Friday, January 27, 2006

Hymns and Providence

One good way to prepare for Sunday worship is to read the hymn texts. By the very nature of the way hymns are printed in the hymnbook, it can be difficult to get the full impact of the text. Sometimes even the melody will obscure a phrase by bringing a pause at the wrong time. The worship bulletin is posted every Friday on the church website and you can find the hymn numbers there. For this Sunday, I'll give you the hymns now:

32 - Great is Thy Faithfulness
85 - The Lord's My Shepherd
585 - Take My Life, and Let It Be

(Note: I marvel at the providence of God. "Great is Thy Faithfulness" was selected at least ten days ago (saw it on my email). When I asked Elmer Snethen if Sherry had any favorite hymns, he immediately said "Great is Thy Faithfulness.")

From byFaith Newsletter

2006 Scotland & England Reformation/Church History Tour
Dr. Evan C. Hock, pastor of Covenant Presbyterian church in Denver Colorado, will be hosting a group tour of Scotland and England focusing on Church History, especially the Reformation, July 25 – August 5, 2006. The group will tour Stirling, St Andrews, and Edinburgh, as well as many English sites like: Oxford, Hampton Court, and Bedford (Bunyan). Local area Pastors will lead the day tours. The itinerary is available at To register or for more information contact Ed Seiler at 303-415-2556 or by e-mail to; space is limited.

BibleWorks 7 Is Now Available
BibleWorks(TM) 7, software for biblical exegesis and research, is a resource-rich and instruction-oriented software package with over 110 Bible translations in 32 languages. BibleWorks continues to add to the multitude of lexicons, grammar resources and tools that serious Bible study requires. The newly-integrated study guides with detailed "how-to" videos make BibleWorks 7 a practical program. For a full listing and description or to order, go to or call 800-778-0166.

Preaching Grace

I don't often take issue with Phil (except in sports), but in his posting "Preaching Grace" in reformation21, he reveals himself to be either a bad critic of his own preaching or over striving for modesty. Click the reformation21 link on the right to check it out or try clicking here. Too bad that blogsite doesn't allow comments. But mine does and feel free to weigh in.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Broad Street Review

This notice was sent in to me about a new Philadelphia cultural (secular) website:

"Broad Street Review is an arts and culture commentary website edited by Dan Rottenberg, with the support of the University of the Arts and its newly-formed Center for the Creative Economy. It’s an Internet salon where arts connoisseurs can exchange pointed comments about the cultural scene in Philadelphia and beyond."

Report from the Field

(This email arrived this morning.)

Dear family and friends,

I just wrote a long report, but it timed out on the internet and I lost it all. So here is a very short version.

We are all doing well, the 6 of us on the team. The fellowship has been rich with the national believers. The teaching time in Bogota and Santa Marta was well received. The medical team saw many patients and were of great help to many. On Sunday I preached and then baptized 13 people, including 3 children and a Chimila Indian couple who are new believers. All day Monday John and I taught while the medical clinic was going on upstairs in Casa Providencia. Tuesday we were in the Chimila Indian community with a group from La Puerta Church. A clinic was held there. One young man was given treatment who stepped on a nail and the next day we got a tetanus shot for him and I left money for shoes for him. One of the new believers is a young woman with a cute baby who has AIDS. I led an Indian boy to the Lord who had never heard of Jesus before.

Pray for our teaching tonight and tomorrow night. Nell Evans will teach a group of women today and tomorrow also. Pray for the clinic work this afternoon and tomorrow. We return on Sat.

Love in Christ,
Bruce McDowell

Contact Person

People are asking how they may help with food, errands, etc for the Snethen family. Mimi Warburton has volunteered to be the contact person for such information. She may be reached by email at; home phone is 856.642.1219; work phone is 609.282.4245. She will be home all day Friday.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This evening, Sherry Snethen quietly passed into the hands of her Lord. Please be in prayer for her family. A memorial service is being planned for Monday, 2:00 pm, at the church.

Sticker Mover

So, I walk into the pastoral staff meeting. Paul Jones is handling a Rubiks Cube which he claims that in junior high school, he could solve in 45 seconds. After awhile (much longer than 45 seconds), he claims that the cube has been tampered with and MOVES the stickers. Can you do that? Isn't there some kind of law against moving stickers on a Rubiks Cube?

Recital Invitation

From Parish and Music Assistant Christina Corbett:

You are invited to a recital I’m giving with Liz Mosebrook, mezzo-soprano and Matt Fisher, baritone this coming Saturday evening in Fellowship Hall. I’m just doing this for fun, and Liz and Matt are preparing for graduate school auditions later this spring. The recital starts at 7:30 and will go until about 9:00. We will have light refreshments following the music. We (the performers) will dress up, but you can feel free to come dressed casually.

CCA Report from Linda Boice

We have had more encouragement recently from alumni of City Center Academy. Often some of our graduates stop by to "check in" right before or after a holiday break. (Colleges generally give longer vacations than high schools.) Two of our grads, Tenille Buggs and Gorpu Miller (class of 2004) came by the first week of January, and both are doing well. Tenille is a business major at Kutztown University and Gorpu is in the nursing program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Both volunteered that they had felt well prepared for college work. One said, "We were prepared to work hard." Tenille was especially emphatic, adding, "CCA gives you the skills you need for collegework, period." And the best news is that they have found good churches near their campuses. The visit was short, but so encouraging. We were reminded that what we are doing day by day really counts in these young lives. Do keep praying for us.


May be a little late making postings. Am on my way for physical therapy (frozen shoulder).

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Two More To Go

As our rehearsals begin, mereBreath Drama Ministry is still in need of TWO back-up performers. The main purpose of a BACK-UP POSITION is to allow the primary performer time off from the stress of a full season. Back-up roles are a terrific way to learn what mereBreath is all about without the stress of a full commitment.

1. MALE ACTOR, MIDDLE-AGED TO SENIOR to portray the role of "Alexander," an aging corporate executive near death, bitterly estranged from his Christian son.

2. MALE ACTOR, ANY AGE STARTING AT 18 to play the role of "Chris," a passionate evangelical who believes his best friend has betrayed him by selling out their ministry to the worldly lure of corporate success. MUST PLAY GUITAR! Further details on how mereBreath operates and what the volunteer commitment entails can be found in the previous postings below.

Thanks! -Bryan Glass Director
mereBreath Drama Ministry

End of the Spear Memories

Mary Johnson was a member of Tenth before she married Orville in 1953. They went with Wycliffe to Ecuador and worked among the Secoya Indians. They lived there for 35 years, and completed a translation of the New Testament in 1992. A strong church continues there under the leadership of the Secoyas. When they returned to the US, Mary and Orville served as Wycliffe representatives, recruiting and supporting new workers. Orville passed away in 1998.

She sends the following email:

A New Year with many vivid memories even of 50 years ago! The movie "End of the Spear", which I went to see on the 20th, the first day of its showing, brought thought of the many times that we flew over this most violent people, the Aucas, as they were then called, for that was the route that the pilots took to take us to our station in Cuyabeno.

There are some moments in life that never will be forgotten...We had only been among the Secoya tribe for four months, our first baby was not even a year old, and as I stood by our two way radio hearing the news of the four young missionaries being killed..., seemed almost too much be able to accept, for I myself was already struggling with so much...That memory is as vivid as if it was just yesterday...

My son Omar was born in Nate and Marj's Saint's home, whom we got to know so well and appreciated so much the way they would open their home for us missionaries. Roger and Barb Yuderian, was also the other couple so well known to us. Roger had been Orv's roommate in the University of Oklahoma. When our second son was born, we named him for these two martyrs, Roger Nathaniel.

Freedom always comes with a price, this time these men gave their lives. The Waorani tribes people today are not the killers that they used to be, they have been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ! That is what the movie "End of the Spear" is all about. It is very well done. Is worth seeing it, even if you don't have memories of 50 years ago...

Truly in His care we are!
by the gospel of Jesus Christ

Staff Updates

Melynda, our accountant, is busy getting ready for our auditors coming this week.

Paul is teaching the Presbyterian history class this Sunday on Louis Benson (1855-1930), a son of Tenth Church regarded as the "foremost hymnologist that America has produced."

Dot's working on the "Organizational Tables and Job Descriptions" manual and the 2005 Annual Report. She's excited about the John McArthur's Towers presentation coming up this Friday night at the church. Check the website.

Cora announced a new SS class beginning in the fall that will address personal financial stewardship.

Christiana announced 130 attended Sunday's mission luncheon.

David has posted a journal of the disaster relief team's visit to Biloxi, MS on the church website. On the front page, scroll down to Tenth's Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts.

Phil is attending Alliance board meetings today.


Join us as we celebrate the installation of Rev. Bob Willetts as Pastor of New Life Northeast Presbyterian Church.

January 29
4:00 PM Installation Service
5:00 PM Dinner

Where: New Life Northeast Presbyterian Church
3300 Tyson Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19149

Driving directions: At the corner of Tyson and Rowland Aves between Rte. 1 (Roosevelt Blvd) and Frankford Ave.


This came in by email. Overcomers meets every Thursday night at 7:00 in Room 1West, off the Delancey lobby. It is for anyone going through any kind of difficulty.

"I am especially appreciative of a very important ministry called Overcomers that meets on Thurday each week. In the group Bob Lindinger and the other members do a GREAT job of making Christiany real in some of the most difficult circumstances. I just wanted to leave you with a short note so you know the importance of the ministry."

Open House

Here is the info on the Open House we are holding:

What? House for Sale!
Where? 427 S. 43rd Street Philadelphia, PA 19104
When? Saturday, Jan 28 - 1pm - 6pm
Sunday, Jan 29 - 2pm - 6pm

If you are able to make it, please email with an approximate time frame you think you will come. If the times do not work for you, feel free to email to arrange another time.

JD, Alice, and Jason

La Fontana

La Fontana, the restaurant across the street long in preparation, has finally opened. I noticed hours are 4-11 and 2-? on Sunday. Will check it out sometime and give a review.

Through the Valley

I passed through the valley of the shingles last week and appear to have come through the worse. David Bechtle prescribed blue horse pills which seem to have prevented a rash and bring under control the pain.

From the 1988 Annual Report

"In 1988 we adopted a 'Vision Statement: Growing Together in Size, Maturity, and Service...

"A special event this year was the ordination of Bruce McDowell... Carroll Wynne filled the opened position on staff taking the responsibilities as the Pastoral Associate (Pastoral Care)... The Board of Directors (for ACTS) began its opration this year by undertaking the work of recruiting for our new ACTS Director, David Apple... The Lord used the Steering Committee (for Harvest) to guide and direct the ministry calling Rev. Kenneth Larter to become AIDS Ministry Director..."

And I wrote my first CCA report as the new school principal.

Monday, January 23, 2006


The Nouveau Riche, an up–and-coming indie/hip-hop band who frequently open for The Roots, will be playing a BENEFIT CONCERT for Liberti Community Ministries at:
The 5 Spot (in Old City)

From 9-12pm on Sat., Jan. 28th.
Tickets will be $10 and ALL of the proceeds go to LCM.

Baptizing and Healing

Susan talked to Bruce and things are going well in Colombia.

They had a good worship service yesterday in Santa Marta. Bruce baptized 13 people, including several from the nearby Chimila tribe. Jorge began seeing patients right after the Sunday service and worked til late Sunday night. They are seeing more patients today at the orphanage.

The team will be returning to the US on Saturday. Continue to keep them in prayer.


Bridge Closed

FYI, the South Street bridge was closed earlier today and will probably be closed for at least the rest of the week due to a large hole in the road surface. Could you post this info on your blog and/or the Tenth website to alert our members?
Joe Brydges

SPC Steps

Note these next steps in the Strategic Planning Process that involve the congregation.
February 12 - you will be asked to take a 15-20 minute spiritual health survey following whichever worship service you are attending; the service will be shortened to accommodate the time.

Sometime in the next couple of months, your parish elder will be calling a parish meeting to have a "town meeting" discussion time.

Be in prayer for the Session that meets tomorrow night and continues discussion

E-Z Pass

Just signed up for the E-Z Pass to go through tolls. If you are interested, I went to this website:

Sermon Feedback

Any feedback to give to Phil's or Aaron's sermon messages? I appreciated Phil's comparison with the blind beggar. That got me to thinking about a comparison with the rich ruler. Both were wealthy. One regarded himself as righteous, while the other knew himself to be a sinner. One could not bring himself to part from his wealth; the other gladly gave from his riches. One regarded giving as a sacrifice; the other regarded giving as a joy. Reminds me of the other story of Jesus at the home of the Pharisee Simon who learned the lesson that "he who is forgiven little, loves little."