Tuesday, January 24, 2006

End of the Spear Memories

Mary Johnson was a member of Tenth before she married Orville in 1953. They went with Wycliffe to Ecuador and worked among the Secoya Indians. They lived there for 35 years, and completed a translation of the New Testament in 1992. A strong church continues there under the leadership of the Secoyas. When they returned to the US, Mary and Orville served as Wycliffe representatives, recruiting and supporting new workers. Orville passed away in 1998.

She sends the following email:

A New Year with many vivid memories even of 50 years ago! The movie "End of the Spear", which I went to see on the 20th, the first day of its showing, brought thought of the many times that we flew over this most violent people, the Aucas, as they were then called, for that was the route that the pilots took to take us to our station in Cuyabeno.

There are some moments in life that never will be forgotten...We had only been among the Secoya tribe for four months, our first baby was not even a year old, and as I stood by our two way radio hearing the news of the four young missionaries being killed..., seemed almost too much be able to accept, for I myself was already struggling with so much...That memory is as vivid as if it was just yesterday...

My son Omar was born in Nate and Marj's Saint's home, whom we got to know so well and appreciated so much the way they would open their home for us missionaries. Roger and Barb Yuderian, was also the other couple so well known to us. Roger had been Orv's roommate in the University of Oklahoma. When our second son was born, we named him for these two martyrs, Roger Nathaniel.

Freedom always comes with a price, this time these men gave their lives. The Waorani tribes people today are not the killers that they used to be, they have been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ! That is what the movie "End of the Spear" is all about. It is very well done. Is worth seeing it, even if you don't have memories of 50 years ago...

Truly in His care we are!
by the gospel of Jesus Christ


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