori Schantz invite you to their blogsite to see the pictures of their beautiful baby girl Caleigh:

Back Pain

David Apple has been suffering severe back pain since the beginning of his sabbatical. he requests prayer for spiritual comfort, healing, and endurance to write. He is using his sabbatical to write a book on doing mercy ministry in the church.


From Craig Claudin:

Margaret and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this Tuesday, April 25. We praise
God for His love, mercy, and faithfulness.

Congratulations Craig and Margaret!


I am having difficulty posting today. This is a test.