Friday, May 30, 2008

New summer bulletin format

Communion Sunday

The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be observed in the morning services this Sunday. Be preparing now for this "sign and seal" of the covenant. Here is an exerpt from Rick Phillips' chapter on the Lord's Supper in Give Praise to God.

The elements of the Lord's Supper present Christ's death to the senses of his people. But more is signified in its administration. The eating of the elements by believers signifies their participation in the crucified Christ. Berkhof teaches: "They symbolically appropriate the benefits secured by the sacrificial death of Christ." Additionally, the partaking of the sacrament signifies the effect of Christ's death in giving life and strength to the soul, as food and drink sustain the body. Furthermore, just as the sacrament symbolizes the believers' union with Christ, it also places a visible difference between members of Christ's church and the world, while signifying believers' communion one to another in him."

Bible School Graduation

Bible School graduation exercises will be held this Sunday, 9:00 a.m., in Fellowship Hall.

Day of Prayer

The quarterly Day of Prayer will be held this Sunday. The 9:00 prayer session will be held in the Catacombs, due to Bible School graduation exercises in Fellowship Hall. The 11:00 prayer session will be held in the usual room of 1Rear in the 315 Building.

Please attend and participate. This prayer time is a work on behalf of the kingdom of God. Just as much as physically ministering for the kingdom, prayer is a labor to be carried out.

"...pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” (Matthew 9:38).

"...pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word..." (Colossians 3:3).

"...I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective..." (Philemon 6).

Kingdom-minded prayer is not about coming to the Lord as you feel a need to. It is about fulfilling your obligation to participate in the work of God's kingdom.

I particularly urge you to attend because of the factors that will hinder participation. The Bible School graduation will draw away parents who have children participating. This is also a communion Sunday, which obligates elders to be available in the worship service. Typically, I lead the 9:00 prayer time, but will have to be in the worship service, administering communion. I will be leading the 11:00 prayer time. Elmer Snethen will lead the 9:00 service.

Whether or not you can attend, to uphold the church in prayer. Here is the prayer sheet we will be using on Sunday.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pray for China

A prayer request from one of our global partners:

Dear Friends in the Lord,

I was awaken by the Lord last night to pray for China. As you have probably heard or read in the news recently, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 hit earthquake China two weeks ago, which centered in Sichuan province. The confirmed death toll has risen to 65,080 with 23,150 people still missing. On Sunday, another earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 hit again and took more lives. Many victims were children who died when their schools collapsed. There is weeping everywhere in Sichuan and in nearby provinces.

The raining season is quickly approaching and people are worried about river blockage and landslides. On top of that, many dams and reservoirs are in danger of collapsing due to the strong aftershock of Sunday's earthquake. Since they cannot bury or cremate the bodies fast
enough, the area is also in danger of the outbreak of a plague.

There are 10 million homeless people who are in need of shelter, water and food. The task is gigantic and is more than what China can handle by herself. Please pray that
1) the Lord have mercy on China as a whole, especially the people who are suffering,
2) the Lord give the government the wisdom and strength to handle the problem gracefully and
3) the aid can reach the people who need them desperately as soon as possible and,
4) Christians will take an active part in the rescue missions and follow-up programs.

Thank you for joining me in our prayer for China during this critical period.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New, Improved!

The Alliance Is Launching a Brand New Content Delivery System this Week!

Same address, new and improved site!You can visit or to see our new CDS.

What's So Great about Our New Content Delivery System (CDS)?Like an estore, you can purchase books and CDs to be shipped to your home. But now you can also download MP3s and listen to our broadcasts--all from the same website. This site will also be able to hold all 4,000 plus messages of the Alliance archives.The new site features easier navigation, better organization of resources, and a new and improved look.You will also see better product descriptions and order information.The new site is up and running so be sure to check to see our new store. is your new and improved source for solid, biblical resources including MP3s, books, CDs, and more!

Tenth Elders

Who are the church elders and what do they do? Here is an "assignment" list for 2008 responsbililities. Names in italics indicate elders not presently on the Session.

Clerk of Session – George McFarland

Trustees – Clive Stockdale, chair
- Financial – Clive Stockdale
- Building – Frank Harder*
- Personnel – Ron Ferner

Kingdom Discipleship – Steve Carter
City Outreach – Bob Sharrar
Global Outreach – Bill Langford

Family Life Committee – Pat Canavan
Music Committee – Tom Elliott, Sam Hsu
Nominating Committee – Fred Hill, Paul Grant

Parish 1 Elder – Michael Kennedy
- Frank Harder, Bob Sharrar, Sam Hsu

Parish 2 Elders – Tim Peterman, Tim McInnes
- Nasrat Ghattas, Steve Bachman, Paul Shultes, David Skeel, Gordon Palmer

Parish 3 Elder – Bob Kempf
- Pat Canavan, Brian Esterly, Dwaine Whitley

Parish 4 Elder – Tom Elliott
- Paul Grant, George McFarland, Clive Stockdale, David Allen, Jay MacMoran

Parish 5 Elder – Hugh Taylor
- Bill Langford, David Collins, Vic Ellison, Holman Jenkins

Parish 6 Elder – Fred Hill
- Ron Ferner, Andrew Fletcher, Carlos Perkins, Steve Carter, Dave Dugan, Bruce Gunther, Elmer Snethen, David Swank, Joe Winston

TIF – Nasrat Ghattas

*As of June, Hugh Taylor will chair the Building Committee, while Frank Harder chairs the new Capital Projects Implementation Committee.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Ernest Sutton, who heads up Prayer for the Persecuted Church prayer group sent this in. He is doing a good job, by the way, of bringing in GO partners and others to present first-hand the needs of a particular area.

Prayer for the Persecuted Church will meet June 8 from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM to pray for our brothers and sisters in North Korea who suffer for their faith. We are standing on the promises of Psalm 17:7-9 for them. "Wondrously show your steadfast love, O Savior of those who seek refuge from their adversaries at your right hand. Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings, from the wicked who do me violence, my deadly enemies who surround me."

Sermon Posted

My sermon from Sunday, "As to the Lord," is now posted at DMC Messages. (Click the link on the right hand column).

By the way, we'll keep my comments about Phil's ideas to ourselves. Let me say for the record, I think all his ideas are great!

Walk back into Civil War history

Walk back into Civil War history on Sunday, June 1 from 3:30 - 5:30 pm as Camp William Penn opens its gates to welcome author Don Scott on his recently published book regarding this first federal training site for the United States Colored Troops. The camp is located at 7322 Sycamore Ave., La Mott, PA 19027. Being a dessert reception, please RSVP at if you plan to attend. Everyone is welcome!

Japan Opportunity

Danielle Guevara sent this in:

Lay Church Position - English conversation, Bible teacher

To provide English language instruction and Bible studies as a means of both direct and indirect evangelismYokkaichi Christ Church, Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, Japan (Presbyterian Church of Japan).

Starting October 2008, Minimum one year agreement

Yokkaichi Christ Church is seeking God's provision of a new English and Bible teacher with a solid, growing faith, committed to God, who is willing to work together to advance His Kingdom. Yokkaichi Christ Church currently has 260 members who regularly participate in corporate worship every week. The English program offers more than thirty classes every week to more than 200 students of a variety of ages and levels. Classes are conducted in a friendly atmosphere and include one hour of English followed by a fifteen minute break concluded with a fifteen-minute Bible study. Church members participate in many of the classes, offering assistance and encouragement to the students in the Bible study. Teachers are employed directly by Yokkaichi Christ church and are not required to raise financial support. The teacher will be employed as a lay missionary and the church will arrange for a Religious Activities Visa. For more info, e-mail At Home English School at and they will send an application and more information.

Twin Beds Needed

A church family could use two twin beds. If you have two to donate, let me know at

General Assembly

It is getting near General Assembly time again, the annual meeting of the Presbyterian Church in America. The Assembly meets June 10-13, this year in Dallas. Phil, Carroll, Paul Tripp, and I will be attending. Often a Ruling Elder will attend, but none were able to go this year.

You may have a virtual attendance by watching the entire Assembly proceedings on webcast. You have to register, but I just tried it and it only takes a minute. (Your presbytery, by the way, is "Philadelphia." Go to the PCA website; click 2008 General Assembly on the upper right hand corner, which takes you to the Assembly website. Worship services will be held each evening, beginning at 7:30. Wednesday night (June 11), Phil is the preacher.

Phil is not the only Tenth minister speaking. Paul Tripp will be speaking at three of the seminar sessions - twice on marriage and once on motivating Christians to serve.